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 RE: Ivy627's post on 05/22. How did your left foot bunion surgery go?
Hi, this post/question is in regards to a response from Ivy627 on the topic of bunion foot surgery. She said she'd had bunion surgery on her right foot a few years ago and was happy with the ...

 Back Pain--Please help.?
I have been experiencing pain along my spine, my left shoulder blade, my lower back, and I get leg cramps. While I do not experience these symptoms all the time, I do have them often. The pain ...

Let me tell you what has helped me. I come in here sometimes to see if anyone has asked about fibro. I have had fibro for over 12 yrs. I take Guaifenesin for my fibro. You have to learn how to take ...

 what should I do?
I think almost know my wrist is broken but my mom won't take me cuz she doesn't think its broken and it was a week now and i refuse to use that hand and she STILL won't take me.......

Will my heart come leaping out of my throat?
Tears are running down my face as a burning ache wraps around my heart. My head starts to throb and thoughts of miserable memories flutter through my brain like a slideshow on fast forward. Where have all my friends gone? Too busy with their own lives I suppose. Moving away, going back to their college or spending all their time with their significant other. My significant other....out with his friends. My mother is obsessed with financial problems and bills, father is a workaholic and I barely see my sister. I feel alone. I am alone. I type this hoping to find some kind of answer on a silly website from strangers. Im lost...

Lucy Burb
No, it won't come leaping out of your throat. You sound like you're having an anxiety attack. I'm sitting here, alone. I feel like life is busy too, my friends are busy, husband's busy with work, I'm busy with the kids...everyone feels like you do from time to time. It's nice? that we have a silly website to reach out to strangers when we need to.

Probably not a good idea to consume alcohol when you're feeling this way. It's a depressant and will make you feel much worse. Find a friend that's not busy and book a lunch date with them. Know that what you feel is common these days. Plugging in to the computer amplifies feelings of seclusion, even if you're looking for social contact.

Join a newsgroup, LiveJournal or think of an interest and become a member of a related blog site.

Hang in there. This too shall pass. :)

i am exactly the same. :'(..

"hoping to find some kind of answer on a silly website from strangers. I'm lost..." first of all its not a silly website..a lot of us just like to help people .It sounds like the pain you have is stress and depression .you got to toughen up emotionally.Maybe your significant other isn't right for you and you need to find someone else.you need to take control of your life, get out meet new people don't be dependent on one person.maybe talking to a counselor might be a good idea.

I`m terribly sorry,I can feel your pain.I promise it will get better.The Lord is your answer!

Sometimes I also feel alone. I am long for some people who you called significant other can understand me and love me. I am lost that I have no one. Why can't the Gold take a look at me? At last, I take a tumble that I close my heart and keep every one away from me. Just open the window, you will touch the sunshine and smell the fresh air, and see the beautiful world.
When I feel alone, I write my mood on my blog, talk to my friends, listen to nice music, read some books as my food of spirit. It is a good way to release your mood.
I hope you will feel better now.

Oh good lord, sweetie. It sounds like you need to get your feelings out. If you feel these kinds of thoughts are affecting your life performance in any way, you should immediatly get help or guidance. If it is simply that you need to get your thoughts out, keep a diary or online journal if you type faster.

You are in a world full of people. Find yourself a new intresting group to get to know. Go to the library and find a book club. Start taking some exercise classes and get to know the other women afterwards with a cup of coffee or pop.
Make yourself get out and make plans to at least be amused by the things you find to do. I feel alone sometimes and that is something I have just learned to live with when I can't get out to be aroudn other people. Peace to you, hope you find your answer.

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