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 Helppppppp!!! My moms HEADACHES!!!??
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I just want tips. :]

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 HUGE HEADACHE, don't know what it means.?
i don't really know what is going on. but i have had this headache 4 2 weeks maybe longer, but it is really painful in my temples and around the back of my head and neck, the strongest pain ...

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i meant jog not ...

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 Whats a good cure for a headache?
I've been getting the same headache for about 2 weeks now. There is a lot of tension in my neck and upper back. Also, on the sides of my nose (sinus area) and temples. I hate taking medication ...

 Most excrutiating pain you have ever been through?
Physical and/or emotional :)

I'm still just 13 so probablt have loads to come but the most physical for me would probably be when i bent one of the two bones in my wrist inwards.

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the right side of my jaw is hurting really bad i can open my mouth but it really hurts and i cant open it wide so is it sprained or what might of happened to it btw its been about 4 months since my ...

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could u break ur leg by twisting it urself ? or if not

give me some other ways plz
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well i really and truely just want to know
if you can break your ...

 I have a horrible headache, any suggestions?
I took some medicine already, its been about 40 minutes and there is no progress. what do i do when the headache wont go away with medicine. please help. it hurts worse when i get up and move around ...

Lacrosse Lover
Weird, my throat hurts?
Okay, first off, I had a cough. (hehe that rhymes) . Currently my throat is sore, like scratchy but not a dry feeling. Is there any strep going around or some sore throat thing?

i just got done with strep u should probably see a doctor

Taylor G
when u cough it makes your throat hurt badly the way to stop it is to drink a lot of cold water and eat hot soup sometimes going from cold to hot and from hot to cold it helps your throat feel better and maybe take NyQuil and day niquil it really helps and if that doesnt help try chloraseptic. hope i could help ill pray for you!!!

Ashley R

you have strep throat

uhmmm i think its just the weather itll blow over sooner than you think
trust me.

Ryan B
It could be strep, or just a sore throat. Try gargling salt water, but if that doesn't help then go to a doctor.

Deborah lianne V
ya something is going round i had it last week it will go by

Strep going around or sore throat thing? Strep or a sore-throat thing, simply doesn't go around, you can get it any day of the year. If you think you are sick, then you should see a doctor.

Tinker Bell
strep throat is always around.

Go see your doctor

That's what she said!!!!!

Random 22
get some salt and hot water but not too hot. gargle it.

Sand Man
No not really.

for temporary reliever gargle warm salt water. its pretty gross but it works. maybe do that 2-3 times a day and if its not any better see a doctor monday.

Xocheerchicxo i
O to badddd. that sux

strep throat

it's gonorrhea

OMG!!!!! U....MAY.....HAVE.....A.....COLD!!!!!!..… just take some robitusim

Critical Mass
Hard to say, considering nobody knows what part of the world you are in.

Take a Halls and a cup of tea.

use webMD...they have a self diagnostic thingy!

Mike P
You are getting a sore throat. Rest. Water. Talk less. Get some meds. Miss a little school.

Thing2 ☮
id say you may have strep..go see a doc

umm....how would we know if anything is going around?? we probs dont live in the same town/city as you.....smart S*h*i*t

maybe you should see a doctor

strep throat

Not sure but try pure lemoms.

It sounds like you've catched a cold. Sore throat, cough, normal symptoms. So, mix some hot water, lemon juice, and honey, altogether, to soothe it.

But, if you don't think it is, check with your gp.

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