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♥ Emz ♥
What hurts more - giving blood or having a tooth taken out?

Keely H
sorry cant help have not had either, but have got ten new points xxxx

Simon L
I would think giving blood!

The hurt is not physical, its the thinking of it before!

Monica L
100% taken out a tooth but if you don't like needles you would say giving blood

I would of thought a tooth............Does giving blood hurt? I really, really hate needles but it's one thing i have always wanted to do but never been brave enough so far, one day i will. Well that was before you said it hurts!!!! Maybe i'll just get a donor card!

Adrian L
Donating blood is not pain at all... but if u cut yourself to let the blood out, **** sure its pain!
Tooth taken out by a dentist is fine, but try to imagine taking it out with a plier or wrench.Ouch.

I passed out the one and only time I gave blood,
but I had 3 wisdom teeth out and it was not all that bad.

I go with giving blood due to my reaction to it.

kelly s
having a tooth pulled is ten times worse

Tooth no question about it.

[email protected]
The tooth for sure!

umm haveing a tooth taken out the worst thing that will come from giving blood is that u might pass out

blood definetly! Once or 5 times pulled out a tooth by myself and dedn't feel a thing at all.

getting a tooth out :]
getting blood taken seems like it hurts but if you can see your vains then it not going to hurt that much because if the doctors cant see your vains then they have to find it with a needle :]

Odds are that the injection(s) they give you to 'deaden' the nerves that go to the tooth would be more painful than either the actual tooth extraction or giving blood.
The nerves that go to a tooth are anesthetized so that there shouldn't be real pain (only pressure and that sort of thing) when having a tooth extracted. Giving blood is not painful. ... But the injections they give you to anesthetize the nerves so that a tooth extraction can be done do hurt somewhat.

Definately having a tooth taken out.

i've never given blood but getting teeth pulled hurt A LOT. maybe they didn't numb it enough or something but it didn't work lol

I have had 14 teeth pulled and when numbed you don't feel a thing...also had blood taken....so I would have to say that having blood taken hurts more.

Giving blood.

Sunny S
giving blood

Tooth extractions are under local anaesthetic and dont hurt that much

Oh my goodness, tooth extraction times a million, that's why they give you anaesthetic!!

having a tooth taken out!!!!

Tooth taken out because of the nerves around it

I never had a tooth pulled. as for giving blood, it all depends on who is sticking you with the needle

I would assume having a tooth pulled. Takining blood isnt painfull really just the inisial poke...but getting a tooth pulled can remain soar and painful for some time after..thats why they have to knub or put you to sleep.

Tooth, giving blood doesnt hurt at all.

The tooth, once the local anesthesia wears off.
Giving blood shouldn't hurt after the initial needle stick.

When I was growing up in the 1960s, I had teeth extracted by my dad with pliers and nothing else. Just the way dentists used to do it before medical advances and novocaine.

Having a tooth extracted under some anesthetic may not hurt during the procedure, but it will afterward.

I've given blood many times and had numerous blood samples taken for diagnostic tests and it's no big deal. I'd take fifty of your needle sticks if you'd take someone digging around in the flesh of your mouth instead of mine.

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