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can you give a cat asprin for pain?
is it safe to give a cat liquid baby asprin for pain

no but vodka and catnip will have that cat feeling pretty nice

you probably could but please don't because if you overdose it the poor thing could die.

you should check with your vet. i know my dog is allowed half a buffrin for arthritis, she weighs about 50 lbs....i would seriously check with a vet though.

you probably shouldn't. i don't think asprin is tested on animals. it could kill the cat.

are you high I'm a vet and NO it is so unsafe go to a vets office and buy some cat pain pills well they have to check her or him first

Personally, I would not because of risk of bleeding in stomach...and it was my former believf that aspirin even to a dog would kill it.
Don't medicate cat on your won is my advice.

CALL and ask the vet 1st but this is what I found on a vet site:
Aspirin may cause birth defects, so it should not be given to pregnant animals.1

Aspirin also interacts with several other drugs, particularly cortisones, digoxin, some antibiotics, Phenobarbital, and Furosemide(Lasix®).2

Aspirin can be given with food, 1-2 times a day. Check with your veterinarian about proper dosing for your dog, and if it is the best drug for your dog. There are safer, potentially more effective drugs out there, such as the glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. Cosequin is a common veterinary supplement that helps with arthritis and some joint problems.

Q: What about my cat and aspirin?
A: Same cautions as above, but with the added warning of time between doses. Cats cannot break down this drug as quickly as dogs (or humans), and thus, the cat can be easily overdosed with the accumulation of the drug in the body. In contrast to dogs and humans, cats are typically given smaller doses at intervals of 48-72 hours. This drug, as with all drugs, should be only used under recommendation and 'monitoring' by your veterinarian.

Sarah =]
yes i would say so as asprins are tests on animals and thats what vets use

No it is not safe unless your vet tells you it is, contact someone who knows how to treat animals for what to give a pet for pain.

No. Cats are way smaller than we are and their bodies work differently. You can, however, go to the vet and get some pain killers or sedatives + make sure the cat is ok. Also, if cost is an issue, it's better to go to a smaller, more local vet. Big fancy vets have big fancy equipment that you end up paying extra for.

If you do, the cat will likely lose all nine lives at once.

FF/EMT Munoz

I don't think so. Check with your vet. I know that advil (ibuprofin) and tylenol (acetaminophen) are really really bad to give a pet.

no no no no no no unless your vet said you can

NO. do not give kitty aspirin. Cats are really sensitive to certain people food and medicine. Aspirin is one of those.Talk to a vet or else you could kill the cat.

☮Luna Lovegood⚡
NOOOOO!!! Thats bad!!!!!

NO, call your vet!!

no...get pills from your vet

<3i am floating away=)
ummm probably not

google it.

NO! It can damage their liver.


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