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Who knows the cure for an insomniac that can't sleep?
I do my homework, internet and reading at night. Until the wii hours of the night. I have horrible body aches the morning afte and i'm sleeping less and being a lot more active. But it's hindering my ability to do presentable art work and my back is in a constant knot. What might I do to get to sleep?

Hi! You have two really good choices today.
1. Get a prescription for Lunesta, Rozerem, or Ambien CR. (The CR means that it not only puts you to sleep, but it helps you stay asleep.) These three new medications are safe and non-habit forming, which is great!
2. You get yourself on a"circadian" schedule. Hopefully your doctor will know all about that, or else a sleep clinic can help you. I think one of the long answers was describing what that means. You go to sleep at the same time every night, and wake up to a loud alarm clock at the same time every morning. You set the clock across the room, so you must get out of bed to turn it off. Then you jump in the shower, or go running, or eat breakfast. Whatever works for you. You NEVER nap during the day. The first week might be a little rough, but then you will sleep. You'd have to figure out how many hours of sleep you need to feel rested. And the "circadian schedule" is usually accompanied with 200 mgs of Elavil, and possibly .5 mgs of Klonopin.
My mother had chronic insomnia from age 9-60. Two hours of sleep was a GOOD night for her. Many nights she got NO sleep. She ached of fatigue. Finally, she found a doctor through a sleep clinic who put her on the circadian method, and now she sleeps straight through every night 8 hours. It's the closest thing to a miracle I've ever seen. Today she's a young 79, who easily passes for 65.
20 years ago those first 3 meds I told you about weren't out yet. They may have worked for her. We don't know, and we don't care!!
So there you have the answer to your question. I wish you the best of luck. Keep in touch. I have your name, so I'll know what it's about. Feel free to E-mail me if you have any questions. I'm wondering how long you've had insomnia. The end of the tunnel is near!! We'll get rid of that constant knot in your back, and you'll be doing beautiful art work!! Call your doctor ASAP. Good luck, Sweetie. You get a star from me! Sincerely, Lynn

if this has been an on-going problem have your Dr schedule a sleep test for you to get to the bottom of it. Also you have symptoms of fibromyalgia which can be diagnosed by a rheumatologist. Best wishes!

For some reason, listening to "Sigur Ros" music puts me straight to sleep. Try it, may work for you too... (go to YouTube and do a search on "Sigur Ros") -you can also try listening to other soft, classical music if Sigur Ros doesn't work for you :-)

~an ex-Insomniac (and no, I don't recommend sleeping pills, or any drug for that matter!)

Drink a warm cup of milk, peppermint tea or hops tea.

Advil PM has worked great in the past for me. Tylenol PM has less of the sleep agent in it, so it doesn't work as well.

Take two Advil PM, close your eyes, and clear your head. Before you know it, you'll be waking up to an alarm clock or the sun pouring in through your bedroom window (if you have one, that is).

I once read that honey, milk, banana, turkey and some other food are relaxing and recomended at night if you can't sleep. I don't know how bad is your case ( you might want to see a doctor. but here's some other tips let's say at 10 pm turn off all lghts, tv. computer music, take warm milk and honey or make this delicious shake; milk + bana + honey.drik it and try to sleep. it might take a while so you body get adjusted to the new habit. I think drinking camomille tea is good but didn't try it

[email protected]
u r exerting your self and punishing the body to the extreme. body and mind and eyes need rest which u are not providing.distribute your time and ensure that u sleep at least for 6 hours. midnight to morning. regarding your back u have to take great care. u must keep your chair close to your table and your back should be resting on the back of chair in comfortable.and all work must done in relax position. work is never ending but once the back 'ends' what is the good?
i would also recommend that u take a walk in the morning or after meals to tire your self

get up early, work, exercise you'll be so tired you'll sleep good

Staying up late hinders your sleeping patterns. The best thing to do would be to switch your routine so that you study early in the morning, and then go to sleep at a more regulatory hour. Of course, as a fellow night-owl, I know that's not likely to change. The best thing is a healthy diet, and being physically active. Exercise during the day, but not right before bed. Before sleeping, put something heavy in your stomach like warmed milk. Also, turkey contains L-tryptophan, an amino acid that causes you to be sleepy.

Sitting at the computer is causing that knot in your back. Your arms are out in front, and your shoulders rounded. Gets than spot at the base of your neck, between your shoulder blades, doesn't it? You're really supposed to stretch every 1-2 hours when on the computer. Do all those cheesy shoulder rolls, drop your head and then wind it up to the left, drop your head again, and wind it up to the right, tilt it side-to-side. Doing those stretches really will improve your soreness.

Stay away from caffeine, that clogs the receptors in your brain that tell you when you're tired. Having a routine at night reminds your body when it's time to start to shut down. If you're trying to sleep but can't, the worst thing to do is to get up & do stuff. Keep lying there, relaxing. At least your body will get some rest.

Next, empty out your mind. Erase any thoughts that are running through your head. Try to think of nothing (even though that's pretty much impossible). When I can't sleep, I try to think of nothing, I just focus on trying not to think, watch the darkness behind your lids. It must work, because I never remember anything after that! lol.

Drink hot milk or chocolate. Concentrate that you get a good sleep asap.

scoski f
sleeping pills coffee helps me but sugar makes me sleep

heart o' gold
Eat a healthy diet.
Get some exersize every day, even if it's just a walk.
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid caffiene after noon.
Avoid sugar in the evenings.
Take a long, hot bath or shower before bed.

Try herbal teas, get a bedtime version of something from a health food store...or...Celestial Seasonings, which I think is a national brand, has Sleepytime, which is actually really good.

You could also try Kava extract, taken in moderation about 15 mintues before bed.

Lunesta 2mg and I sleep all night

i have the same problem. sometimes i take simply sleep by tylenol or just make myself lie in a dark room and not think about anything clear your mind and relax every muscle in your body. that should help your back.

I feel for you....I am a night owl.
The only time I can sleep well is if I take a afternoon nake...I then go into a sound sleep.

go to the doc, you can get a script for some ambien, be may also recommend malatonin

Wel, first of all an insomniac is a person who can't sleep so... your question is slightly pleonastic. That is an adjoining of two terms with the same meaning "insomniac" and "can't sleep".
It's easy. Especially if you're a young person.
1. Don't stay late.
2. Don't eat late (last meal should be no later than 20). Not even snacks.
3. Don't drink, coffee, tea or cola (cafeine drinks in general) after 18.00.
4. Have a large glass of warm milk with honey in it or a large cup of herbal tea (tilly flowers are best) around 21.00-22.00 just before going to bed.
5. Sleep in a well ventilated room, not warmer than 18-20 degrees Celsius.
6. Sheets are to be comfortable but not excessively warm.
7. Try not to look at action or horror movies before sleeping.
8. Rent a nice little comedy or better yet go straight to bed. Evening news are a total no-no.
9. Try one of those sleeping machines that give a sound of waves, or trees in the wind.
10. If all this fails, go see a doctor. You probably need professional help.

go to drugstore vitamin section get some Melatonin!!

Melatonin is the hormone you need for sleep.

When I used to work 12 hour days, I took it to go to sleep. It was hard to wind down after work. It works!

***Don't you hate those long *ss posts? I mean damn just copy and past the website not the whole friggin article..

dizzy dolly
I would go to walmart and get a bottle of melatonein. It is an all natural pill that you take 20 mins before you lay down. Melatonein is something your brain produces and lets your body know your tierd and you need sleep. You can not become addicted to it and it doesnt effect you in the morning like other sleeping pills.... you get as many as 200 in a bottle for like 6 bucks. It really works.. I use it and i also got my son on a decent sleeping schedual by useing it. Since its all natural you have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.

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