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michelle =]
cutting wrist :?
i just cut my wrist, and it sort of felt good
long story about mother issues, what will this lead to?

dont ever do it again! its bad for u!!!!

#[email protected]#^$*#($
being emo and eventually dying or going to a metal and depression facility.

mother issues, you should definatly tell someone you trust how you feel.

ooooo dont cut yourself it cood lead to drugs...ive heard many stories...trust me.....just stop.......dont cut yourself anymore and get help!!! i dont even know u and i care sooo much....plz get help!

Hold on for a sec
a lifelong wrist cutting habit which will be hard to break
find something else such as a therapist


i got to say what drunken said u like attention but maybe u have anger promblems like me n dont know a safer system or way to control is i usually hit my basketball or just rip paper sometimes i scream but i never had or will cut my wrist....u might be angry or depressed when u do it but its usually emo or goth people but depressed people do it.my friend had done it cuz her dad started smoking....i suggest u stop beause u might get sick or ruin something.....it might feel good but its bad

could lead to a cutting addiction. probably nothing worse than that.

aditction and alot of hiding themm!!


Terry O
Nothing good. Can you find anything that you are passionate about that would be constructive for you? If you can focus some attention on something like that, it can help you to avoid obsessing on unproductive gratifications, and help you to become a creative and giving person like you really want to be.

Death and misery/try getting a pillow or something and cutting it instead

It leads to addiction. I've been doing it for a year and have been seeking counseling. It does feel good, I can't argue with that. But it only feels good at that moment. It won't feel good later on, especially when you have to answer to someone who asks you what you did. Yes, it feels good in the moment, but look later on, it won't feel good then. You'll get more depressed than you already are, and you will just keep on doing it. Try to think of one person, (I think of a child I really care about), and every time you think about cutting yourself, think about that person. Do they really want you to do that? Do you really want to have to explain to them why you do it? Is cutting yourself worth the hurt you could put on that person? Think about it...

It will lead to a lot of scars, depression, being made fun of for the rest of your life because of the scars. There are better ways to relieve stress, and if you still need pain to relieve stress, try exercising until your muscles hurt.

Amy (14weeks)
Cutting is a serious addiction that is used to draw attention to inner pain by making it physical . It can lead to suicidal thoughts and even suicide itself.

Cutting is very dangerous.It may get you attention but its negative attention.

Cutting's not going to make your situation better. Stop now before you get too deep in. There are lots of addictions that ARE WRONG AND DAMAGING that feel good;drugs , alcohol, etc.....That doesn't mean its right.

Find a healthy way to release stress and pain. Paint , write , kickbox for all I care. But don't waste the one life you get by intentionally destroying yourself.

will lead to doing more stuff that will coat u ur life maybe it feels gud but its not right its sick go c a theripest

Anonymous D
Yes cutting is an addiction.
It acts a release for the pain you feel for whatever situtaion.
You should def find a way to release the tension others ways then self inflicting pain onto yourself or others.


Just Q
More Cutting and scars

it will lead to a cutting addiction, ugly scars, and suicide maybe. it will take 4 ever 4 u 2 get over that addiction. please stop doing this. not many guys like emo people

awww dont cut urself there r better ways to handle it talk to a close friend or punch a pillow instead

This cutting the wrist could lead to addiction, scares, losing blood, death, and/or suicide.

addition n u will become emo stop rite now!!!! EMO CHILD!!!!!!!!

if your doing it for attention, that's retarded. this will only get worse. you will need to go to professional counseling with a Doctor.

wow , i know ALOT of people that have gone through cutting .
my boyfriend , he's not emo , at all .
he listens to R&B , plays basketball BLAH BLAH BLAH !
cutting yourself does not always lead you to being emo .
and it's not the kind of people that listen to rock music .
or anything , whenever my boyfriend would cut , he'd use it to get over something very tragic.
he used it to get over death .
he used it to get over fights w/ me .
and several of times i yell at him for doing this .
so what does he do , he uses other ways to relieve his stress/anger/depression .
he now excercises whenever he goes through something .
or whenever he gets pissed he punches an object .
i although , try to talk to someone .
or i'll just listen to music .
go for a stroll .
something , anything BUT CUTTING .
i had another friend who cut . he said if you do something stupid you'll cut your artilleries .
and if you do that ... you lose to much blood and pass out .

i also had another friend who started cutting , and eventually she got addicted to it , and one day she decided to kill herself .
this situation was w/ her mother too ..
i group of my friends and i stopped her and she went to therapy .

cutting is a bad habit .
try something else to reveal pain ..

It will lead to ugly scares on your body which will probably not going away... A lot of negative attention... and death... yes people die from self mutilation. Seek a therapist ASAP.

Take it from me, I used to cut myself, i went threw a depression and it only starts by cutting yourself occasionally, but you eventually HAVE to do it. Even if it nothing going wrong. That turns into visits to the pharmacy for pain relief and scar removers. I still have scars, but thanks to a past boy-friend, I have stopped.

An addiction. Cutting isn't the ease to your pain. You are creating pain itself. A few people at my school have cut themselves. I don't hang out with them, but they certainly are people I would NEVER want to hang with. When you do this, and people see, it causes more trouble. You will lose friends and almost the life you have. I will gurantee that your mother will find out eventually. Hiding under long sleeved shirts won't help. No matter how much the issues of your mother is driving you nuts, you shouldn't cut yourself. There was this girl at my school. She cut herself to deep, and ended up dying. Do you want that? Think it over. Because I already know you are at a young age, and you still need to live life at it's fullest. So, don't make trouble, and don't make pain by yourself. Your causing it. Remember that!

Lizzie E.
Awe babe, please stop right there.
In my school, half the ppl cut them selves. Its not helping anything. Go to a psychiatrist or something. that may sound kinda over rated but i promise it will help. Cutting will only lead to a cutting addiction. My friend got help and then gave her this wrist band. It was like a tight thick rubber band. Every time she felt the urge to cut her self, you pull it up and snap it down on your wrist and it gives you the same feeling as you get when you cut your self, but at least your not cutting. please, don't do this to you self.

A lifetime of attention-seeking.

Scars,hun please don't do that.You are going to damage your skin.Please think of something else to release stress.

lml>.<lml Rock on
STOP!!!!!!!! This will hurt you later! plz I beg you, stop.
Please don't let the pain start. If you want to some how hurt yourself....y? That could ruin your pretty image. Wear a head band around your rist and snap it everytime you think of cutting yourself. Please....this is better than cutting.

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