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What should I do I'm in so much pain?
About 2 days ago, I was at my friends house for a swim because it is currently 40degrees here and really hot. And i did put on sunscreen before I went swimming, for about 2 hours, but I don't think it was enough. At the moment my skin has faded from bright red, which it was after i got home from the pool, to a pink colour, but my shoulders are bright pink and have lots of painful blisters, they aren't opened but they hurt so much. I have really pale skin and am usually extremely cautious when it comes to sun, but i don't know what happened I am sure i put sunscreen on. But I cant move my arms too much without crying in pain, and can't sleep because it hurts so much. i am in so much pain and have never been so sunburnt before,, what should i do???? :]
Additional Details
Oh and also, i live in Australia and it is the middle of summer at the moment. Also where i live has been going through a heat wave for about 2 weeks :]

watch a movie

Try the lotion. Also, might relieve pressure if you drain the blisters..that way it will heal faster.

marijuana has magical healing/pain relieving properties

Go to your nearest emergency room, You need something strong for the blisters!!

Stephanie F
It sounds like sun poisoning.
Cold water or ice compresses (towel) as needed

Aloe vera lotions have soothing effects

Tylenol or aspirin for pain

Corticosteroid creams (Betametasone 0.1%) can ease the pain, redness, and itching.

You should also see your doctor as he may be able to prescribe something else you may need.

bob t
lots of skin cream, any kind.

candy b
Try calamine lotion, aloe vera and ice baths or cold water baths. Look in the drugstore for something that says: "Relief of sunburn".
Ask someone who works there, they will help you!

Barb M
so sorry to hear this, i've been there. this is an old remedies that has worked for generations. dip a soft cloth in white vinegar, lay the cloth on the burned skin. the vinegar will cool and aid the healing, it is a natural antiseptic. And very important, drink as much water as you can, you must replace the fluids you have lost .

in addition to the suggestions you might try a spray or aloe with lidocane (sp?) in it. the lidocane numbs the skin a little and soothes the pain. the kind in the spray type can also comes out cold so it feels good going on. in the states there is a brand called solarcaine that has aloe in it too.

You have a really bad sunburn. Don't put aloe on it because you may be allergic, many people are. Pour a nice cool bath and poor in baking soda. It will take the sting out. Soak for awhile. After that, sooth on a lotion. Keep doing the baking soda bath and put on lotion for a few days. I'd love to know where you are. It's been so cold for so long where I am, being in a pool is a very distant, happy memory. I hope you feel better soon.

aloe vera. =) works wonders on sunburns.

First of all, is anyone else there with you? If they are, have them drive you down to the Hospital, just to make sure it's not too serious. They will give you pain medication and possibly steroids for your burns.

If there isn't, see if you have any aloe-lotion in the house. It will soothe the burn. If not (this being your first choice), try one of these:
1. use a cool compress soaked in half milk and half water. Just poor it in a bowl (probably 3 cups of each), and soak a soft washcloth in it. Make sure the water is cold. You might even put a few ice cubes in it.
2. Take a cold bath. But not an ice bath, and don't use scented bath soap, or any bath salts or oils.
3.Lastly, take some pain medication such as Alive or Ibuprofen or Aspirin.
Take care, and put on more sunscreen in the future. Here is your new magic word: Reapply! Good luck and God Bless.

If you have blisters and are in so much pain, you need to go to the emergency room. You could have some serious burns that need medication and possibly antibiotics so you don't get an infection.

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