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NittyNora(Dawn) (BCA)
When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
or is it just me that has this very strange habit?

Brandon C
Yep...that's my style, but sometimes I just wake up

yes sometimes i do that when one side gets really warm i like the cold side on my face it feels good!

Yes I do it all the time =)

Lesley, 29, UK
yes its great! also helps when its a weekend morning and no work!

my daughter does this all the time! strange isnt it?

In summer I cool my pillow in the fridge, mmm...refreshing!

no, just you

Lamar's Mommy
i never even thought about that. is it comforting?

I do that every night when I am trying to fall asleep. Isn't the cold side the best?

Yes! That's the best!

Golden Boy
yes,i love it..

No its not just you, i do it as well.

I do it all the time

On a hot night it is a blessing. I love that feeling.

yes i do - especially when im hung over!!


Melissa B

yeah i do its really strange, but sooo nice!!!!!! even on the coldest of nights!

Mohamad Rofie A

daizie dumpling
Tell you what Dawn, we all like to do stuff like that, look for a cool bit in summer, and a warm bit in winter. It's not a strange habit, it's what you're comfortable with.
Wait till you start to dribble as well, get another pillow!

Dolly Blue
Ho yes !! doesn't it feel so nice ?!!

Joss K
Yes - always. How did you know that I did that!

no i get up :)


Yeah, I hate to try to get back to sleep with a 'hot' pillow!!

yes &when im going 2 sleep lol i have been doing that since i was well young

i do this ALL NIGHT

Oh yeah! And I move accross the bed (I am lucky, its a double with four soft feather pillows, a memory foam mattress and a puffy feather duvet, so I also move accross the bed to find the cold spot.

I like a cold pillow to go to sleep with and a cold pillow when I wake up. I even have a pillow on the side of the bed of when I wake up so there is no heat in it at all. There is nothing worse than a warm pillow, in fact - cool crisp sheets are one of lifes best things - and I regularly move around to find the cold spots.

Thank you for letting me see I am not the only person who likes this. :)

no its feels like a loved one kissing your face good day

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