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What can i do for my headache....i have tried Motrin ...bubble bath .....dark room?
Nothing is helping >>>>>>

Alexa C
i know this kinda sounds wierd but my dad when he has a headache he gets a stuffed animal (that sings and dances or just moves alot or just anything that vibrates) and puts it on his head and he swears that works

but if it still dosent help and it's been over a day u really need to go to a doctor

You may want to take some Tylenol or an Aspirin. You also can try to take a nap, that helps sometimes.

Lucretia L
The other answers are good, so try them. Also allergies can trigger killer headaches, especially MSG. If this is a one time event, it will pass. Just lay down, relax, avoid caffeine. Lots of water is the best remedy. If this is a pattern, or frequent: migraines are a possibility, then see a doctor. It's probably just from stress, lack of sleep, or dehydration though.

maybe its a dehydration headache?
or sometimes i just sleep for an hour when i have a hugeee headache and it helps alot
or maybe advil/abuprophine (sp)

just lay down and take a nap. Did you eat? make sure you eat before you take a nap just in case your headache is from not eating.

I used to get headaches alot. I hate them. I can't stand them. The doctor said to put sugar in orange juice and drink it. Your sugar goes low when you have headaches. Try sleeping it helps me most of the time. Take a tylenol. Take like asprin, Ibuprofen , paracetamol (acetaminophen).
If you don't eat anything you start getting headaches too. So don't go a long time without food. It might be stress so don't stress too much either.
Hope I helped you out.

Gypsy Girl
Exercise will usually help a headache. Something aerobic that gets your heart pumping.

This sounds absurd but get an ice cube out of the freezer. Hold it in your hands for about 20 seconds. :) Trust me.

sorry drugs and alcohol are all i have to recommend and those in doses large enough to get the job done. tmm

Ms Confused
If you are having pressure in you sinus regions, (space between the corner of your eye and your nose) it could possible be a sinus headache. I would recommend, tylenol sinus. This helps me out tremendously.

If you are not having the sinus pressure you might just need to take an additional dose of thge Ibruprofen (motrin) just make sure you do not exceed 2000mg in a 24hour period.

Headaches are indications that something is wrong with your body.
Just try to lay down and go to sleep.

excedrin is amazing!! also, have someone massage your neck... if they have the magic touch, it should relieve some tension.

If unexplained headaches persist and don't go away with regular pain killers, then you should have your doctor looking into it. Maybe he would order a CT Scan of your head to see what's going on inside your brain or the membrane that covers it. There are many things that may be causing those headaches, migraine being one of the commonest.
Good luck!

First of all, if you smoke, stop. I used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day and I constantly had sinus headaches that imitated migraines. When I quit smoking, they disappeared.
Second, if you don't smoke, try this: drink water, plain water. Many times (and yes, it's happened to me!) you are dehydrated and a headache is indicative of that. It won't hurt you and it might make the pain go away!

dwarakanathan cr rama
---without knowing what is your problem you have wasted your time with alternative method--better to see your eye doctor for your vision problem which could headache--- in any case if your headahc is not due to eyeproblem you may have to see the ear nose and throat speciality doctor

Joyce R
sleep usually helps me. And staring at a computer screen is not going to help either. Also try to sit on the toilet and do a big one.. it can be the cause of your headache.

this is a Mexican remedy which works (at least in my family and friends) Get a peeled and clean onion in the refri and wait until it is really cold, then take it out and cut the outern leave, make 2 squares and put them on the temple (side of the head between the eye and the ear)

Mike M
not to sound like a perv>!! but you need a massage !!rub your temples!! and other parts it does work!! when my ex got headaches i would do that for her!!

I like it
listen to Mike M....he knows what he's doing......

I suggest my ruttin tuttin two ball solution beef injection.Fix you right up!

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