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Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Insecurities hurt, am I right? Especially when you already feel ugly yourself. You don't have to hurt more than you do by people talking about you and how ugly you are on Facebook. Why doesn't anyone understand that it hurts me? Why don't they understand how much they're hurting someone online, when they don't even know my story? I feel so ******* alone, and I hate it! I hate feeling ugly, and I hate feeling like everyone's talking about me behind their back! I hate my life because of this, and sometimes I don't even care if someone broke into my house and killed me. Because people like them make me so low, and make me feel like I don't matter. I have no one to talk to, and my parents don't help at all. They just tell me I'm not ugly. How in the hell is that supposed to help?! Is there ANYONE I can talk to?! Please.. I'm on the cliff... the end of it.

I was crying while typing this..

Fish lova
tell everyone to **** off and tell them that its not your fault your "ugly." and im pretty sure you're not ugly, its just that people feel good making fun of you because they're just a tad bit better looking than you. it happens to people all the time; someone makes fun of someone else because they know that they're smarter than them, can fight better than them (the dumbest one of all), and are "prettier"
than another. try to calm yourself, and don't ask your parents for help, because they wont. like they already did.

Yoma ilu ~
Allie! :'( *Hugs*

I really can't say I know what you're going through because I never had to face the same thing in my life before. I do get a few mean comments about my looks sometimes but I ignore them. I think what 'lastsalifetime' wrote is true.. and I hope it makes you feel a little bit better.

All I'm going to say is TRY not to let them get to you as much. Yes, they don't know you at all.. and for that you shouldn't really care about what they say. I know it's easier said then done - but just try to be stronger. These people are just mean and hateful.. probably insecure themselves, and they just point fingers at you to make them feel better.

I feel so sad now :( I don't know what to say/do to make it better for you. Just remember you can email me any time if you need someone to talk to.. about anything, okay?!... And always remember Safetysuit- Annie is your song. Those people are trying to break you. DON'T let them..


кαyℓα ツ Smile For MJ?
Hey Vexi I know what you mean.Im pretty sure that youre not ugly and the people that do call you that is pretty ugly themselves. An persons actions is what make them ugly not their looks beauty is only skin deep sweetheart. People call me Ugly too but i keep walking because i really dont care what people say about me. They are ignorant and i just have to ignore all the negative. Sometimes ifeel like Drving a car into a ******* wall but i have to stop myself and say its not worth it. Your not alone is this many teens go through this. You will just have to make it through. God loves you.

Yea i wrote that from the heart.

Thriller Nation
Allie <3

Please do not take in what Ignorant People say about you, because chances are they look like a
Butt- Hole!!

I feel the same way sometimes. But There are probably Lots... Scratch that...
TONS of people that Love you and KNOW you are beautiful.

So don't let someone Over the Internet tell you, you're Ugly or Anything.:)


ѕυzιє; SHAMONE.♥
WTF!? WHO THE HELL SAID THAT?! I gonna kill them! I SWEAR!

Believe me, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.
I know this isn't great advice (I'm a loser at this kind of stuff, sorry) But you can always talk to us. Heck, you never know, life might bring you joy.
Oh god, I should give up giving advice.

But I saw a picture of you, and I swear, you are BEAUTIFUL.
I'm not saying it to be nice or anything, I actually think you are.
And if anyone doesn't think so, THEY CAN STUFF A DONUT IN IT. >:/

~Forever Brittany♥~
Allie please!...Whoever said that is a total ***. Sometimes we are at that stage where you feel paranoid, and people talk about you. Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes i feel like i'm alone, but i remember that i got family who love me and friends who will be there. If they don't do the same for you, well screw them. When I get mad, i usually write. I write about everything about anything. It helps me cool down and relax. You should try it. Whoever is writing those mean crap on Facebook, let them know. If not block them. People wanna bring you down just because you are better than them. Just hold on. And i'm sure your beautiful. No one is ugly. I understand where your coming from. Look in the mirror and see who you are. Not what everyone says you are.

I know what you feeling i have low self esteem and when someone keeps calling me dumb or i'm not doing anything right it hurts a lot so i know what you saying get rid of all those people telling you that you that you are ugly i bet you are a nice person don't listen to what they are saying if they are ur real friends they wouldn't be calling you ugly i hope i help a lil feel better soon

Charles B
I do understand. I'm the guy that was turned down by cruel remarks when I asked a girl out. I'm the one that they had all the fun with by leading me on and then turning me down while every one watched and laughed.

I know it doesn't help now, but some day, the tables will be reversed. You will at some time, eventually have the upper hand, and can pass judgment on how attractive they are.

Until then, please try to remember, that if they are this insensitive, you don't want them for friends, and you really shouldn't care what they think. I know it doesn't help. You are not alone. A lot of us have had these experiences, and did survive. We used them for motivation to become more than we might have otherwise. You are NOT UGLY. You are not alone.

Now go and start plotting a career path so you will be their boss. It worked for me. Just took a long time. Go outside, find some sunshine. You can't feel down in bright daylight.

Good luck.

John M
Darling, Don't let insecure bullies bring you down.
They do this cause they are lonely and insecure themselves.
Misery Loves company!! Do yourself a favor, Learn to
Love the person in the Mirror. You are the only one who knows
that person intimately. Bullies on MYSpace are cowards who
hide behind the security of the Computer Monitor. It's like an
invisible wall. They can be anyone they desire because they
don't have to confront the miserable person that resides within them.
Remember you are the Captain of Your Ship, you command respect
from your peers. You are a one and only, nobody can ever come close
to being YOU!! Give Yourself a Big Hug!!

Kerr ?
Listen, hundreds of thousands of people understand how it feels. People with severe burns and mutations know how it feels looking in the mirror and wondering if they can ever feel pretty again. You are obviously not ugly and you should never feel this way, I used to feel the same as you, being told about my appearance and being called ugly, it does get you down I understand it. It IS hard sometimes, but thank yourself lucky. People online should not bring you down. They don't know you at all unless they are personally in touch with you because really, they can NEVER harm you - the reality is, the majority of them live far, far away and can not get in touch with you personally.

I suggest that you take a break from the internet - people are obviously getting to you. Delete your formspring because that is just asking for trouble imo, and spend some time with people that DO care about you - real people, not people that you meet online because real life people are the ones that you count on in everyday life, are there for you when the going gets tough.
Contact a counsellor if you feel really bad.

I'm sorry to hear this, really I am I know how it feels too and no one should ever feel this way.

Watch Me Flyy
Allie sweet, who the F*CK said that?? You are beautiful! Don't let vile and nasty comments put you down! There's times when I look in the mirror and literally pull at my hair or face with this horrible feeling in my stomach that I just feel utterly hopeless... It's a horrible feeling! I want you to know that you are not alone! I feel your pain! But you need to remember that no matter what, you always view yourself harsher than others do! I have no idea why we do this to ourselves but it's a fact! And as for thosee talking behind your back, I know how you feel again. I went out tonight and as soon as I met up with my friends, one of them looked at me and said, "You look such a mess". I'd tried really hard to look nice. No matter what there will always be people who want to put you down but honestly you are worth SO much more than that! Just by being here, you already help others! A simple ily over the net can put a smile on my face and that is why people like you Allie, and why you are worth being here, and knowing that you are beautiful. There are always going to be traditionally beautiful people. When we're our age looks seem the most important thing but as you grow older you realize they mean so little in the greater scheme of things! You have lovely hair! We also look so much prettier if we smile. A genuine smile that touches our eyes. Don't give up on yourself ok hun?? If you ever need to talk I'm here!! And ily! <3 x x

Insecurities hurt, right, and that's why some people need to laugh at others so they can feel better about themselves, but the truth is, that if someone feel right about himself, he/she wouldn't care about others, when someone laughs at someone else for anything they are really saying "I wish my parents loved me" or "I'm gay and I can't say it", people who laughs at other people are having internal issues, but they can't say it out loud.
Who is calling you ugly? analyze them, there are surely things that are wrong in their lives, no matter how good they look.
Most of the population in ALL the world isn't ugly, there is always someone who is going to like you and someone that isn't, you have to learn how to cope with everybody by having confidence in who you are and not caring what others say

The first thing that has to change is the way you let people who you don't even care about effect you so much. They're pieces of **** for being so blatantly rude and mean to a person regardless of who are you are. You should talk to a counselor, you're not the first person this has happened to nor the last. It's extremely common for girls to feel like this and guys too

lastsalifetime college sophomore
I'm sorry hun. I teared up while reading this. I remember what it's like.............

This is coming from a person that knows how it feels to be hanging from the edge. It's a lonely place. I can't explain it. Many can sympathize and empathize with you but NO ONE can actually know what it's like to feel YOUR pain and that's why I believe that people like us are so adamant about being alone and misunderstood. You and I are so much alike. It's amazing.

There are people in this world that are so immature and/or insecure themselves that they must put others down. I'll admit it. I've had those moments when I would talk about someone to make myself feel better because I was so insecure. You have to learn how to put up a wall between you and these types of people. You can't let them push you into this security bubble. I have feeling that you are suspicious of people around you. There is something that you have to understand. You are young. 13 right? It's what people your age do. You can't let it get to you. This may not help you and I'm sorry but there isn't anything you can really do about immature people. You can't control their actions.

Something that helped me get through adolescence and the ignorance of my peers was dreaming about the future and keeping a diary. Also, realizing that I have no one to please but myself. I can't looks aren't naturally going to change. I am the way I am and if people want to focus on my looks and not what actually matters like my personality then I don't need them. Another thing, these people you are in school with now aren't going to mean anything to you in 4 years. Trust me. You probably will never see them again. Don't dwell on negative things they say about your appearance.

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