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Jordan B
does it hurt to have your footranover?
Someone I know had their foot ranover by a car and claimed it didnt hurt, has any one had their foot ranover???? what did it feel like? (i bet it hurts)

It's excruciating. I bet it matters if you are on a hard surface like a road. Killer. The person who got run over by a hay wagon it was probably dirt.

PS I am so surprised by all the people who say it didn't hurt. I had broken bones, went to the emergency room, and they gave me Demerol which didn't even cover the throbbing pain.

Fordor of Chevy
Yes, it hurts. Try it.

New Yorker
Yes it hurts. Maybe they had steel toe boots on.

I had mine run over when I was a kid and had to use an old Bath chair and my best friend pushed me. Did It hurt yuo bet it did

I don't think there is a definitive answer for that. I know people who said it didn't hurt at all and I know people who said it was extremely painful.

Yes, I did, barefoot crossing the road near the beach... I was only about 8 at the time and surprisingly it didn't hurt that much. It was a regular, family sized car... I think the thing that hurt the most was smashing my head into the side of the car because I obviously wasn't looking and walked straight into it and the back tire ran over my foot.

I remember clearly that it didn't hurt... although I wouldn't like to try something bigger like a bus or truck... It all depends on how fast it ran over your foot as well... If it went over quickly... it doesn't hurt as much. Kind of like ripping off a band-aid. If it's done slowly, then it has a chance to crush the bones and burn the skin.

But from personal experience... no, it didn't hurt.

Slight discomfort but I wouldn't say pain. The tire distributes the weight of the vehicle around your foot very well so you only experience a couple hundred pounds of pressure, like someone standing on your foot.

yes it hurts like hell! think about it: a two thousand vehicle moving over a pound or two of you??

yes yes it does quite a bit

yep! and how! you will find bones get broken too! unless of course it was a bike! - 'lil 'un

Suppose a car weighs 2,000 pounds, that's 500 pounds per tire. Apply that to a human foot. I think it would hurt but I'm not 100% sure.
Offer to run over his foot and see for yourself. If it doesn't hurt, he won't mind you doing it.

Agony I would think! Perhaps they were wearing proper safety boots or something?

Char B
it dependes if he was standing or walking
walkin it would hurt becaus the foot wouldnt be flat so would get kinda buised

I Love Ed Westwick!!!
a tractor ran over my foot. i was at a farm. yeah i no! crazy but i do no it hurt like hell. it would have been crushed but becuz i wore trainer it didn't. i still have permanant bruising, 3 years on, if he did, im not saying hes lying but im sure it defo did hurt!

your friend must have been on TSP the drug that makes you feel like you can do anything, and the drug keeps you from feeling any pane.

Or your friend has no nerves. maybe you should have someone run your foot over, and then you will know

It hurt me!!

It does hurt , mine was hurting for about a week
cars are heavy

That depends on the item running over it, if it were a giant sponge wheel I doubt if you would notice then again, if it where a train wheel you would have a crushed and mangled foot ,so as you can see it is all relevant to the items mass and density.

Your Highness
My mom accidentally ran over my brother's foot once when he was like 7, he said it didn't hurt at all.

No, it doesn't hurt. It's not like a shooting pain or anything. I've had my foot ran over twice. Once by a 4" lifted Jeep Cherokee with 31" tires and another time while I was on my longboard getting ready to skitch on a car. It's more of like "Het you're on my foot can you get off." Now both times the driver didn't floor the gas to get off of my foot, which probably would have made my foot feel like hell. I was wearing my adidas both times.

douglas n
hell yes it does

I have had my foot run over my a haunted hayride wagon, only felt a little bit of pressure, but other then that it didnt hurt.

Boo$kie Bby
I'm going to let you answer that question.

...2 tons of steel would hurt

John N
fkn hurts!!!

unless he was wearing steel caps he should have felt it

You have to remember that there are four wheels so the weight is distributed on all 4.

So when your foot is ran over you only get 1/4 of the cars weight on your foot. I doubt it would hurt that bad. There are people who can carry a car with their neck.

depends what you have on your feet and also whats running it over. normal car wearing a normal shoe, its going to hurt a bit but not seriously. not as much as getting a hot tea spoon put on your neck :)

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