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Beau Maker
Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
I'm a huge Micheal Jackson fan an all and I'm on medication myself. From what I understand is doctors only prescribe medication even pain killers if they believe your suffering. But Michael Jacksons burn was 20 years ago. Why were they allowing him to continue taking pills? I'm very concerned because I know medication increases the effects of heart attacks. Why was his doctor doing this to him?

Horst S
He was feeling guilty for what he did with those little kids and this stuff worked better than other drugs and booze.

Because Pepsi secretly wanted to out MJ, so they kept the pills on their tab so MJ would eventually kick off

... The perfect crime

bc they wanted to kill him!

Mr man
Well he had taken so many, he got addicted to them and couldn't stop taking them and then also he started wanting other types of pills unfortunately

he was a little less stressed then... lets face it in his business its hard not to get caught up in all that bs!

Michael was addicted to those meds. I guess he took them to ease the "pain" in his heart. And abt that doctor......Michael was makin him a millionaire...he kept givin him the pills and he kept takin Michael's money

He was on pain medicines they only prescribe by IV and they use them for serious surgical operations. No way should MJ have been on this, and the doctor was doing it because he was getting paid. If I were him, I would be out of the country by now, hiding in Mexico.

they were bad doctors and he was addicted to drugs.

his doctor was believing MJ was having pain. MJ was a drug addict.
No offense.

well doctors are the bigest drug pushers than the ones in the hoods look they get money of big farmasutical companys for pushing new drugs on pacients so Michaels doctor was just another drug dealer trying to get that money

(Karla Killsz<3)
because he got addicted to them

he got use too it your body wants more of it that you can not stop using it all the time

he got hooked i think + he has alot of money, the doctor has alot of pills

I love micheal jackson to. Its because the doctor was being paid sooo much!!! millions....

because he was a celebrity and had more of an influence over them. and possibly was giving them more money for allowing him to have them.

You may be right
possibly he needed to rest, but because of his concert he practiced too much and needed more pills for his back pain.

Doctors can be found anywhere who will prescribe whatever you wish. Some take money, some don't. It's an obvious ethical dilemma and it is at its worst in Hollywood, where you can easily find a doctor to prescribe you narcotic pain meds for $5,000 cash a month. Once Michael got hooked on them after he did his impression of the Ghost Rider, he would have had no problem getting them after he no longer needed them for pain. Getting hooked on pain meds after an injury is a common problem.

He formed the habit of taking prescription meds right after the burn incident. It took years of living that lifestyle to kill him. People with a lot of money can see different doctors, and keep facts hidden from that doctor. Such as, you may see 3 people for the same injury and get 3x the meds. However, most people with normal insurance have a medical review of their charges and excessive treatment will not be paid for, and you are stuck with whatever the insurance company will allow. I personally believe that each doctor that treated him knew only a portion of the meds he was taking and they could have interacted.

He gave them money. The doctors took it gave him the pills. And there you go. HES A DRUG ADDICT ALL THE WAY!!

He may have had pain from old injuries, not just the severe burn. Pain medication is addicting and if you have the money you can get what you want.

brenda s
Addiction, but if it has been that long I believe it could of been the way he could handle stress and all the stuff he was going thru being a celebrity and pop star. He was attacked on soo many levels and he had to fess up to soo much also. STRESS is what must of kept him on the pills and if he wanted to do nothing but sleep it is because he didn't face his demons with therapy and that was his way of handling them.

brown hair blue eyes<3
sometimes it's better to give an addict what they need,sometimes it's more dangerous to take them off cold turkey,he would have been a dangeour to others and himself.

he could have had a heartattack straight off if he stopped taking them.


Addiction + Money + Fame = SOME doctors, bought and paid for

He was addicted to them.

He got addicted to them.

because he had the money to buy doctors and he was a addicted to pain killers

Its called addiction.

Sмιℓєу [♥)
Once he had bad surgery's (face surgery's) and thus he took pain killers so he would not feel the pain. And he got hooked like everyone else who has to take a lot of pain killers.

Pain killers kinda killed the pain of his child hood and everything people done to him over the years, and how the media (never) minded their business so more hurt and pain - More pain killers.

Atleast this is what I think he took them for.

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