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 Is it possibly to numb your taste buds so you could eat anything?
like something really sour or hot........

 i'm under so much stress?
i got tonnes of A level work to do and i can't keep up. i don't want to stress over it, but i don't know what to do.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!...

 Should i go see a doctor? or not? HELP?
I had tonsilitis last week, went to see my doctor on 1st October, had tablets til 6th october, then on 8th october i woke up with swollen tonsils again. i still have them now, but my throat doesnt ...

 If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs? What would be the signs?

 I've accidently taken too many Ibuprofen, will I be ok?
I have had the worst headache ever and have just finished a nightshift. In my pain and tiredness i have been swallowing Ibuprofen 400mgs thinking they were 200mg tabs. At 1 go I took 3, ie 1200mg ...

 HELP im really worried?
hi really hoping sumone can help me here.
My boyfriend is in agony with his belly he says that he cant move with out it being in pain.
He had a stomach infection before but all they done ...

 is surgery painful?
it freaks me out!

but i know i'll need surgery some time in my life!...

 What is strongest pain reliver?
Now folks, I've had painkillers and even a jab into the lower back what in your knowledge is the best way to allievate pain, herbal or otherwise? I'm not afraid of the muppets on here , ...

 I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?
It didn't use to seem to be that bad, I would go for days without taking anything. But now, I can't go a day without taking something.
I have a painful diesase and I do need the ...

 Best methods to use to get rid of a headache?
I have a headache right now, and my family used up all the advil (we didnt really have much to begin with) but anyway, do you guys have any other tricks that i could use?...

 Really bad headache for over a week now, any ideas?
Heya, I've had this really migran-ey headache now for about 8 or 9 days. It's nothing to do with my eyes as I've got glasses and wear them. I thought it might be due to stress as I'...

 Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
I'm a huge Micheal Jackson fan an all and I'm on medication myself. From what I understand is doctors only prescribe medication even pain killers if they believe your suffering. But Michael ...

 I just took 7000 mg...?
i took 4325 mg of tylenol this morning, and almost 7 hours later i took another 7 pills (500 mg each) which equals 7 825 mg.

what should i do ??...

 does it hurt to have your footranover?
Someone I know had their foot ranover by a car and claimed it didnt hurt, has any one had their foot ranover???? what did it feel like? (i bet it hurts)...

 What hurts more - giving blood or having a tooth taken out?

 what do IVs really do?
me and my best friend have been arguing about this for half an hour now.
what exactly do Iv's do?
when i got 4 teeth pulled they gave me a gas mask and also an IV (well the stuck a ...

 Any Good remedies to get up in the morning?
Okay, so no matter what time i go to sleep, and no matter how many hours of sleep i get, i always end up sleeping through 2 alarms!!! any ideas???...

 I have a migraine what should I do to stop the migraine?

 what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?

 i have this weird high pitch in my ears what is it ??????
please help me i am so scared its so annoying its not a click its like a high pitch in one of my ears and i need to know whats wrong with me i have had this for like a week or ...

Secret Agent
What is the worst physical feeling in your opinion?
I think nausea is. Nausea feels so awful. I'd rather feel pain.

dying ( being murdered)


Getting my *** dumped by an ugly girlfriend in public.

getting your nails ripped off then toes chopped offf OUCH!

Ben K
either being tickled
or running so fast that your legs feel like they're burning off, but still having to keep running

Good question; star you for the same.

Well, I have been a bit unlucky to have had experienced a few really painful physical feelings, and some that rank very bad would be (not necessarily in the same order):
[1] Tooth-ache
[2] Backache (of the spinal cord)
[3] Stomach-ache

Maybe, you're right -- nausea could be very awful as well!

toothache in my experience rather have a baby lol

dark angel
To me it is withdraw from drugs.That is the worse feeling in the world.

everyone's pain is different due to their personal threshold for pain. I think that a pain that is scary and gives you the element of the unknown is the worst.

Lonnie P
Seasickness. Its nausea on steroids!


A broken heart.

sea-sickness. Yuck.

ur cute
Yeah I'd rather have a migraine than severe nausea. Once, I had to wake up at 3:30 AM because of food poisoning and I was "I'm dying. Just kill me already" because my nausea was getting so severe. I threw up and everything.


I would have to rape :( being burned.

I've had all sots of pain in my life,physiscal,mental,and emotional. I even had a baby in labor for 22 hrs. without meds, and don't know how many female surgeries, but the most awful pain for me, was loosing my son when I was 7 months pregnant in 1994, he born dead and I had to carry him knowing that for 3 days. It was horrible!! I also had a mental breakdown in 2001, when my daddy passed away because I'm the only child, and I just couldn't handle it anymore, and I ended up having a total nervous beakdown. I was put in a mental hopsital for 2 weeks, I miss both him and my son terribly to this day.
I hope this helps. Jamie

A migraine.

Waking up in the hospital... hungover... with a fever... after being anesthetized for surgery... because I'd been run over by a car whilst being drunk at a campfire party... at first I was afraid I was gonna die... then I was afraid I wasn't going to...

Although, I hear heroin withdrawal is pretty bad.

Being eaten alive by squirrels.

I don't know, period pains are badd .. lol. x

Stomach cramps!

YOU have not had PAIN until you deliver a baby.

mourning. there's no cure for it. i'd rather be branded with hot pokers than feel that terrible loss again.

( :
being raped ) =

lana s
Where to start, stomach surgery were they cut those big muscles, heart surgery. heart attacks. where bone has been removed., I have done these I know!!!!!!

CHILD LABOR. When I was in labor with my son, I was just thinking oh my god, I would rather be a slave getting my back whipped right now. I wish I had a stomach ache. Anything!! I did it naturally. Not many people can handle it.

Piggy Kiss!
For a man it has to be having or passing a Kidney Stone.

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