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 What's the best cure for a sore throat?

 How to get it to stop hurting?
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 Hurts when swallow?
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 Stomach Pains? helppp?
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 is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it

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im crackin up now i lafd when a kid hit his head and and got a ...

 what is the least painful way to die?
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 Teen experiencing sudden and painful chest pains?
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 Should I go to the hospital?
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 i just burnt my hand with boiling water from a kettle?
it's red like sun burn, cold, but i feel it burning like mad ! whats the best way to treat it?

thanks for your help x
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i have ice on it but it starting ...

 Does twisting the earring daily hurt? (scared)?
so i'm getting my earlobes pierced tomorrow >:o and i was wondering, since you have to twist your earrings around daily, if it is painful.

i'm also wondering how much it ...

 MIGRAINES!!!!!plz help me?
i have had migranes since i was 3 and i still have them almost 11 years later(i already had my period so i doubt theyre goin 2 go away) rite now i have a very severe migrane w/ huge sensitivity 2 ...

Wrist cutting help!?
okay. so, I cut my wrists. who cares. I'm depressed. now that we're over that. any ideas on how to make them go away faster? I think my parents might be suspicious, cause it's July, and I wear long sleeve shirts/sweaters everyday. so any ideas? thanks

Use neosporin and clean it daily and let it get air so it will scab faster. Than use scar cream. (You might want to invest in some thick wrist watches or cuff bracelets.)

neosporin or mederma
i had the same problem...
also, use some cover up
it hides it well

they have cream
for making scars go away

any ideas....hmm well its rather far-fetched but...perhaps you could start acting normal and stop being a sadomasochist.

How stupid.

its my video that will end depression!

Kimmie D
instead of some help 4 ur wrists, u need help w/ ur mind.

I <3 my Dog
Ok. Since a lot of people are telling you to stop cutting your self then I dont think you need to hear it again. (But listen to them) And I would clean them daily and just make sure that they dont get infected. If they become infected then you need to seek parental help. So just rinse them with cold water and place soap over them calmly and lightly. Then after you rinse and dry place womens water proof coverup on your scrapes. Sounds like it doesnt work but it does. I used to get cuts from riding ATVs and Quads and I would just cover them with that.

You can find cover up at target or really any where that sells makeup. MAKE SURE ITS COVER UP AND THAT ITS WATER PROOF! Then place some foundation powder on top that matches your skin tone (Make sure cover up is a little lighter than the foundation but not by much.) Also, if scares remain then there are some products that get rid of them at target or someplace like that. just ask someone that works there to show you where they are. Be careful if you wish to continue cutting yourself, You could accidently cut an artery. Although Im not saying you have to quite or else cause thats not my decision, but i would if i was you. but i dont know what your depressed about so Im not exactly in your possion. Sorry that sounded mean. Good luck.

Angela C
Dont cut your self. this one person at my shcool does and she has a bad rep. where a wrist band. to hide the cuts and then dont cut yourself again.

Monkey Nutt
They have cream that will help at local drug stores, talk to one of your friends about it they can also help you to stop cutting.

stop doing it

K' e d a h. <3
well first if u still cut yr wrists. STOP. If u dnt thank god! the skin needs to heal itself naturally but i think if yr parents are getting suspicious that u shoul talk to them and tell them about it and y u do it, it could help u and them more and u wont have to hide them.

Shelby C
Please stop cutting your wrist, if you stop they will go away.
Try praying to relieve stress or get medicine.
Please stop

Forget me not.
seriously, I know its not the answer you want, but don't cut. Put you hands and wrists in ice cold water instead, for the same rush of endorphines.

In the long-term you should get help.

Ps. try girls waterproof foundation/concealer.

Phillies Champs 2008
If your depressed, you should tell your parents and they can take you to a therepist or put you on medication...

theres no reason for you to cut your wrists! you can kill yourself

If you're serious...get help. If you're onlly saying it to see what answers you'll get.... try deeper.

okay well i had the same prob i cut for like 5 years in a row........and they were really bad!!!but after 2 weeks that i stoped cutting it started 2 heel!!!to no hv any1 see them i had a wrist bad 3 on each arm because they were long.........and after the scars didnt show so much (not so visable) i used mederma...it works great so all i suggest is were some wrist bands or braclet for guy......theyre everywere but mostly in hottopic...............and after scars r gone use MEDERMA!!!HOPE I HELPED!!!

okk first of all,you shouldnt be doing that b/c its bad for your bodyy.Also,IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED TELL SOMEONE RIGHT AWAY!!no matter how hard it may be,tell someone!!if you dont it could get worse,maybe even cause suicide.But if you insist of not telling anyone and getting more and more depressed,then cover them up with bandages,if your parents ask wat happened,try to say that you hurt yourself,by accident.
But i suggest you get help now!!!and talk to someone you really do trust and tell them why you are deppressed.From experiance ive had its better to tell someone,TRUST ME!!

i'm really not advising you to cut yourself its really bad and you should seek help.
knowing that you won't anyway how about your thighs
i assume your a boy therefore not wearing really short shorts
also that way there is no chance of you dying

i really wish you would get help now it has ruined so many of my friends lives one of them had to spend nearly 2 years in a hospital to help her control her life
she was 13 and wasted so much of her youth

The iPod That Is Not Yours
Um here's one way that me and my sister found on how to become happy instead of depressed. All you have to do is find better friends who don't treat you like crap. I'm not telling you to abandon your old friends though. This will also make you stop cutting. (Trust me I used to be like you.)

Iced G
Put ointment and a bandage on. Keep doing that for a few days and hopefully it'll go away. If it's too badly cut and too deeply cut, then it'll be a scar forever, probably will leave a scar. I doubt it'll work and heal, but give it a try.

Why so serious?
Who cares?
Are you serious, this is damaging to your mental state.
Make them go away by not doing it at all!

How about healing your internal scares and not just the exterior ones. Talk to someone...your not alone.

Suzie Q
maybe put a bit of ur mom's concealer on it..
make sure she doesn't find out u went through her make-up stuff though (even more suspicious)

good luck though.. happy fourth.

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