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 Sore Throat?!?!?
I'm having really bad pains in my throat especially when I swallow, it's been like this for 2-3 days now. The other thing that's weird is that i'm feeling so much pain in my hands,...

 does it hurt to get your braces taken off?
im getting mine off in five days and really want to know what to expect
thanks :)...

 Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Insecurities hurt, am I right? Especially when you already feel ugly yourself. You don't have to hurt more than you do by people talking about you and how ugly you are on Facebook. Why doesn'...

 Why don't my spacers hurt???
I got spacers yesterday and they really don't hurt. They hurt this morning when I woke up, but then the pain went away. Are they going to start hurting?...

 is it possible for me to get addicted to pain killers?
im 13 and i get very sick almost all the time with like migraines and heavy cramps on my cycle, and i do take Alot of pain killers am i kind-of addicted because i take about 4-6 pain killers a day ...

 What side is your appendix on?
i dont know if i pulled my lower right back or what?...

 Cure Headache?
it hurts ahh omg i just need something to get the pain ...

 When I wake up I'm virtually blind for an hour due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my eyes. Cause?
Not every day. It feels like pain at the surface but I don't see how its possible if there are no nerves....

 a bad headache and slurred speech?
I experienced this last night. a few other times I experienced sudden slurred speech. I am starting to worry. What is this?

note; I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs....

 Isn't vicadin supposed to stop all the pain?
I took one vicadin about an hour ago and my teeth still hurt! They hurt a little less than before but the pain is still going to keep me up. Why isn't the vicadin working? And what can I do for ...

 Hangover prevention/remedies 10 points?
Im planning on getting piss drunk at my buddies 16th tom. (ill be drinking beer if that makes any difference?). If anyone knows any ways to help prevent hangovers or ease them the mourning of, i ...

 I'm in pain! What's wrong with me?
I'm having the worst stomach pain ever and I don't know what it is. I can hardly breathe it hurts so bad! I've been popping tums like candy, but it's not working.


 For the past two days when swallowing it feels as though something is lodged in my throat (lump) or food?
there is no food, what can this be?...

 Is there any reason I get a headache the same time each day?
I am a student and I get a headache durning the last three class periods of each day. Approximate time- 1:30-3:00. I take ibuprofen but it does nothing....

 Side pain after throwing?
Sometimes when I throw a ball as hard as I can I get a pain either in my chest or in my side.Why is that?...

 Really Bad pain on neck!?
I woke up around 9 an hour or so later i got this sharp pain on the right side of my neck
it hurts soo bad i cant move my neck to the right, but i can move it to the left. And my head is tilted ...

 I am starting high school and need advice!!!! DD:?
okay, broad subject, right? well, basically i know the answer i just need a few opinions to help explain things to my father.
a friend of mine just gave me this really pretty, yellow bike. i ...

 What wrong with my foot?
im having very sharp pain in my Left foot... even as i sit.. Its sharp.. then every few minutes it gets an even sharper pain ( left foot only) & even tho the pain is there.... it hurts more as I ...

 what's wrong with me?
today i've been feeling rather weak and light headed.
i feel like i'm going to pass out any second.
thursday night i got wasted, but i'm not sure if that has ...

 Should I Go To The Doctor?
So, I have a sore throat, a slight fever, body aches, snotty nose and feel like my head is gonna pop, I have no cough, but I'm gagging up flem. When the flem comes up in big amounts there is ...

What could this be?! My doctor doesnt know!?
Ive had a painful ear, bottom jaw, head, neck and chin (all on the right hand side) for about 4 or 5 days now, and 2 days ago my top right gum just next to my teeth got a bit red and quite sore when i eat. The doctor checked my ears and my face and neck to see if i was in any pain (as it could be my sinuses) but as my face and neck didnt hurt when he touched them he said he cant see the problem and that i should go to the dentist. So ive booked an appointment at the dentist but before i go i want ideas on what it could be! Someone suggested wisdom teeth growing in but i dont feel anything coming through at all. And ive always had really good teeth, im nearly 21 and dont have any fillings or anything. Any ideas? Its really sore and very annoying!

I think it's just your jaw finishing growing. The same thing happens to me. I know how you feel. But it just might the very end of your jaw development. :)

does your jaw evey pop? Could be TMJ

swine flu u gonna die


Definately your teeth. Could be something stuck between your gum and tooth, or maybe you need a root canal?????????????????

blue eyed baby
You could have TMJ. Ask your dentist about it. It's basically locked jaw which will affect all of those areas you mentioned and cause them to be sore. Now for the redness and soreness in the mouth you could have an infection. I can't remember the name of it but I've had it once, it can spread. I would also ask your dentist about that, if not go to your doctor...

Claudia P
it could be you have some sort of infection or inflammation in the gums and because it is the same vein half your face will be affected

You already got good advice from your Dr. as all that sounds like an infection in your gums which is the Dentist's specialty( NO I am not a Dentist) I have had pain like that before so be sure to see that Dentist ASAP. Anti-Biotics should do the trick. Tell him to give you some Vicodin for the pain. You'll be a new girl.

Sounds like wisdom teeth. I know mine drive me crazy but I'm too chicken to get them removed. A simple xray done by the dentist can confirm this. Sometimes people can develp a painful disorder with similar symptoms called trigeminal neuralgia, which can be confused with dental issues. But it sounds like your problem is more acute, rather than something that's been ongoing.

Blue Haired Old Lady
I had a similar problem - it was a piece of popcorn hull crammed down in my gum next to a tooth. Maybe you have something lodged in your gum by a tooth.

Could be as simple as a pulled neck muscle, abcess, or indeed wisdom teeth (they can take years to come through, the annoying buggers).

sounds like an absess (sp?) tooth. at least I had the symptoms you are describing when I had one. What I did is rinse with 2 parts peroxide and one part water. let the peroxide sit on the side that has the pain. then when done doing this about 5-6 times make sure you rinse real good. you may even start to get an upset stomach. Watch the redness on your gums to make sure it does not get bigger. can turn pimple like. I went thru all the pain you are experiencing and was pleased to find out that all I had to do was buy a dollar bottle of peroxide and VOILA!

hope it helps.
p.s keep on your doctor! Even if my treatment seems to help. It is their job to find out exactly what is wrong with you! One way or another those appointments are paid for and you should get an answer from them!! If the treatment does work it would not hurt to call your dentist too....

Yeah those are definitely symptoms of a wisdom tooth growin ..Its very painful. .you are around the age when they should be comin in.....take ibuprofen or goody powders..it should help

Sounds like wisdom teeth to me.. you'll probably get medication for the swelling and then its gonna have to be pulled out

super herpes...

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