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Rocker Gurl
What wrong with my foot?
im having very sharp pain in my Left foot... even as i sit.. Its sharp.. then every few minutes it gets an even sharper pain ( left foot only) & even tho the pain is there.... it hurts more as I start to stand up & while walking. this started a week ago, but it would come & go.. tonight the pain showed up & never left.. as we speak im in pain.. It "feels" like nerve damage, cause i cant explain it away.. i didnt hurt it.. there is no bruise or open sore.. ect... its a sharp pain IN MY ARCH area. whats wrong & what can i do or what can I take otc that will ease the pain or take it away? can anyone tell me what it is?

if its very painful it could be small broken bone and you need to head to the doctor and have him xray it.

Go to the doctor. You could have any number of things wrong from torn ligaments to bone spurs.

ashkon H
go to the doctor and have them check it out. An xray wouldn't hurt either.

Go see a doc.

Could be a pinched nerve, or cramping in the tendons.

Try to 'stretch' the arch by pulling your toes back (or press your foot up against the wall, toes up 45 degree angle) anything that will stretch that area... see if that helps.

rabid wwe
get the ped egg, it will take the pain away, and get that calisis off

thats totally a foot cramp. i get them all the time, usually they only last a couple minutes though... try massagin your foot where it hurts. even if it makes it hurt worse when you furst start massaging, keep doing it because it could helpm the muscles loosen up and stop cramping

if you are into sports then your problem might just be a charlie horse in your arch.
i get these all the time, they hurt soo bad.
but if its not going away, then it might be more serious then that.
You probably pulled something.
my best guess is that you have an insufficiant amount of calcium in your bloodstreem called hypocalcemia

If the pain still occurs after another 3-5 days i would see a doctor.

Reh B
maybe a heel spur?

Ritter G
I'd buy new shoes, always helps with my foot problems.

You could have a "fallen arch" where you pulled or strained the tendons in your foot, you could also have " spurs " either way you must seek medical treatment, if you can take Advil, that will help till you see the doctor.

Ankhesan Amun
Ibuprofen might help - with pain and to help any inflammation that might be there. Beyond that I can't give you much advice....only that maybe you go the the doctor or emergency and get it filmed.

It's possible that you have torn something inside - but I would think that that would give you more of a burning sensation, rather than a sharp pain.

Chances are, you have a bone chip or hairline fracture there. You will only know for sure if you have an x-ray done. In hte meantime, keep it elevated, and try icing it. Cold travels on the nerve pathways fast than heat does, and it will lessen any inflammation you have there.

Go get an x-ray, k?

Take Care.

"Ostio Ostioma" 1 in 1000 females usually under the age of 16, will show up with a bone scan, can be operated on,ask your G.P about it and good luck.

I go to school for medical billing and coding and my suggestion to you would be to go to the doctor these are just suggestions don't quote me on this but your bone in your foot could be growing wrong and they may have to take the bone out or even break the bone and let it heal all over again you may just even need to elevate your feet for a couple of days there may be too much pressure on your feet do you stand a long time? just a couple of suggestions

Arch pain is caused by inflammation from excessive stretching of the plantar fascia, usually due to lots of moving about and running around and whatever. Left untreated, strain on the longitudinal arch continues and spurs may develop. Get some Sports Orthotics. Or go see a foot doctor!

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