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Why does my knee hurt when I do physical activity? PLEASE READ!?
hey. my right knee really hurts when I do physical activity.

keep in mind i am a fairly average 23 year old male. maybe a bit fat,but not really....ive just been super lazy in my life!

i just got into running. the first mile, the pain is pretty bad, but then it subsides for the whole 3+ miles.

but, soon after, the pain comes back. i mean, like 1-2 hours or so after my run.

same when i play tennis, or go on hikes. its a sharp pain, but not super agonizing.

i wear a brace when i run, play tennis, hike, whatever...but i still get the pain.

what is it?

how can i stop it?






The Answer
you have gonococcal arthritis. better see your doctor. if I am right, buy me a beer, ok?

running down the hill is bad for ur knees..
and jogging with ur heels flat is bad for ur knees too..
and a lot of exercises are actually bad for ur knees..
erm...esp when ur knees arent bent when u do exercises that required the support of ur legs..... i cant think of any right now...
but basically, when u jog, there's impact on ur entire leg + muscle + bones.. and hence ur knees will be affected
or.. did u have any injury before?? if u did, this could be the main reason..
also, if not enough calcium or vitamin D, it might also affect ur bone hence knee cap and stuff.... protein is important for cartilage building...which is around ur knee caps...
how long had it been? or u just found out recently?

go to doctor and find out. it could be just a muscle or soemthing really wrong. it should be put heat on after you do exercise and let it cool down abit it shoudl help the pain and mabye it will go away.

Joey Migs
i am sorry to say, that you have both joint damage and ligament damage You need to see a knee MD.

yeah try icy hot patches
then maybe soaking in hot water
and try stretching it out a little before and after physical activity
or try and cut back on your activities
you might just be overworking it

Jonny Dangerously
Sounds to me that you don't distribute your weight evenly on both legs but rather compensate with the right making up for the weak left. Running is a terrible thing for knee problems.
Is it swollen at all?
I studied kinetics in college but without knowing some more detail I couldn't tell you much.

Catherine D
ice pack or warm water. if your just starting out with the running and all it could also be because your not use to it.

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
1) Your weight on your knees (true for the human race. the knees endure a lot.)
2) Not stretching your knee enough.
3) Not popping enough painkillers.

You should try to stretch and do warmups on something like the mechanical bicycle. I have broken knee caps, so I endure excruciating pain daily.

Before I do any exercises or even normal routine, streeeeeeeetch my legs. If I feel the pain coming on, sit my **** down.

I also take a ton of painkillers even though I shouldn't.

I suggest Ibuprofen 600mg works wonders.

Maybe you have bad joints. Make a doctor's appointment if you can and describe this to your doctor. They would be able to figure it out, even using xrays if they have to. It could be bad, or not, so be sure to take care of it.

either you get to tired cause your body isn't used to it or you haven't stretched enough. i get pains when i run and don't stretch.

Myb becausew your not drinking lots of milk and your bones ne3d that to be healthy.

The best thing to do is to go to a doctor for an official diagnosis.

To me, it sounds like it could be bursitis. It can be caused by sudden or intense activity. It's a fluid filled sac in your joints that prevents friction, but can become inflamed. It can be treated with ice compresses, rest, and anti inflammatory and pain medications. But if it is bursitis, fluid may need to be extracted.

bob taskbar
- gene defect
- arthritis
- too much uric acid from soy products, nuts
- not eating a healthy diet
- not exercising
- dont run, go to the gym and get a trainer to train you - you'll get fit in the shortest possible time than doing it on your own
- try accupuncture to deal with it, accupuncture is known to help
- there's an experimental thing where the doctor put a strong maget around where the pain is. and it is known to lessen the pain and make healing faster

seek professional medical attention

Do you have a flat foot? If so you may be overpronating, which means that you role across your foot too far and puts your whole body out of alignment. I had very similar symptoms and i have flat feet. I am a cross country runner, and wearing a brace helped a little, but getting shoe inserts to raise my arch REALLY helped and completely eliminated the pain.

jimmy g
sounds like you started out to fast, without properly warming up. if you just started running that distance from the get go, it's wander you don't have more trouble than you do. i have read some of the other answers, and you should never put anything warm on an inflamed area. always use a cold pack. you need an anti-inflamitory, such as ibuprophen, and stay off of it and give some time to heal, then when you start back, go for short distances first. work back into your program slowly. running is very hard on your entire body. go to a gym.

well since u haven't run in a long time and u r a little over weight, then it is just beginning pain. beginning pain is when ur muscles are not used to moving or stretching because u haven't used them in a while. just eat healthy, keep doing exercises, but some advice. start slower ont he running. like everyday gradually do more. like 1st day: 0.3 miles. 2nd day: 0.7 m. 3rd day: 1.0 miles and so on.

same with tennis and hiking. u can keep wearing the brace if you'd like, but ive tried those and my doctor said they don't do much. good luck and hope i helped!

Well you could try an ice pack. Or soaking it in warm water. That usually helps.

You should make sure you stretch well before and after you exercise.

It could be arthritus, which would be very uncomon for people of your age, but it does happen. Check you familys health problems, it could be some sort of heredity.

Have you ever had a fracture in your knee?

If it is swollen at all, then it could be tendinitus. It would usualy hurt when you are resting or at night, along with when you are exercising.

austin slaughters dont know hjow to spell but ask a physician how and research it.

maybe you've been working it too hard or made a wrong turn sometime throughout your day?

that happens to me all the time, just don't work out that day and rest your body, and you'll be fine the next day.

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