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Just Talk
can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
blue vain and it kinda hurts.. its only on one side and i would like to know what it is. i was constipated and i have been straining to go sat on the loo for ages at a time. would this have anything to do of what it could be?? plus if you do know what it is what should i do about it will it heal up on its own or do i need to go see a doctor?

shih tzu lady
Piles through constipation. Get some ointment from the pharmacy and use it - you'll be just fine.

You sound like you have haemarroids, you can buy some cream from the chemist, if this doesn't help you should see your doctor, I had mine lanced. Ouch poor you good luck.

Sarah in wonderland.
K Yeah you do have Piles.
Go see a doctor, and if you want to do something yourself about it, do the following.
you should:

* eat plenty of fibre-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals (eg brown rice, wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta)
* drink plenty of water

You shouldn't spend too much time on the toilet (reading, for example). Regular warm baths may relieve irritation and help to keep the area clean.

If you are still passing hard faeces, you could try a fibre supplement such as Fybogel or mild laxatives such as lactulose, which soften faeces. Don't use strong laxatives, unless your doctor advises you to.

Use Anugesic-HC and Proctosedyl to reduce the pain, or other stuff that has corticosteroids in.

hope i helped.

Its probably hemorrhoids.

go to a doctor you have piles and the vein needs to go back from where it came from, doctor will sort it for ya

This is almost certainly piles. You can get cream from the chemist, but it takes a while to do the trick. I had them once, and now I never strain!

Yep!! that's Piles alright !!
You could try the over the counter creams but the last time i had them the creams weren't working so I left it to nature and they went.
Try those baby toilet wipes they seemed to ease the pain.
And when you go to the toilet DON'T strain this will make them worse If you can't do anything don't force it!!!
Also if you sit in a Relatively cold bath that will ease the pain too!!

It sounds like a hemorrhoid because of the straining. Get some Epsom salts and put some in very warm water several times a day. It will help shrink the hemorrhoid..

youve got piles

farmer giles strikes again!

Nikki C
It sounds like Piles, just go to your local pharmacy and get some haemorrhoid cream and that should reduce it if not get rid of it all together, try eating some bran flakes to help stop constipation over the next few days.

you gave yourself hemrhoids i think

It might be hemorrhoids. I would at least call your doctor.....couldn't hurt.

Dashing Geek
Constipation often leads to hemarrhoids, and this sounds like that. Look them up online and see if it fits.

If they are bad you may need surgery, but most are mild and get better on their own, especially if you deal with your constipation and stop straining at stool. When in doubt, see the doc.

Sounds like Piles hemorrhoids you can but measured dose cream called Anusol which will reduce swelling and soreness.

You've heard the expression 'the finger' right? Okay then, marigolds on grit yer teeth and insert. It's the only way!

Teri ann Rainbow
Sounds like piles, Make sure you eat a breakfast every morning such as porridge,all bran or weetabix to keep your bowels regular and do not strain in future or you will find that the blue vein comes back.

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