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What do you think, please help this is urgent.?
I have been getting headache for these last couple of days. Pretty bad headaches. And i usually dont get a whole lot. Now i am and at first tylenol helped them but now it doesnt and i feel like pukeing and im kind of dizzy. What do you think it could be. Do you think i have a brain tumor?? I would tell my dad and go see a doctor but we dont have insurance and that kind of money. So what do you think it is?? please help.?

Lucas P
sounds like your pregnunt

Gary M
It should be nothing. Dont worry about just relax for the next couple of days and keep checking what the doctor says.

Jonathan T
doctors aint here so see a doctos good luck

you have the flu. Keep your feet warm, and your head cold. close your eyes and think about something happy. Ibuprofen helps.

could be a lot of things causing your headaches, maybe you just need glasses. but you won't know for sure unless you go to the hospital.

it depends, maybe you need glasses or you might be going through purbity(i think thats how you spell it) or stressing alot, and not getting enough rest try drinking alot of water and getting vitamins C and A! it might be one of them

Steven E
the first thing a do when i get a headache is drink water. that is almost always the problem. dehydration causes most headaches. just try drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day and keep yourself regularly hydrated. if your pee is yellow that is the easiest way to tell that you are dehydrated. 60% of people are dehydrated all of the time

Well it could just be migraines, they are just really bad headaches.
If tylenol or ibuprophen don't work, try taking Excedrin: migraine (not sure what its actually called, i just know that its excedrin), that helped me.

I don't think it's a brain tumor. Did you hit your head on something recently? It could be an impact related issue or simply some bad migraines. You need to go to the doctor, it shouldn't cost a lot and why the hell wouldn't you have insurance? Honestly

This sounds like migraine headache to me. If you are sensitive to light with them and also if they totally wipe you out and cause you to have no energy it's highly likely to be migraine.
However, I think it is important that you see a doctor to rule out any other problems that might be causing the migraine, ok? There are way worse things than doctor bills.

Jessica M
you should see if eating sugar foods/snaks/soda during times like that improves your condition if so see your dr., it just sounds to me like you have side effects to the tylenol , I use motrin it works for me! Good luck!

I would try some of the things suggested here. If the headaches are not a longstanding, chronic problem, it is unlikely that a doctor will even need to check imaging of your brain and will probably recommend these exact things. Your headaches do sound a lot like migraines. The likelihood of a tumor is low, and not worth exposing you to radiation when it's unnecessary.
If I had to pay out of pocket for a doctor's visit, I would not go with those symptoms. I would A.) not want to pay to have someone suggest to me what I'd already seen on Y!A and B.) would not be able to afford out-of-pocket a (most likely) unnecessary CT scan.

But if you have tried the suggestions here and failed, and the headaches continue, I would encourage you to go to the doctor. There are prescription meds for migraines that might help if this is a persistent problem. It's also possible a doctor WILL want to do imaging.
(I'd recommend going to a primary care doctor rather than an emergency department if you end up deciding to seek medical help for this. Whether you end up getting prescription medications or it becomes a persistent problem that in the future requires imaging, you will need to see someone who knows you and your history, and can help you manage your pain effectively. You can't get that in the ED.)

could be a migrane or maybe a sinus headache ... try a hot shower and see if that helps ... and put an ice pack on your forehead

Are you stressed out? That could cause it. I did clinicals this summer at a Dr.'s office and his girl came in and said she was having bad headaches. Well, when the Dr. looked in her nose, her nose was swollen in the inside. Come to find out, she was allergic to the perfume she was wearing which caused her sinuses to becomes swollen which prevented adequate oxygenation at night while she slept..which contributed to her headaches the next day. If there is any way that yall could borrow the money, please go see a Dr. to be on the safe side. I'm sure for your health , your Father will go the extra mile to get the money..Good Luck!

Go to mayoclinic.com, then symptom checker, it might help you figure it out.

I get headaches all the time and I know that they are either migraines or sinus headaches. I thought when I had a headache for 4 days that it was a migraine but it turned out to be a sinus headache. I had no other symptoms - no runny nose or sneezing. I was a little dizzy and felt that I was always on the verge of throwing up. Someone suggested to me that it might be sinus (when I pressed gently under the tops of my eyeballs under the skull, I had a wave of nausea and pain). I went and got some sinus medication (i use the 12 hour for the day time and the night time one for night). It still took it a day or so to go away but it did the trick. Good luck

maybe its a migraine or something?
have you gone through stress or anything?

Headache is one of those simptoms that is so common, most maladies would be accompanied by it. Even your doctor might have trouble figuring it out! It is absolutely impossible to diagnose using YA! It could be your period coming, migraine, bad cold, need new glasses, need to wear a hat outdoors, bumped your head against something,..... etc.

One thing for sure, chances that it is brain tumor are very very low.

First of all relax so you dont stress yourself out and have even more probs, and go see a Dr soon! Take care!

You really need to see a doctor. You can go to a clinic where they will base the charge on what your dad can afford. Don't jump to conclusions about a brain tumor...it could be many things from a simple headache that hangs on, to migraines, to blood pressure, or even diabetes. You won't know until you see a doctor and have some blood tests

It sounds kind of serious, but don't panic. It sounds like a case of very bad migraines, do you have a history of migraines in your family? If not and you are concerned, a visit to a doctor may be the best option. Have you tried other painkillers? Stronger, different ones? Try some, but make sure you read the instructions first about doses, etc. There is a herbal remedy "4Head", like a stick of lip balm but for your head, it's soothing and can be very effective. Good luck and feel better soon.

70% of the headaches are caused by not drinking enough water, Oprah Winfrey said on one of her shows. Do you drink at least 2 litres a day? All aerated drink (Coke etc) dehydrate too. So drink plain water to begin with.

its probably just a migraine due to stress.. it happens to me all the time.. just lay down and try to relax

Sabas Sanchez
you should go to the doctor... If you don't have insurance due to low income and if you are under the age of 24 (In California) you can apply for medical.. They will basically pay for everything...:-)

But you might have a bad flu or some migraines

I get headaches like this when I don't have caffeine. Did you recently stop drinking soda, or anything else with caffeine? Extra Strength Exedrin is the headache medicine from heaven!

sounds like migraine.

which is a much stronger form of headache leading to vomiting,dizzyness etc.. also with migraine when you look at brightlight or even day light can make it feel much worse.

Best thing to do, lie down & put something over your eyes to block out all light (such as a towel) after an hour it shold start to ease off, but go the docs & get it checked.

Let your dad be a dad and take care of the financial end of things - that's his job, not yours. Tell him about the headaches.

catcher in the rye
migraine. does it seem to feel worse in bright light? And with migraines you will throw up trust me. I fainted once. There are meds for this though. It's probably not that bad. And mine last sometimes for a week. hang in there!

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