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 EXTREMLY painful abdominal pains.?
where? around the navel & left side of stomach.
very bloated navel when i sit straight it turns to the left side.
went hospital for it they done.
blood test

 What should I do I'm in so much pain?
About 2 days ago, I was at my friends house for a swim because it is currently 40degrees here and really hot. And i did put on sunscreen before I went swimming, for about 2 hours, but I don't ...

 What does it feel like under anesthetic? I'm afraid of never waking up or waking and feeling pain during it.
I got a broken nose in April this year and the plastic surgeon who examined me said he could fix a droopy eyelid and insurance will cover it. Also thinking about straightening out my crooked nose as ...

 Has anyone got their teeth pulled? I'm really nervous...?
Does it hurt lots?? I'm getting my two top wisdom teeth pulled and am freaking out because I'm scared of dentists... any help?...

 Is having a baby as bad as a toothache or a headache?

 i reallly need help. i've been?
having these major cramps from my period and nothing is taking the pain away. got any idead on what might help? almost ready to go to the hospital.
Additional Details
i've tried ...

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My grandpa has stage IV colon cancer and he's in so much pain. The prescription says to take one 5 mg oxycodone. Can he take two?...

 Potential side effects of Vicodin?
I am very nervous about trying new medications. I was prescribed Vicodin for some oral surgery. What are possible side effects of Vicodin? I am a 27 year old female, otherwise in good health. Is ...

 ouch, help help help!?
I have a pain in my lower right quad [my appendix area]
I had it like a month ago and they said it was "constipation"
it's back nopw, but it's a whole lot worse:/

 can you help with this medical question? 10 points?
my husband is having lower back pain but it will move from one side to the pther like today its his left side hurting him and he is never one to conplain about anything. What could this be??????? A...

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 please help me my head hurts!?
im alone and i have a headache im 11 and we dont have headache medicine i called my mom and her phones turned off is there anything i can do besides get ice because i dont have that ...

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I get aching lower back pain when ever I smoke marijuana, and it last for hours and is very uncomfortable, can you please tell me what this is?...

 How can I get rid of my period cramps and put up with them at school?
*le sigh* It came back todayy.
I couldn't sleep all last night after it appeared just before I went to bed. I kept trying to roll over and stuff and wasn't very comfy. I couldn't ...

 Lower back pain wont go away!?
I have been going to physio therapy and its still not helping! Its my lower back, right in the middle by my tail bone! I have a strong core, and have no history of back injury. What do you suggest!?...

 my stomach hurts!!!!?
the lower right side of my stomach hurts really bad!!! this part of my stomach hadnt ever hurt before. what can it be? and what can i do to stop it?
Additional Details
maybe i pulled a ...

 my friends eye hurts?
okay my friends eye hurts and its a little pink.i thin its pink eye but i always thought pink eye was for itching and watering.

if you know what it may be PLEASE tell me. :) thank you !!...

 All my new shoes rub the back of my foot. What can I do?
Over the past year, I have brought 4 new pairs of shoes. Not posh going out shoes or anything, but casual trainer type shoes. I have brought a pair of Vans, Babycham, DC and Dunlop.

In ...

 Why do i have a headache?
Okay i know this sounds like a stupid question, it's just a headache.
Hear me out. I never get headaches, only once in a blue moon. I went to the gym this morning and decided to try one of ...

 what would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?

Why do you get your appendix removed?
i just wanted to know because my friend just got it removed.

When the appendix gets inflamed it is filled with wasted that is poisonous to your body and will kill you. If it isn't removed fast enough it is very painful to the touch. That's how the little girl from The Poltergeist movie died.

Ask & I might tell
When it becomes inflamed and a doctor tells you to.

Sally Anne
It is a piece on the bowel that we don't need much anyway. If it gets inflamed it could burst and cause septicaemia and if your blood was poisoned that way you could die.

because the doctor says

i had to get mine removed when i was six b/c it was going to inrupt inside of me and theres a poison which if it is exposed to your body it can kill u! its very bad so thats probably why! Or her/him sides might been hurting her and the doctors probably had to get it out so it wouldn't hurt anylonger

sometimes u need it removed because it like burst or somehing - but its not a neccesariy organ so

Appendicitis is an inflamation of the appendix. All cases of Appendicitis requires removal of the appendix. If it is not removed, it could rupture which could lead to death.

CS2 Sasuke
Because it bursts

traditioin,like tonsil's, being cut out. object's get stuck in the appendix and inflame the area, but expell the object naturally, and doctor's get paid for doing quickly what nature slowly. doctor's would not make much money if patient's knew the answer's, require understanding. removeing tonsil's, let's you ;breathe and eat (swallow) better, but it's not necessary, unless extreme infectionsendger's this.

Carl B
It was considered not a nessisary organ any more and can become infected and inflamed so then it would need be taken out. Recient studies have shown however it may have a purpose, to grow benificial bacteria for your body but they will grow anyway even after it's removal so don't worry.

Some people don't have to have their appendix removed but the people who have to their appendix becomes infected and it can be a life or death situation if the doctor doesn't get them removed in time because they can rupture and the infection can spread throughout your body making you very sick. Some who wait to long to have them removed develop pneumonia and can cause death. I hope this helped. Hope your friend feels better soon!!!

The appendix is a vestigial organ in the human body, meaning it has no primary purpose, unlike other organs like the heart or lungs that have specific duties. If the appendix is blocked due to foreign bodies in the systems like hair or finger nails or even stool, it swells up and contains infectious cells. If left untreated, it will burst and this has a high risk of spreading this infection because of its proximity to other internal organs. Appendicitis or removal of appendix is a prompt and necessary cure for inflammation of the appendix.

Deb W
They remove it when it becomes so inflamed that it is a danger - if it bursts, it could kill a person.

Because it can get infected with bacteria. Scientists believe the appendix helps with the immune system when the baby is forming in the womb, but shuts down after the immune system fully develops.

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