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 should i go to hospital?
i have an unbearable ear ache that's so bad i cant lie down or even think about anything else, it started at about 5 and has been bad for a few hours. I called NHS direct and spoke to a nurse ...

 Knee pain, please help!!!!!!!?
I have torn legiments in my knees, been seeing doc, physical therpy and orotho docs. I felt something tear 2 days ago as I was walking up steps, now knee cap shifts and something underneath is *loose*...

 Please help me....I am in pain?
this morning I tried to reach my alarm to off it...and there..the muscle of my neck pulled...(right)..god it pains like HELL...i cant turn to right...this afternoon bymistake I turned sudenly to ...

 Any home remedies or techniques to help with tonsilitis pain...??
I can't eat or even drink because it hurts to swallow!!! :(...

 Stomach ache, what can I try?
Yesterday I started to have a stomach ache a little bit at work. It basically felt like I was starving and so hungry I was getting cramps. I got a headache too so I ordered some food at work, ate, ...

 Am I okay to do this?
Hello everyone,

Before I start with my question, I understand that it is likely to lead to a lot of off-topic answers; so please just be content with the small amount of background ...

 My mattress hurts my back, we don't have enough money for a new one right now, what can I do until then?
My mattress is extremely comfortable but it hurts my back. I'll wake up with a sore neck and back, barely able to move until I take some ibuprofen. Lately I've been sleeping on my floor and ...

 Could snorting Pain killers be bad?
I have no clue why we were doing it but
well like my friend dani and i got bored and crushed a Neproxem Sodium(spell?) like cocaine and snorted it we didnt snort alot cause it hurt but we both ...

 which pain killers are best??
i did a pain killer stronger then panadol (sorry about spelling)
its the time of the month, and I'm in soo much pain i cant sit till, its so painful.
does anyone know a good pain ...

 can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
blue vain and it kinda hurts.. its only on one side and i would like to know what it is. i was constipated and i have been straining to go sat on the loo for ages at a time. would this have anything ...

 HELP! i got burned by a hot glue gun!!! AAAKKKK!!!!?
LOL I have an aloe plant in my kitchenbut no burn medicen any advice???...

 when I travel by air, sometimes my ear pains like anything?
what do to in times like that???...

 Should i get a belly button ring if i play bball?
I just think it would look cool cuz i have a six pack and all. Would it make me more attractive either?...

 whats the most pain phisical pain you have ever felt?
the most painful physical pain i have ever felt was when i went to the orthodontics like 2 years ago and they had to do something to my teeth but first they had to make my mouth numb so they took 3-4 ...

 What could this be?! My doctor doesnt know!?
Ive had a painful ear, bottom jaw, head, neck and chin (all on the right hand side) for about 4 or 5 days now, and 2 days ago my top right gum just next to my teeth got a bit red and quite sore when ...

 doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
i have had weird numbness and tingling and pain in my left arm for 2 weeks,also my hand cramps up to complete uselessness about 10 times an hour ,it used to happen about 4 times a year up until two ...

 Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
my stomach/instentines hurt so bad I can't stand it. im extremely bloated to the point where the skin around my entire middle hurts from being stretched out. its so uncomfortable i cant sleep ...

 Cramps cures anyone?
Definitely the worst ones i had and i don't like taking meds. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =]...

 Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
So I plan on getting my tongue pierced in a couple of weeks. I was so excited and I watched tons of videos on it, it seems to not hurt that much so I'm not scared of the pain I may go through. B...

 how can i get rid of stomach ache?
here's the thing, my stomach hurts me almost everyday, and when i'm in school it starts hurting me almost everyday to the point that even my school nurse doesn't believe me anymore......

What was the most pain full thing that ever happend to you?
I got hit by a car, damn that hurt

Mr. Opinionated
had to watch my wife give birth 2x...lol that must have hurt...lol

Slim Shady
broke my arm in 4th grade

fell off a bike, bone was sticking out of arm :/

**Ohh emm geee!**
i was cooking and the lid of a frying pan, which was like stainless steel or something fell right on my big toe and sliced it right open...ohhhh man...that hurt soooooo much, i could see the bone and everything....ugh!!!

i spilt nearly boiling water all over my thigh and leg, it felt like it was on fire for a couple hours and i needed the day off the next day i couldn't put pants on :S

Ashley D
I got stung by a bee when I was 5 years old.

Blue Haired Old Lady
I had shingles. Sounds minor - but it was way worse than child birth or anything else I have had and worse than getting a nerve cut out of my foot.

martin picker
A ruptured disc in my lower back.

Winston Smith
Fingertip cut off in a coffee grinder, that felt awesome.

Toss up...giving birth to a 10.5 son OR having my knee replaced.

popping my hip out of place this year

Bleed the Freak
teeth knocked out... open nerves got hit hard enough it took 8 stitches to close my lip 4 in my gum all better now 10k later.
ahhh bad memories :)

The Capricorn >
i was jumping on my bed with my brother once when we were little and the head board of the bed was a square/ rectangle, so it had pointed corners.

i was jumping and i lost balance and fell and hit my gum on the corner of the beds headboard.

that f****ng killed.
needless to say that stiches in your gums are not really nice.

that was the 3rd time i had stitches. gggrrr

Broke my front teeth. Didn't knock them out, but snapped them in half right across the middle. Nerves were hanging out. Good times!!

i got 10 stiches in my knee. ha. not as bad as a car though.

Amy C
Went up for a fly ball in center field, came down in a hole, my femur and tibia hit together so hard i fractured my tibia several times, then hyper extended my knee, twisted it and tore a bunch of ligaments, and tore my acl all in 1 shot....

A driver fell asleep while driving on the freeway and hit me, which caused my car to roll down a hill, I broke 12 bones, ruptured a lung, internal bleeding, many stitches, and burns to my leg and side. I have completely healed now with minimal scars, but I now suffer with daily chronic pain.

I also had gallstones at 14 years old.

Gave birth naturally with absolutely no drugs twice.


They all hurt in very different ways so I cant really compare, but they where all very very painful!!!

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