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doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
i have had weird numbness and tingling and pain in my left arm for 2 weeks,also my hand cramps up to complete uselessness about 10 times an hour ,it used to happen about 4 times a year up until two weeks ago,she just got me to squeeze her hand and use my little finger to push hers away and said carpal tunnel syndrome but now my otherhand is starting to cramp,the same way,she told me to go back in 2 weeks if it's no better but i'm not so sure ,should i wait or get a second opinion ?
Additional Details
i have had hashimotos /underactive thyroid since october and my tft is now at a normal level been on thyroxine since october ,do have a few things that aren't right at the moment,hand was better yesterday but now i'm trying to type it's started again.

Roger N
Sounds like it to me.
Try going to a chiropractor. They'll teach you how to take care of it.

I'd always get a second opinion.

1st you know your body. If you do not believe that's what it is, listen to your gut. It bothers me the sudden onset of symptoms like this.

2nd I would go get a second opinion. Just to rule out any other illnesses, I'm not sure how old you are, but there COULD be other things.

3rd Get the Nerve studies done, that is the ONLY way to verify it is carpal tunnel. If you have had them done, then you probably do have CTS.

Good Luck and I always say trust your gut, as we REALLY DO know our bodies better!

i suggest you ask for a thyroid function test!
if only to rule it out.
i have suffered tingling finger tips for a few years, i penciled in cts as a poss cause, but only because i couldn't find anything else, and the work i do could cause it. but it affected my little finger the same as all the others, this shouldn't happen as the carpal tunnel is not involved with your little finger. i began to get cramping. usually when i picked up or held something this affected my forefinger and thumb. when i had quite a few more symptoms i finally went to the doc. i was given a couple of blood tests. diagnosis "hypothyroidism" or "under active thyroid". the other tests were invalid i was told, since in my case the other organs had all but shut down. so after i had been taking thyroxine for a month or so i had to do those again. they were ok. i've been on it for about 4 months now, the tingling is still there though i think a bit less but the cramps are history (they had been frequent x times a day) i also had very dry skin on my hands deep cracks just about all over, these have all but gone aswell. if you get a test please post on here as i would like to know if i can expect the tingles to go eventually.

you could try stretching excercise's. i know this can help but i never seem to have the time!

i get the same in my legs and feet and i have been on Thyroxine for over 3 year/ not for the cramp! but have had nothing ever given for the cramp (sometimes in the middle of the night) but i realise i have to live with it as it comes and goes but I'm not young anymore as i suspect you are so i hope you can get treatment for it Good Luck

good wife and mom
I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it sure sounds like the same symptoms I have. It started in my left and developed also in my right within a few months. Heat is a good treatment for it and also parrafin wax.

debra k
I think you should go to a Neurologist, and he will give you an examination, plus, probably a MRI. Good Luck Hon!

Go back if your not happy. Nothing to lose and much to gain, you can get it in both hands but think second opinion like a specialist might be a good idea.

Ive had carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists and its no fun mate..i had to wear a leather thing with a metal bar inside,that worked after a while

Big fella
it does sound like CTS

given you are experiencing the same in the other hand - get off the keyboard!! give it a rest and if there is no improvement head back to the doc

well my mum and dad both have carpal tunnel and they had the same symptoms as you they had an operation ,it went ok after -and they haven't had any problems since.
its ware the bones in the wrists start to put pressure on the veins and that's what causes the arm to become numb and it isn't typing what causes it either,the operation chips some of the bone away thus leaving the veins free.
its quite a simple operation and ur awake wile they do it,but if u don't get it sorted it can get alto worse.

the same thing has been happening to me the past 3 years
and the doctors dont knoww at all
im like what!
but its my right wrist and goes up to my shoulder
craamps are such a nightmare
and now my ring finger on my left hand has started to hurt now

i wish i knew
its pretty dificult
and its not carpal tunnel
did u get a nerve cunduction thing done on ur arm
ive got it done twice
and its painfull
and i have to suffer all of this and im only a high schoo freshman

typing can cause this and it sure sounds like she made the right diagnosis

you can get it in both wrists.Its like repetitive strain, usually through a repetitive job

not yet, there are tests that measure the nerves in your hand and fingers, talk to your Dr.

Bob S
Carpal tunnel is pretty easy to test for and diagnose. You can always get a second opinion if it makes you feel more comfortable, though.

And to the guy who recommended a chiropractor, don't bother. They're not qualified to do anything with this type of issue.

Capt Crasher
Up to You. But a 2nd opinion is ALWAYS best to get when it comes to medical stuff.

Or You could go back now and tell Her your other hand is hurting as well.

My Doctor told me to try using Aleve...I went with a generic brand & take them whenever it flares up...

;) KenDG

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