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 is it possible for me to get addicted to pain killers?
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note; I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs....

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 Can't hear out of my right ear ?
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 Reduce headache naturally?
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Super S
Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
So I plan on getting my tongue pierced in a couple of weeks. I was so excited and I watched tons of videos on it, it seems to not hurt that much so I'm not scared of the pain I may go through. But I was researching it a little bit more right now, and I read that it can be deadly.
People have to do surgery because it somehow links up to your brain and if the wrong nerve is hit then you can die.
I also heard that your teeth begin to chip, and your gum line begins to receed.
So my question is, what do you think I should do? I really want it because I feel that it looks so awesome, but I don't want to risk my life for it.
Please help. Thanks in advance!


Boys go off you.

don't do it
my father is a really good dentist
and whenever someone comes to him with a tongue piercing
he has to remove it because the ring is usually infected
and yes you could die because the tong it incredibly sensitive and if you hit the wrong nerve the brain will collapse

if you want... those fake tongue rings are always good
because you can take them off whenever you want
and no long term damage

Ummm, there are infection, and pain while eating. Yes, it can be deadly, and some people have died from it, but if you really want it, there is not that big of a risk of you doing it.

Rock S
Don't do it it looks gross to me. :)

~~heavenly sent by god~~
mhm....you have a small and seriouse problem here!!
well i know that your tongue can get swollen and infected!!
but i never heard of anything you wrote!!
if you want it you should go and get it
its probably a one in a billion chance that ANYTHING will happen to you!! a lot of people get it and you probably aren't that one from the billion!! I'm sure you can't really die!!

Morgan F
lol it will NOT kill you lol thats almost impossible, the worst that could possibly happen is that it would get infected and your tongue would swell over the earring and they would have to surgicly remove it.

help me?

your toungue will fall off and you shall die.

I had my tongue pierced for several years, and I ended up losing my front teeth because of it.

I now wear a partial denture because of it.

Is it worth it?

Stardust - expecting baby no.3!!
yes ur gum line starts to recede, worst that can happen is it will go septic and u will have a very swollen tongue for a long time!

U cant eat anything spicy for the first 6 weeks and u have to take it out to clean it every night!!

Skarin S
bacteria can enter the piercing and go yo your heart and kill you, and it will chip your teeth

I have mine pierced and it was great. Barely hurt and didnt need tot ake any pain killers for it. I have a high pain threshold though i think cos i never need painkillers for piercings. The tongue can be dangerous because it is a muscle and you have two pretty important veins underneath your tongue. You should have one on either side of the middle and if they are two close together it can be dangerous. Mine are pretty far apart though. Also depends on your age? Older the better really because your tongue has stopped growing and chances are those veins wont become any closer. I couldnt eat for a week properly either so that was tough! I did have a friend who had to have hers removed at the hospita because it got infected and swelled too much so after care is vital!!

The back of your bottom teeth.. the front ones the gum line will receid.

Also I had a friend in HS that broke one of her two front teeth in half cause she bit down on it

I am glad that you are coming to your sense, there are too many negatives, infections, and all the ones you yourself listed. It is unnecessary , and very dengerous: we have a girl in the local store, it makes most of us sick to see it, and need I tell we just go somewhere else to shop. The numerous times I have read here on Q&A how to treat the infections, makes me think that you are a good girl for asking for help before the damage is done. Please do not risk your life for it.

it gets infected and you start to bleed plus it really is not cool to get a hole through your tongue it probably won't kill you but believe me it is not all you think it is.

Dude! I got my tongue pierced back in 05, I was 18. I wanted it since I was 12. I love it so much. I was nervous about the teeth chipping not too long ago and actually asked my dentist if they saw any damage from it and they said no, as long as you don't play with it in between your teeth all the time you should be fine. Plus they have plastic balls and barbells you can use instead of the metal ones. That's what I use. Just in-case. But getting it done wasn't bad at all. The first 2 days were bad because you can't eat good food and stuff. You're supposed to take advil or something for the first couple days to lessen swelling, I can only take tylenol and could swallow the pills anyways bc of the swelling. But that only last 3 days max. After that its super fun! I was gonna take it out a while back and I'm so glad I didn't I would have ended up paying another 40-50 bucks to get it re-done. And don't worry about dying. Go to a real Tattoo/ Piercing shop, they are trained and licensed and know what they are doing! Have fun!

I just read a bunch of the other answers and have to add...PEOPLE ARE MAD DUMB! Don't take anyones advice that doesn't have a tongue ring. And you don't take it out to clean it. You gargle listerine. The original kind which is gross...but you dilute it. It heals super quick, your tongue is one of the strongest muscles in your body. You will be fine! Jesus, people get it done every day. It's actually quite normal.

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