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 What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?

 How can I prevent a hangover ?
I drank a little to much last night :(. I have NEVER felt so sick in my life as this morning :(. This is my first hangover and I don't know what to do to feel better. I really enjoy drinking ...

 On a scale of 1 to 10, what kind of pain would you say is a 10?

 What's the best way to get rid of a headache without taking tablets?

 why do you get that ringing in your ear?
i know it's normal to get every once in a while, but i've been getting it like 4 times a day..:/ it's annoying. i've heard people say that when your ear rings, someone's ...

 I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
It's everywhere, and it really really hurts. I was out there for ay LEAST 5 hours, I didn't use sunblock, I know, stupid, but aloe isn't helping much. Does anyone have any ideas?

 What Is The Worst Pain You Can Suffer ?
I think the worst pain is when you freind family or pet is ill or dying or dies how about u ?...

 When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
or is it just me that has this very strange habit?...

 I want to get a tatoo but does it hurt?
I want to get a tatoo on my wrist, like a cross or under my stomach on my hip bone?

Were do you think its better to get it?
Were would it hurt less?...

 Bad Headache...help!?
Last night I got this really bad headache, it felt like a migraine, I went to bed thinking it would be gone this morning but it isn't. It really hurts, what do I do?...

 Was this inappropriate behavior for a Doctor ???
I had a stiff neck one morning that would not go away for a couple days, so I went to the University Hospital at my school to see a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).

He was very ...

 Bannanas in or out of the refridgerator?

 I have migraine every day and have to take pain killers... hould I go to the doc? I'm 14 by the way...?
I have to take pain killers... should I go to the doc? I'm 14 by the way... I was just wondering f i should tell my mum or not... I get them all the time and I don't wanna complain but it�...

 Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?
Arm? Or get rid of this deadly fear. Last time they tried to inject something i was screaming like hell and im pretty sure the whole hospital could hear me. They always inject stuff realllly hard I DO...

 i am in soo much pain! should i go to the hospital!?
my heart hurts soo bad like i pulled a muscle and i feel like vomiting little sharppains keep coming back and my whole chest thumps sometimes my heart rate feels alright but i don't know ! shold ...

 I have a splitting headache, the chills, and I just vomited. What's wrong with me?

 help I'm in pain?
ive really hurt my foot ive been to the hospital and they told me its not broken fair enough but does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of pain
my foot is badly bruised and swolen any ...

 I know I should go to the Doctor, but right now finances are low, can someone help me?
I have had a bad pain in my neck for about 5 years now. I am only 18, and can't figure out why I have this pain/ Im too young for this! lol
But, I have a terrible pain in my neck and ...

 I can't sleep because my toes are to cold! help me!?
My toes are too cold at night, need help to warm them up!...

 Have you ever been in excruciating pain before,...?
like the worst that can be felt being burned or scolded. I have, I felt so much pain I wanted to throw up but couldn't (it was for a short time, though). How did you experience it? Do you think ...

carnival queen
What's the worst pain you have experienced?

Additional Details
Wow - I've never received so many answers so quickly. Everyone LOVES talking about their pain. Keep em coming.

Dentist H since 2001

mummy of one gorgeous boy
waking up from brain surgery and having 41stitches in my head
and the child birth wasnt the worst pain av experienced but having to get internal and external stitches after that was sore as

[email protected]
Kidney pain that was excruciating.

Child birth and like someone else said the stitches afterwards when they don't even give you the gas and air.

And IBS pains which must have reached 7 cm dilated easily but without the understanding and pain relief associated with labour.

having my heart broken..no seriously i chopped my big toe off,and when i went to hospital they including my dad held me down and stuck the biggest needle you could imagine right in to the open wound that was painfull..

induced labor
I couldn't stop screaming

severed a digit on my left hand....jesus it was sore...sewed it back on but it still gives pain.had to pick it up of floor n carry it in pocket to hospital

Broke my neck in a car accident with a drunk driver

when i pulled my hamstring....

Don't ask, I'm confused
Kidney Stones - but before that finding out that there was no Father Chrismas and Tooth Fairy

labor pains

Giving birth.

Nick L
when, as a child, i found out that one day i will die

kidney stones

Cramp along my shin.

Cutting glass out of the sole of my foot with scissors mmmm

nana .know it all
labour followed by toothache

Testicular torsion. Believe me, it is NO fun.

Broke my pelvic bone in 2 places. Ouch!

Appendicitis. I was shouting "just cut me open..."

Lonnie C

removing money from may wallet today!

Hot Pink - yummy mummy to be
im sure it will be when i go into labour, but up until now its when i had a massive tooth infection that spread and could have killed me! the pain was immense and i just remember sobbing and sobbing continously. not nice : (

A stuck kidney stone ------- had to have emergency surgery to remove it.

when I fractured my wrist and it came out of the skin. Not only did my wrist hurt like he** but I threw up and the cut hurt like hell. AND my face was bleeding!

catching my nethers in the zip of my trousers and having to remove it, and there is only one way of doing that! bought tears to my eyes

toothache. i was awake all wednesday night in a cold sweat with pain. it was that bad.

David M
I had the misfortune of passing TWO large kidney stones in a 48 hour period last month. It was horrible.

Having a disk come out of my spine.

after i woke from having my tube and ovary removed because of an ectopic pregnancy, now that was pain, much worst than labour x

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