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oh my!
bruise please HELP me?
i bruise alot,
its not that i bruise easily, but i figure skate and that causes me to fall on my butt from a couple feet in the air about a million times a day.

i always have at least one bruise on my tailbone, hips, or butt.

but lately i got this bruise on my butt (the part where all the fat is) and i fall on it so much that you can see the bruise through the skin. usually a normal bruise wouldnt be visible because its so covered. but since ive really bruised it repeatedly there is a black mark there.

very, very, very, painful.

what do i do?
how do i fix this!!!
Additional Details
yeah. thats nice but i cant just NOT fall.

figure skating is falling, if everyone didnt fall, it would be the easiest sport ever. its part of the learning process.

right now im doing a triple salchow (look it up on youtube if you're confused)

Mrs. Answers!
Stop figure skating.

don't fall anymore.

Sorry, but stop landing on your butt. Rest the butt, bruise needs time to heal, and pressure prolongs it.

hmmm... why do you even want to cover a bruise on your butt?!! well i dunno.. but ive seen this thing on informetials you can use it to cover anything!!!!!!! some kind of make-up im sure you can google it try "as seen on t.v. websites and stuff..

<3miezul noptii<3
Don't fall on ur butt! i know your looking for a better answer, but that's really all you can do. If you think you bruise faster and more than other people, then you should def. see a doctor.

stay off it? lol

wear padding

Ice it, and lay off the skating for awhile
if it doesnt go away, go see a doctor

Pia R
Hm. I think you shouldn't apply cold pressure OR hot pressure on it. It'll spasm your bone.

Amanda H
If you want it to go away, you can get a cap from a lipstick tube, and twist into the mark. Then put ice on it. It is going to hurt a little but it will go away!

Jane K
You just have to wait for it to heal.
I'd take a few ibuprofen a day and just get back to work.

I'm a competitive gymnast so i know what your going through. I fall probably a million and one times a day!!

I would take a break from skating for at least 2-3 days. To help the bruise subside, and the pain to hopefully be gone.. That way when you go back and happen to fall it wouldn't hurt as bad.

Plus you don't want to break your tailbone. That's the worse. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, lay... everything.

Ice it, even though that sounds weird. lol

Try not to sit on anything hard.

Hope this helps&goodluck!!

Steak? lol, just kidding!

I guess ice it to try and dull the pain and take ibuproferen. The only way you can stop the bruising (and from hurting it further) is to wear some kind of padding so you don't hit so hard when you fall. Hope you feel better!

Cutie pie!!{Family Guy Lover(:}
put alot of ice and medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Anahi A
Put pressure o n the bruise this will get rid of it. and alot of ice

Jeff G
I can only suggest padding on the areas you tend to fall on most, or else to try to fall less often or to turn as you fall, but that might be worse if you damage your hip.

Practice, practice. I wish I could be more help, sorry. Congratulations on your figure skating, be proud.

Be careful, you might start to build up fluid down there and get a cyst...take it easy and speak to your doctor about it. ITs a serious thing, my boyfriend actually recently went through it.

well right now the muscle/fat in your butt is like "broken" the more you fall on that spot the harder it is for it to heal. my friend had it on his arm he put sum chinese medicine on it and it heal in like 3-5 weeks

Edna S
see a doctor

Joe S
You let it heal. Nothing else you can do, a bruise is a bruise.

Brien F
stop falling? seriously, there is no way to not get a bruise, that is just your body's reaction to getting injured.

ice it.
you could put one of those icy-hot pads on it
or you could rub icy-hot cream on it
icy-hot is the same as Bengey for the most part, but bengey is a little more smelly and burns a bit more (at least its like that for people in my family) so i prefer icy-hot

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