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 what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?

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LB & Orina
What is strongest pain reliver?
Now folks, I've had painkillers and even a jab into the lower back what in your knowledge is the best way to allievate pain, herbal or otherwise? I'm not afraid of the muppets on here , and cannabis and other remedies are only taking the edge off, solutions please.
For further info I've been on cocodomal and wolfwerine of late.

Fentanyl. It is many, many times stronger than morphine and all the other little pills that people here have mentioned (oxy, hydrocodone, etc). Fentanyl is most often prescribed to terminal cancer patients. Because it is very strong, it is easy to get addicted or overdose.

It's illegal to take Fentanyl when you are not prescribed it. I just wanted to give you the information.

asprin!!!! lol :)

Ziggy Stardust
Death relieves all pain instantly, and I guarentee it will never, ever come back.

Fur ser.

hazel eyes
,have someone push a bolder on you, to put you out of your misery!! just tell them wait for when your not looking, so you don"t know then and there what hit you!!

Cocaine can always relieve the pain.

Have you tried a TENS machine?

Well you hit yourself till you pass out, works perfectly in all cases (till you wake up)

A natural painkiller released from the brain
Endorphins, released uncontrollably by the brain
Scientists recon its better than morphine


I would say Dihdrocodeine only doc can prescribe

norco is pretty stron so is oxycontin and tylenol 4 but vicadin is probably the strongest but these are all very hard to get prescriptions for. If you go to the hospital if they think it's bad enough they might give you morphine or if you're REALLY lucky delotid.

The strongest painkiller you can get is probably the fentanyl patch, but I doubt you will get anyone to prescribe it for you, as normally they are used for people with terminal cancer. Like all narcotics they are addictive and can be fatal in overdose.

I guess getting effective pain relief depends on the type of pain you have and the cause. Have you asked your GP to refer you to a pain management clinic? I'm not an expert on pain management but I'm sure a pain specialist would be able to help you if your pain is chronic and badly affecting your quality of life.

Morphine would be the best. You could try asking your doctor, (even call him out) there in a tablet form, they come in 10mg, 60mg, 100mg & 200mg very good for pain relief! Hope you feel better soon.

I'm on Morphine for lower back pain, which works well but you can't think strait at times.

well oxycodin is the strongest legal painkilling pharmaceutical, this is found only in very small quantities in the likes of oxycontin, and other common pain killers.
these can be abused by chewing, crushing and snorting, diluting and drinking, or liquidising and injecting. but that is not advisable, as they are as phycologically addictive as heroin or meth, as the have an equal /stronger effect when abused.....they are however not as physically addictive.
another common trend is the abuse of ritalin, as it is very easy to get hold of, this is abused just like painkillers, it may not be as strong as oxycodin, but it would distract you.

Morphine but you can only get it from the doc

Ive been taking tramadol - it seems to be working well! U can also take cocodomol whilst taking tramadol so this way u have 2strong pain killers working together to target pain, and it sounds to me that ur cannabis wasnt strong enuff!! Have sum proper strong smoke, tramadol and cocodomol, u shud be away wiv the fairies then, altho dont drive or operate machinery when on tramadol!! Good luck and hope u feel better soon! x

The worst pain I have experienced was when I fell from a ladder & tore the cruciate & medial ligaments in my right knee. I had Digesic,(dextropropoxyphene) which was marvellous. For normal pain paracetamol is best.



Df118 helps me, the morphine patches i had where of no use. I've recently had a facet block put in and though it's taken 4 weeks at last am getting 'some' relief. If it's the block you've had injected like me you may need more than one and more than once.
Have you tried a TENS? depending on what the problem is depends on whether this would work, it may be worth a shot though.
Good Luck


steph j
diamorphine for total relief

But this question aint even funny now..are you OK?
email me, I'm concerned x

There is various ways to 'relieve' pain.

a) A stronger brand of pain killers namely Co-Drymadol could be a gradual way of relieving pain

b) There is also the option of acupuncture which some people say that actually works but you have to consult a professional physician or acupuncturist in respect of this.

c) The other option is to consult a pharmacist as they may be able to recommend a concoction of ailments to treat any pains.

d) I doubt the efficacy of herbal or therapeutic medication as they have not been fully proven or have any success history. But you could always opt. for this option.

e) I do however recommend you seek consultation with a physio or physio-therapist as the pain may be created by a musco-skeletal damage rather than muscle damage.

All the options above may prove to be costly. But however I do recommend you seek medical consultation on this matter. I hope this helps

Get your @rse to the G.P.

Ask for dihydrocodeine or low dose morphine such as m.s.t which is a slow release morphine tablet . Analgesic patch such as fentanyl . They are slow release and last 3 days . Especially good for strong bone pain .

Tell him you have heard of all these things and need to try summat else cos the other stuff isn't working .

( the spellings are prob not right look it up before you go ! )

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