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 should i go to the doctor?
for the last 5 days or so ive been having these weird symptoms:
extreme headaches (to the point where sounds and lights hurt
light headedness (got dizzy almost fell over 3 times)

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im 12. going ...

 How do you cure cramps?!?!?
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i've had a kidney infection before so its not ...

Jordan E
Why would a girl I barely know, glare at me?
So I've barely spoken/talked to this girl who's in one of my classes.
She's cute, though, and I wouldn't mind getting to know her better...
The thing is, every time I've come across her, whether it was passing
her in the hall, or coming in the classroom and happened to catch her stare, she's always glaring at me... like literally looking into my eyes and glaring at me... in turn, I get flustered and confused, and just avoid eye contact ... (oh and btw, I'm 99% sure there wasn't something goofy on my face)

Does this necessarily mean I don't have a chance and should just move on? I'll talk to her, mind you, but I'm just a bit discouraged that she might already think I'm weird somehow lol xD
Additional Details
EDIT:: to everyone suggesting that perhaps she's simply heard nasty rumors about me and is therefore bound to have a tainted impression of me, I know for a fact that this isn't possible--I'm a shy, quiet guy who keeps to himself most of the time :(

She sits RIGHT next to me though, and I'm pretty sure she overhears me talking to a friend who sits directly behind me--maybe she heard something that didn't swing with her? Although I'm positive I couldn't have said anything that would offend her in the least :(

Gahh, maybe I'm simply over thinking this whole thing

Because she thinks your weird. lol.

She's a bitc*...move on.

Sarie quite contrary.
Isn't it possible she has a crush on you, too?
Some girls stare when they like a guy, others ignore them for fear of embarrassment.

Face it, us females are a pretty messed up bunch. :D

talk to her. you have nothing to lose!

Mama mia
warm up first man...no need to jump on a female homo sapien all of a sudden. take things easy, go with another species first. try humping a dog. once you get that b**** to love you, then move on to a horse, etc. you'll make your way up to humans one day, just take is slow you silly goof ball :)

I'm totally illiterate.
Maybe her face is just naturally hostile. One of my friends has this slightly narrowed eyed look and it seems like she's giving people a dirty look when she's just looking. When I first met her I thought she didn't like me, kinda like you. I'm sure if you talk to her you'll see you're just being overly sensitive or something.


She sounds like a total *****.

She probably likes you :]

Maybe she heard rumors about you. Bad ones.
If this is a one time thing she could have mistaken you for someone else or have been looking at someone behind you.

but if its been continuous, then all i can think of is rumors. :/

okay for one thing , i'd she most likely thinks you're cute or something. i would for sure get to know her better and then soon ask her out if it's going good.

I think that she's heard from another source that you've done something to upset her. Think about anything you said about her or about one of her friends or anyone she would care about. Also, try talking to her. If you catch in the hal alone or something tell her that it seems to you that she's always glaring at you and you just wanna know why. Don't be rude to her. Be nice and understanding.

Good luck =]

dj b
she might get nervous and feel self conscious when somebody esp a guy is staring at her or checking her out. she maybe trying to hide that she is shy. or for some odd reason she doesn't like you and is just a total bi-atch. i think its worth the risk to find out.

She may have heard bad things (though you know your reputation better than I do), or maybe she's just judging you too soon. We as girls tend to do that. You sound like a nice guy though, so go prove her wrong. :)

well maybee she has staring see-shurs like my big cuz spelling is bad deal with it

i know this one guy
looks deep ito my eyes all the time
turns out he mite like me so
same wit u unless
shes crazy or emo or something

hey would u go 2 my profile and answer my recent question?? plz

Girls glare at guys for one reason its kind like flirting maybe she likes to make you frustrated this is a game every girl likes to play some times.

When she glares at you give her a evil sinister grin then walked away..

Now she will be puzzled.

She probably has a crush on you o_o

I dunno, she's probably permanently on the rag or something.

if shes lookin at u it means shes interested

Chances are some other girl told her something about you that made you sound low, or shallow. This can result in immediate hate.
Or make sure you didn't say something about her behind her back that got back to her... That is REALLY bad.

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