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What do you do to cure a headache?

I take Tylenol and take a nap with extra pillows, I feel so much better.

Perhaps the cause is more important than the cure. If they are recurring headaches......
I suffered from 3 migraines a week for 18 years. I had every test, and took horrible tablets prescribed by the neurologist, which gave me what I called "Migraine hangovers".
One friend suggested I stop eating anything made with white flour. Couldn't be that simple surely?
Stopped eating white bread, wheat pasta, donuts (darn) cakes etc.
Within a week.... no migraines. Amazing.
I think it's either the bleach or enzymes they use in white flour to make it super white and super fluffy, as I was tested for wheat allergies and am not coeliac.
Works for me.

John M
Headaches arise for all sorts of reasons, some of which can be eliminated such as changing the type of eye glasses you are using. Other reasons are not so easy to eliminate and so managing your potential for headache is the only strategy available. You can avoid or limit as much as possible the primary causes of headache such as eye strain or glare from the sun. Also, don't be in a hurry to take a pain killer every time you feel some discomfit. Try to ride it out and so limiting your intake of pharmaceuticals, so on those fewer occasions when the pain is pretty bad, a pain killer does work and works fast.

Mich A
an headache used to happen to me from stress. So usually I would go for a long walk and I would come back home and I would try to sleep it away.......I hope it works for you

Much pain is from muscles below is an example of what may help (based on headaches).
Begin with a couple swigs of molasses or a couple of bananas daily - magnesium (which regulates many things in the body) and potassium (a needed building block for muscles).
Drink at least 1/2 gallons of water per day. Running a body low on water is like running a car low on oil is the analogy the head of neurology at UCDavis told my husband about 10 years ago.

Now to the cause - muscles - your back, neck shoulders and head have tender spots. They are knots in the fibers of the muscles called trigger points. It makes the muscles tight which makes them press on nerves and other things causing the pain.

The cure - start with a professional massage, you will also want to go back over any place you can get to 6-12 times per session up to 6 times per day rubbing (or lightly scratching on your head) every where that is tender until the knots go away. The place where the skull connects to the spine press up under the edge of the skull (to get to those muscles).

For more information read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies. It teaches what to do and where the pain comes from.

a quick way to get rid of a headache is to take your thumb, and rub the roof of your mouth.

this is only a temporary solution, as the headache will come back, but not as strong, but this is a good thing to do if you are busy, or don't have any meds. lying around...

but, the best ways to PREVENT headaches would be to get enough sleep. and don't drink caffinated drinks...

I take some pain medication first, usually two Tylenol then I would jump into a hot shower. I find the hot water running on your head relaxes the muscles in your head which helps alot. After my shower I lay down for about 1-2 hours in a dark quiet room, and the pain usually subsides.

It depends on the cause of the headache. I suppose you get them regularly, and some tablets are not working as well now. Try some of these methods ... all work depending on why you have the headache.

1/ Drink water (the brain is 90% water and most people dring coffee or flavoured drinks ... but the brain needs water)

2/ DIET: keep a food journal for a month or util you have 3 headaches ... whichever comes first. Write down everything you consume (or even places visited) and see if there is a pattern to why you get the headache. Food dyes, sugars or substitiutes, alcohol ... they may effect you different from others. Otherwise, are some of the electrica equipement in areas you go to effecting your electrical impulses in the brain (eg: cell phones; microwaves; some monitors ...)

3/ THUMPING headache: the left and right sides of yourr brain have a pulse ... and if they beat at different times, they throw each side around. Find the pulse just above the eye-brow following the line up either side of your nose using index and middle finger of the same hand. Press hard enough to find the pulse for 20 to 40 secs. There is an almost inpercievable pulse in your fingertips that naturally allines the pulse in the brain.

4/ *REFLEXOLOGY: There are pressure points in the hands and feet that help massage other parts of the body. Where the bone of the index finger meets the bone of the thumb on both hands, press there (towards under the bone of the index)

5/ as a final suggestion before consulting a neurosurgeon ... do you need a larger hat size? Or are your plaites too tight?

* In Reflexology, there are nerves that leave the brain, go through the neck and down the arms. The nerves turn around in the hands and again after going down the legs, they turn at the feet. Then they pass through a specific part of the body before returning to the brain.
By massaging the feet and hands, that is like a massage to the parts of the body where those nerves pass (It is like if there is a blocked hose, the massage is like blowing through the hose to clear it)
Look up web sites for Reflexology feet and hand pressure point charts.

eat and sleep

If the question is this any body can have a headache.

long cold shower and a few hours sleep

Acupuncture massage, diet and meditation. Also taking time out every day and just chill.

When I have a headache myself I do the following because I don't really like using panadol or other pain relief medications

1. gently massage your face where the sinuses are located.
2. gently rubbing your ear lobes then pinching the bridge of your nose.

It's a natural reflex to rub your temples when you have a headache too. Don't eat anything when you have a headache either I find that when I do the pain gets worse, drink plenty of water.

My partner sometimes gets excruiating headaches so I do the same to them and it eases the headache. You might have to do either one of them continuously to feel any effect though.

Firstly i would drink a glass of water mix with 1 tab of aspirin and make my room up so it would be conducive for sleeping, dim or dark light needed.
Or ask any significance other to give you head massage.. press the fleshy part in between your thumb and your index finger, (this should help since this is the pressure point for headache)

Angela L
Sit somewhere quiet, lay comfortably if you wish, and focus on your breathing. As you breathe in imagine that it is calming blue, as you breathe out imagine it is painful red, So as you breathe you will be expelling all the painful red and filling your body up with calming blue. do this until you feel better. Then before standing take 3 big breaths in, big enough to inflate your tummy then out.....slowly, this will bring oxygen to your brain and give you clarity of mind. This should do the trick :)

Glama Girly
For headaches, I take paracetamol and if really severe, a cup of coffee as well. This usually clears it up within ten minutes.

aotea s
There's not alot one can do apart from taking a Asprin or Panadol.
Naturally if the pain persists you go to a Doctor.
Me I do the next best thing Meditate - take my mind off the pain by taking a nap (40winks).
Headaches are mostly self inflicted through worry and stress.
Take the time to release yourself from both and rest the mind.

Shareen W
I usually take paracetamol and sit in a dark room with no distractions my headache would be cured within 3-4 hours.

a home remedy - try chewing rosemary leaves - it works!!!!! and another thing I do is massage in between your thumb and first finger that works tooo

if it's a tension headache i so the deed with my partner, if it's a normal headache i use the pressure point as described before and if it's a migraine i usually have 2 nurofen plus and lock myself in my dark room and request that the kids be quiet, i lie in the dark with my eyes closed it may take a couple hours but it is usually gone within 4 - 5 hours.

Super Scorpio
Have some sleep. Don't play sport or have shower, they'll make it worse!

I lay very still in a very dark room if possible. Usually for me though its a trip to the er for something stronger as my migranes can go on for days and I cant afford to lie about that long.

Other than taking painkillers I rub some lavendar oil on my temples, it calms me down and distracts me from the pain.

If you haven't seen a neurologist, do so. Chances are your headaches do not have a serious source, but better safe than sorry. My husband died of a brain tumour.

I get an annual migraine. I lie in a dark room, with a wet face cloth on hand and also make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
I usually find it hard to go to sleep, but you do eventually succumb. Try not to open your eyes, cos that seems to make the pain worse for me.
Painkillers don't tend to have much of an effect on me. But Nurofen works the best for me.
And if you think the headache's from stress, try Bach's Rescue Remedy.

Audio Visual master
i suffer from migrane including vision loss,

i apply pressure to the two tendons that adjoin the base of my skull, massage temples and sinus (nasal area) it works

Take the required pain killers then go lie down somewhere dark with a cold washcloth over your eyes and forehead and your feet in a basin of warm/hot water. The feet in hot water makes the blood rush away from your head down to your feet, thus easing your headache. It actually works!

There is a pressure pooint - no really keep reading.

The pressure point is in line with your index - pointer finger, just follow it down to the base of your thumb. put pressure on the point with your thumb. you will know you've got the right place 'cause it will hurt a little. keep the pressure on for about ten seconds. good luck

Aussie mum
if it's sinus headache, take a cold and flu tablet (codeine as active ingredient) and I also use a nose spray to open the sinuses, on short term basis. Often that immediately relieves the pressure and eases the headache.
If it's a tension headache, try taking deep breaths and relaxing. Make a concious effort to relax your shoulders. Codeine or paracetamol and sleep are helpful if that doesn't work. Also try rubbing your temples with vicks vaporub... it works. But don't get it into your eyes!!
For Migraine too, plus total silence and darkness is required.
Always drink lots of water and ensure you eat regular meals, because dehydration or lack of food can cause severe headaches as well. At the start of one, I always drink a large glass of water, just to be sure.
Wear sunglasses when driving, sun glare causes headaches. Only sleep will get rid of those. Often turns into a migraine. I hate those..
And lastly, get your eyes checked. If you need glasses or your glasses are the wrong strength, you'll get pain too.

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