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Da Chairman
What's better for a headache, acetaminophen or ibuprofen?
What works better?

I take one of each and some caffeine with it (coffee or coke) it works much quicker and that is what they put in migraine tablets. I guess it is just really a matter of personal preference

i've only had ibuprofen to my knowledge

For me, ibuprofen works better. But you may not have the same experience with it. We're all a little different.

Oh, and I have seen some reports that acetaminophen is a bit harder on the liver.

Shauna C
You can google each and find that acetaminophen is for pain and ibuprofen is more for inflammation. But the sites I looked at said that they both, if not used properly, could result in GI problems and liver problems.

It is really up to you on which you want to take. But they strongly advise that you not combine the both of them.

Nicole S
When I have a really bad headache, I take two Tylenol Rapid Release and within ten minutes or so, my headache is either gone completely or eased considerably. Advil (ibuprofen) seems to work better for muscle aches for me than Tylenol does, although the Tylenol helps if I run out of Advil.

If your headaches are really severe or somehow unusual, you should definitely see your doctor, who may prescribe something stronger, like Imitrex, which is for migraines.

acetaminophen.............i use that for headaches and ibeprofun or muscle aches


Miss B
motrin, motrin 800 even better (ibu)

When I have a headache I'll take four 200mg ibuprofen. Acetaminophen never works for me.
I've found the ibuprofen works better on most pain rather than acetaminophen. It may be different for you though :o)


Mrs J
I like acetaminophen for headaches and ibuprofen for muscle aches. Hope you feel better!

Joe P
Acetaminophen damage your liver
take Ibuprofen only

Ibuprofen. If you drink and take Tylenol, you can cause liver damage. There has been several law suits involving this situation. Make sure you have something in your stomach if you use any pain medication.
Have a great day.
God Bless

Some people respond better to one than the other, but there is no "right" answer to this question.

Jane S
acetiminophen. ibuprofen works better on inflammation.

Excedrin Headache.

Luc S
I use both at once...seems to do the trick most times.

Just be sure not to over-medicate, that can bring on a whopper of a headache!

Just for your info, since others here keep warning you that acetaminophen can damage your liver, ibuprofen can damage your kidneys, and can also cause bleeding in your stomach if you take too much of it.

My personal preference for headaches is 4 ibuprofen combined with 1 Excedrin Migraine. That always seems to do the trick. I will also take 6 baby aspirin sometimes if the ibuprofen/excedrin don't work.

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