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Kala J
What are some good treatments for wrist pain? ?
My wrist has been hurting since Saturday and I didn't really complain until now. What can I do to make it stop hurting? Thanks.

Buy a muscle stimulator ($29.95 on Amazon.com)

go to the hospital

Ice. Ice. Ice. Ice it for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for a period of time, maybe 2-3 hours over the course of a couple of days, if the pain does not lessen at all, call your doctor

AH (:
id recomend you to go book an appointment just to be on the safe side if it doesnt get better
but right now you could but a bandage on it and avoid using it as much as possible so that it rests whilst the bandage is on it

hope it gets better soon (Y)


To ∞ N-Beyond

Have you been on the computer a lot? It might be carpel tunnel. I do soak my hands in dishwater (while doing dishes of course) and the pain stops. The other alternative is to use one of those annoying wrist bracelets. I refuse therefore I soak.

A cast that keeps your wrist totally still.

You can buy one of these wrists straps at your local department store.


Blue Haired Old Lady
Ice, and aspirin, aleve or ibuprophen.

Call round to doc, but it will go the same way as it came and you wont notice it

Hmm, i'd suggest visiting a doctor. if it's throbbing or a sharp sort of pain eitherway it's worth getting checked out.

Sarah S
There's this thing you can wear around your wrist if you have wrist pains you can probably get it at the over the counter medicine section at your pharmacy. And by the way I had the same problem and so did my dad it's beause you sleep on your wrist. Don't be concerned it happens all the time.

Mr. Bitter
When I had a girl friend,,, mine got better.


Michael M
Aleve , Icy Hot , and a brace.

Used fresh and simmered. Use the sticky paste to make a compress and attach it with an elastic bandage. Use every night. This will speed the healing of the fracture dramatically.
(some people use this for broken bones and dont get a cast either!)

you should be able to find it at plant or herb stores

ADVILL TYLONOLY AND ATHletic tape ask ur schools trainer or if ur not in school go to a doctor but if ur go to the trainer because its free

Lee K

johnny d
quit beatin the meat for a few days

Larry Snider
Dude I had the same problem, then I discovered it was because I would sleep on them. Try to remember that, ever since I stopped sleeping on them I have no more wrist pain

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