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What do you take to get rid of a headache?

baby gurl..xx
some painkillers should work
if not here is 10 ways to cure a headache:
1. Maintain good posture and do some stretching. Poor posture while working can cause what are known as tension headaches. Staying in such a position for a very long time may cause the muscles of the neck and shoulders to tighten up. One way to get rid of this headache is to maintain a good posture while working. Every now and then or if you feel tension pains setting in, do some stretching to get rid of the headache before it gets worse.

2. Application of moist heat through a hot compress is also a good way to get rid of headaches. Get a towel and soak it in warm water and apply it on areas where you find pain and tension to rid your body of the discomfort.

3. In women, a common problem is headache that comes days before their period. This is usually felt as a pain directly behind the eyes. To get rid of this headache, women must eat foods that are rich in zinc, especially those that come from lean proteins such as lean meats.

4. Relax. The most common cause of headache is stress. Develop a healthy lifestyle which allows you to get enough sleep and rest. If you feel a huge headache coming in because of stress, get rid of this headache by taking a break from work and catching on some sleep.

5. Get a massage. Tension headaches, especially ones that come with pain that radiates through the neck and shoulders are extremely uncomfortable. A way to get of this headache is by getting some massage, especially on the scalp, neck and shoulder areas to release all the tension that have build up there.

6. Eat regularly. Do not skip meals because hunger and meal- skipping can also cause headaches. If you feel a headache about to start and you haven’t had anything to eat, take a break and grab a bite to prevent that headache from progressing further.

7. Drink lots of water. As much as possible, stick to the eight-glasses a day recommended amount of daily water intake. Water cools down the body and so when you feel a major headache, drink up to get rid of it.

8. Ice. Ice is known to be effective in relieving different types of pains, headaches included. So another option to get rid of your headache if to use ice. Lie down and have an ice pack placed on the areas where you feel pain and tension such as behind your neck, temples or forehead.

9. Kill the pain with pain killers. There are many over-the counter analgesics that are known to work for many forms of headaches. However, it is still best to consult a doctor first before choosing a pain reliever to get rid of your headache most especially if the problem persists for a very long time. It is best to work out with your doctor first what is truly causing the pain.

10. Watch what you eat. Some headaches are triggered by food. This is most especially true for migraine sufferers. So if you feel that your headache was prompted by something that you ate, stop eating that food and consult your doctor to determine whether this is truly the source of your headache.

Having a headache is an uncomfortable experience. It keeps you from performing your task and is counter-productive. Headaches have many causes and so to successfully get rid of that headache, it is best to try to figure out first what is causing it in the first place. Lifestyle still plays a major role in determining whether you headache problem is just temporary or will pester you for a very long time.

punch urself in the temples...

or get off the computer.

I use diversion therapy.

I drop a 5lb hammer on me foot.

how does that work?

Foot hurts more than me head. problem solved.

take a strong pain killer and go to bed and fall asleep

Not all headaches require medical attention,and most respond with simple (painkillers) such as paracetamol/acetaminophen or members of the NSAID class (such as aspirin/acetylsalicylic acid, diclofenac or ibuprofen

DarK SouL

Leanne O Connor
paracetemol if u have a realii bad one wet a cloth so its freezing cold aand put on ur head it helps to relieve the pain i suffer with migraines so i know lol also try and sleep it off so i wud say take a tab use the cloth and go to bed as computer screens and light dont help headaches good luck :)

Hedge Witch
I start trying some Forehead fist - that works most of the time - if that fails I resort to 2 strong Paracetamol.
Ibuprofen are pointless for headaches - that is not the type of pain it is designed to help with and I have never found Aspirin helps much.

some what dark room solfh music two Bair aspirin

excedrin migrane
it works really well
feel better <333
u can buy it at walgreens,wal mart etc....

One advil or Ibuprofen
or two tylonel

Tylenol is best

The Wanderer
I go for a long walk away from people that annoy me.

oh dear, hubbys got the same problem today..but hmmmm it depends....i dont get em much, but some perfumes shampoos and smoke in my hair etc etc can give me a head ache, so a shower first up can do wonders, espesially getting it all out of my hair, and just using a mild soap or something with no perfume in it

Firstly, always drink some water as a headache is a sign of dehydration (this excludes migraines which are not headaches).

Secondly, if required I would take two standard paracetamol. If the pain is excessive, I use a 400mg dose of Ibuprofen instead.

Headaches are also occasionally a side effect of tooth problems.

usually two paracetamols and a glass of water does the trick

i love the jonas brothers
You can get these gel pads which go across your forehead I find those work very very well!!!
or forehead is another option

Aqua Man ▀▄▀▄▀

Earvin Archibald
if u hit ur head a lot of times, the headache will go away, because hitting ur head scares away the bad germs in ur head

Prodigal Son
A few painkillers and plenty of rest, get well soon x

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