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 i think i'm addicted to pain killers? is this possible?
i take them every morning i wake as i always have a head ache and take them through the day when i feel it coming back. i get through packets a week! can you be addicted to them?
Additional D...

 Chest pain then left hand numbness?
I was kinda laying on my left arm, playing on the computer then I got up to go eat dinner but on the way, all of a sudden this wierd feeling in my neck, chest felt like a jolt of electricity shocked ...

 is it ok to cry?.....?
with tears an' all? when it seems like all hope has faded?...

 What's the best cure for a sore throat?

 How to get it to stop hurting?
I put my finger on like a motor, just for a second, and my finger hurts really bad now, no blood, it just feels like it is burning and I need to put it in cold water to get it to stop hurting.

 Does it hurt having your ears pierced?
I am 14 and thinking about having my earlobes pierced. I am really nervous about the pain though. I have had 4 operations and tonsils removed so I don't think it'll be as bad as that. But I ...

 Hurts when swallow?
ok so ive been sick since monday night and ive had a terrible cough and sore throat,, the sore throat went away on wednesday and still had the cough friday night when i swallow my ear hurt alot. now ...

 What do you do to soothe your toe when your toenail breaks off?

 What is the worst physical pain you've ever experienced?
I know this has been asked millions of times, but I am so interested in what people consider to be the worst pain they've ever experienced.... so, what's yours?

Mine was the ...

 What could cause center chest pain??
It is practically the middle of my rib cage, at the front of my body. It is just like a dull ache and I dont know what it is. Any help??...

 Stomach Pains? helppp?
whenever I poop, my lower left abdomin has this sharp pain.
what could it be? should i get medical help?...

 is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it

Additional Details
im crackin up now i lafd when a kid hit his head and and got a ...

 what is the least painful way to die?
just wondering....

 Teen experiencing sudden and painful chest pains?
I am a 19 year old female. From time-to-time I will just be going about my day and all of a sudden I am crippled with an intense pain in my chest (just below my left breast). It doesn't last ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
My lower right stomach hurts and my temp is 102.7 it has been like this for 2 days now what could it be and what should I ...

 i just burnt my hand with boiling water from a kettle?
it's red like sun burn, cold, but i feel it burning like mad ! whats the best way to treat it?

thanks for your help x
Additional Details
i have ice on it but it starting ...

 Does twisting the earring daily hurt? (scared)?
so i'm getting my earlobes pierced tomorrow >:o and i was wondering, since you have to twist your earrings around daily, if it is painful.

i'm also wondering how much it ...

 MIGRAINES!!!!!plz help me?
i have had migranes since i was 3 and i still have them almost 11 years later(i already had my period so i doubt theyre goin 2 go away) rite now i have a very severe migrane w/ huge sensitivity 2 ...

 should i call my doctor??
Hi, im 14 years old. I had a lumbar spinal fusion 8 weeks ago and recently I have been dizzy in the morning when I get out of bed. I also have seen black patches if I lay down to long and get up (I ...

 What's the best cure for sore nuts?
Please don't give me a violation - I'm genuinely in some discomfort !!...

The last time you were in hospital, was there a nutter in the next bed to you?
......that did blood curdling screams and howls and made all the nurses and everyone jump?
Additional Details
LOL Sid, that answer made me chuckle a bit.

no it didn't make me jump coz i was the one screaming

Hurts so good
Lol yeah there was. At about 3am he got up and wondered around the ward looking lost and mumbling to himself. Then he went to the toilet and came out shouting that he couldn't find his umbrella. He wasn't the most popular guy in the morning =]

Seraphina (sunshine)
No last time I went I was on the maternity ward on my own and they say theres a shortage of beds ????


I never have been luckily...

Lady Carole
4 beds in my ward
Lady 93 years old Lady in70`s
Lady 103 years old !! Me 49 yrs old
Nobody screamed or howled, except me when being moved to another bed, they pushed me on my new hip ! I screamed "my hip" but that was all.

no not in the next bed... i was the nutter ha ha.

Grey Mare
So that's where I've seen you before, you wily little bugger!!!

no but the rattling handcuffs were a bit of a worry

yes, haha, is there one in every hospital then?

Chloe. x
No :S

pink hearts3 ♥
Luckily, I have never had the pleasure of sleeping there, my visits have only been for a few hours in A&E.

Peter K
Yeah, there was a nutter. Should have been in a loony bin but there just isn't anywhere else to keep these guys these so they get dumped in hospital. Not what the NHS is supposed to be used for.

It wasn't exactly blood curdling but he did need the bed pan a lot.

Max Power says relax
Unfortunately I was the nutter next to everyone else on the ward

~ Sєvєภ ๏f Nเภє ~
Yes.. but she was giving birth at the time

Allowances can be made

Guardian angel
They sure did HAHAHA

Charles S
No. My neighbour was about 70 and he was really nice. I sincerely hope that he's made a good recovery from his knee replacement operation.

Answer Fairy
No.... but there was a girl in the next bed who had a pretty funny reaction to codeine. She was looped out of her mind. She was seeing pink monkeys under my bed. She laughed a lot. Her arms and head moved around like she couldn't control them. She kept giggling. It was amusing at first, but when it got irritating, I called a nurse in. The nurse just rolled her eyes and moved the chick in with a coma patient or something.

However, when I was in the emergency room, a guy came in with a mangled hand and he was screaming his head off. It didn't make anyone jump though. Once you saw his hand, you really couldn't blame him for screaming and crying.

The man next to my cousin was eating his bed sheets, he was retarded which was sad but it was funny at the time. They had to move his closer to the nurses station to keep and eye on him.

No, I go privately to avoid that.


lots of them,it was a mental hospital

I had an elderly lady who talked incessantly from the time her eyes opened till she shut them at night. She talked to Frank, and called him all night long. Bit sad, really, but it do get to you, after a couple of days

No there was a nutter next to him though.

Well I was on duty last night at the hospital and one patient kept rambling on about England winning the world cup? I guess that could equate to being a nutter!

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