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What can i eat/drink to get rid of constipation?
I'm 19 and female and i suffer from bouts of constipation brought on by stress/anxiety.
I do take lactulose solution for it which works quickly at times but then it can also takes days to work, depending on me i guess.
I drink plenty of water, thats all i drink.
I can't take proper laxatives as in the tablets because they give me terrible stomach pains and make me throw up whilst they're working and then give me diarrhea.
The only thing that's easy on my bowels is the lactulose solution.
What foods can i take more off?
I know fibre is good, but what is fibre in? Pasta, cereals, wholemeal bread?
Is orange juice good? The proper stuff not the crappy add water bottles.
I feel so lethargic =/ Someone help.

usually milk or fruit juce does it for me

go to chemist and ask and drink heaps of water in the meantime

Jason T

Chad A
you could take exlax/preperation h but if you would rather go the natural way eat ALOT of fiber like for example: the fiber one cereal, activia yogourt or buy fiber flakes at the grocery store and put them in everything you eat. You could also make a fruit smoothie and sprinkle some fiber flakes in it.

john s

♥Queen of Hearts♥
take in lots of fibr like fruits vegetables whole grains pasta and bread. also ginger ale and exercising helps alot

Prunes, and or, prune juice are natures natural laxative.

Nan's cat Tigger
Eat some oranges, one every night before you go to bed should do it once you get things moving. Not orange juice, that doesn't have the fiber.
Beans like baked beans, kidney beans, northern beans, pork and beans have a LOT of fiber and should be eaten every day if you have constipation problems.

Instead of drinking orange juice eat an orange for more fiber...any fruit or beggie is better eaten that juiced...I eat a snack twice a day & usually an apple with peanut better is what I have & an apple is good for constipation....You night need to put a box on the floor & put your feet under it when you sit on the toilet.. our body is not shaped to sit on a toilet...so try putting your foot on a stool for about a week when you use the toilet to see if it helps.

Anything with "whole wheat" near the top of the ingredients list. And even though it sounds like an "old folk" solution, prunes and prune juice work wonders, and taste better than you may think..

Keri Carey
beer sweety. beer!

That Girl
Beans and brown rice
Fresh fruits and vegetables at least 5 per day
Plenty of whole grain cereals and breads.
Also brisk walking at least 30 minutes per day will help.

a high fiber salad with a olive oil based dressing.
do not strain
watermelon, cantelope.
shredded wheat
RAW vegetables.

fiber can be found in shredded wheat, and the foods listed above. I would recommend reading the back of everything you but or taking a fiber supplement.


I know the problem, I definately recommend prunes or prune juice is even better.

Drink about half a litre or 3/4 pint of prune juice over about 10 or 15 minutes. It will DEFINATELY move things in less than two hours.
No cramping or nausia, just certain relief.

Just remember that after about an hour you may get some gassy feelings, thats just the prune juice working. But don't be tempted to pass gas without sitting on the loo!

Prune juice may make things a little liquid so be prepered and don't stray far from a bathroom for a couple of hours after drinking it!, Trust me on that!

Good luck
Sally x


hecla 1
Prunes, prune juice, raisins

Julianne C
you should eat things like fruit and prunes.

Stay away from binders like rice, and bread.
And add more water to your diet

water, water, water. Raisin Bran.. etc. Pretty bland food. Get a suppository that they give to baby's (Fleet). Its not harsh and will allow you to be able to go. Then take a stool softner. You really should do a total body cleanse. It's not good to hold all those toxins inside. Go to Kroger & get a stool softener & suppository (Fleet). You will feel much better.

apple sauce, lots of water, apple juice. I would also take a fiber supplement also.
I would be worried about having a blockage or a impaction if the solutions you are taking are not working. Go have a checkup done with an GI specialist. They shouldn't be making you throw up.
I had a partial blockage and took the solution and the doctor told me if I threw it up to get the ER immediatly because that meant it was a complete blockage somewhere. After many bouts of this I had a colonoscopy done and found out I had diverticulosis causing this.

Good luck to you.

prunes work amazingly well if you are constipated...trust me on that one...

I use yogurt. Eat on a daily basis. Also, eat lots of fruit, like: watermelon, mangos, oranges, kiwis,etc. NOT apples or bananas.
Prunes come in flavors anymore-like lemon essence and so on. Yum!
My MIL (who used to take laxatives all the time) eats 4 prunes each night. It does the job!! Good luck!

apple juice will help a little

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