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anyone have any realistic remedies for a sore throat from strep???
i have tried ibuprofen, chloraseptic, nothing is really relieving the pain...
Additional Details
the doctor said it was strep, i just want it to stop hurting or to be able to relieve the pain a bit

Aleve works for me the best. Also use a vaporizer, which emits more moisture than a vaporizer. It's the only thing I found that actually does anyting.

charcoal will get some charcoal tablets or try to find some powder .. it is a poision absorber . its good for trench mouth too .. I know this for a fact,, its best if u use granulated powder some heath food stores may have this .. its good to keep some on hand to . its good internally as a cleanser bro mj

Lots of answers here are very good and talk about what to do, but no one yet has mentioned what not to do. Avoid rough, grainy, and oily foods. French fries, fried chicken, potato chips and most sort of any kind of fast food should be out of the question. Soda pops, coffee and energy drinks are a big no no. These sort of foods will only irritate your throat and make you feel worse.

Stick to simpler, thin, hot foods such as ramen soups and tea. One of my favorite things to do is boil up some water, pour in apple cider powder mix and squeeze in a generous helping of lemon. The citrus in the lemon helps fight bacteria, the heat is soothing to the throat and the apple cider bit is delicious.

Carry a pocket full of losenges as others here have stated, gargle a mug of hot-to-warm warm with a tablespoon of table salt with your head tilted upwards so the water gets to the back of your throat well enough. This helps the healing process and reduces the amount of bacteria, thought it may taste very icky.

I like to spray half a bottle of chloraseptic. Even the bottle says 7-8 sprays. I never realized you could be so liberal with it! There are also lozenges, but they numb up your tongue...
When desperate I use ridiculous amounts of very hot stuff, like habaneros, it hurts initially, but then everything is really numb!

Jeff B
MAKE SURE YOUVE GONE TO THE DR. FOR ANTIBIOTICS...I am prone to getting strep, untreated, it can cause damage to your heart! Did you know that? Yes! So if you've already gone to your Dr. and gotten antibiotics, gargle with warm salt water 4x a day(q.i.d.), try some Ricola sugar free throat lozenges, they taste good and theyre sugar free...avoid dairy, sugar, anything that would irritate your throat...soup is good, too. I know I probably sound like a nag, I care about you-even though I don't know you-don't fool with strep. Be well!

I have always used Fishermans Friends lozenges when I have a sore throat, the original kind. They taste disgusting, but they really do work. Also using Vick's vapour rub on my neck seems to help a bit too. Try drinking hot tea with honey and lemon in it. The lemon helps to fight the bacteria, and the honey will coat your throat, making it easier to swallow. Salt water gargles ae a good idea too, or just any old antiseptic moutwash, although they tend to sting a bit. Or you can always use this as an excuse to eat box after box of freezies! Hope this helps!

I want you to get some lemon juice, sugar, ice cubes, hopefully you have a blender and I want you to make frozen lemonade. Sip this all day long, the fruit pectin will help your throat, and the ice will help the swelling. I have raised my kids on this (some times we use hot lemonade, for a cold and it will knock it out pretty fast.)

Hot salt water and a cap full of hydrogen peroxide, gargle.

Cepacol spray will instantly numb it.

Unless you have some good anti-biotics, there's not much you can do to hasten the healing. This takes time and or, medication that you don't seem to have.

Melissa V
Put a warm wash cloth over your throat.


Hot tea with honey I know will sooth it but I'm not sure about curing it

William C
If it is "strep" you are going to need to see a doctor.

strep is a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics. sore means pain which can be from anything. if you've tried zinc lozenges and advil and have no fever, just relax and quit straining your vocal cords. drink tea and rest. see your doctor if the symptoms persist or your fever increases.

warm salt water or ginger

Maria E
Gargle with a little warm salt water. It is a bit painful to do but it will help.

medicine wont take away the pain, chloraseptic will only numb it momentarialy, ibuprofen?? Ive never heard of anyone taking that for a sore throat.

The oldest remedy in the book for a sore throat-just to ease the pain, drink lots and lots (like all day-for real, not just one cup) tea with lemon and honey. The lemon will help to shrink anything swolen and the honey will soothe, by coating the sore tissue.

Also---keep quiet. Breathe thru your nose. Leave your throat alone and it wont hurt so much.

Take care!

Big Prich
"Fisherman's Freind"

you can find it at most drug stores

they are little natural lozenges...but work better than anything I've tried

moo mom
I know this is a little unorthodox, but my grandparents both swore by it.

Grandpa's Cure

1 cup of whiskey (any kind)
3 tablespoons of honey
a dash of lemon juice.

It tastes like crap, but you only need a swig and it lasts several hours. I use it myself.

Hot salt water gargle
Hot steam from personal steamer (like the vicks steamer)
Hot tea with lemon and honey.

Heat and moisture is the common theme here.

Warm salt water gargle.

Have a good long gargle with salt water or a strong mouth wash(one that includes alcohol) It attacks the strep bacteria directly and I've found that to reduce the inflammation and therefore pain.

I've had strep twice in my life and each time swallowing caused my knees to buckle. If you really have strep, you will need antibiotics. Get them sooner than later.

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