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 doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
i have had weird numbness and tingling and pain in my left arm for 2 weeks,also my hand cramps up to complete uselessness about 10 times an hour ,it used to happen about 4 times a year up until two ...

 Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
my stomach/instentines hurt so bad I can't stand it. im extremely bloated to the point where the skin around my entire middle hurts from being stretched out. its so uncomfortable i cant sleep ...

 Cramps cures anyone?
Definitely the worst ones i had and i don't like taking meds. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =]...

 Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
So I plan on getting my tongue pierced in a couple of weeks. I was so excited and I watched tons of videos on it, it seems to not hurt that much so I'm not scared of the pain I may go through. B...

 how can i get rid of stomach ache?
here's the thing, my stomach hurts me almost everyday, and when i'm in school it starts hurting me almost everyday to the point that even my school nurse doesn't believe me anymore......

 What are the effects of snorting oxycodone?

Additional Details
It's not me doing it. I just want to know....

 15 years old and really scared !?
I have been having pain in my lower right adomen randomly. Not severe but randomly. Could this be my appendix or would it happen real quick because iv had this pain for a while. Or could it be me ...

 what is more more scary to you?
which do you think is more scary
going to the dentist and getting a cavity filled
going to the dentist and getting a tooth ...

 Whats the most painfull experience you have been through?
Dont think im wierd lol but whats the most painfull experience you have encountered either physical or emotionally.
Thank you ...

 my ears feel swollen?
I'm having that feeling when your on a plane and their pressure on your ears? This all started when I was using an ipod. After using it for 2 days it started to hurt, and now it feels swollen. ...

 Sore Throat?!?!?
I'm having really bad pains in my throat especially when I swallow, it's been like this for 2-3 days now. The other thing that's weird is that i'm feeling so much pain in my hands,...

 does it hurt to get your braces taken off?
im getting mine off in five days and really want to know what to expect
thanks :)...

 Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Insecurities hurt, am I right? Especially when you already feel ugly yourself. You don't have to hurt more than you do by people talking about you and how ugly you are on Facebook. Why doesn'...

 Why don't my spacers hurt???
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 is it possible for me to get addicted to pain killers?
im 13 and i get very sick almost all the time with like migraines and heavy cramps on my cycle, and i do take Alot of pain killers am i kind-of addicted because i take about 4-6 pain killers a day ...

 What side is your appendix on?
i dont know if i pulled my lower right back or what?...

 Cure Headache?
it hurts ahh omg i just need something to get the pain ...

 When I wake up I'm virtually blind for an hour due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my eyes. Cause?
Not every day. It feels like pain at the surface but I don't see how its possible if there are no nerves....

 a bad headache and slurred speech?
I experienced this last night. a few other times I experienced sudden slurred speech. I am starting to worry. What is this?

note; I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs....

 Isn't vicadin supposed to stop all the pain?
I took one vicadin about an hour ago and my teeth still hurt! They hurt a little less than before but the pain is still going to keep me up. Why isn't the vicadin working? And what can I do for ...

Stomach ache, what can I try?
Yesterday I started to have a stomach ache a little bit at work. It basically felt like I was starving and so hungry I was getting cramps. I got a headache too so I ordered some food at work, ate, took a tylenol and it numbed the pain some. Then at night it started to hurt worse to where I could hardly stand. I realized just being hungry wasn't the problem. Eventually I went to bed around midnight, to lay down and took a Tums. I drank a lot of water too. I woke up at 3am with extreme pain and my boyfriend tried to comfort but I was in the type of pain I couldn't be touched. I dragged my feet to work, and realized I got my period so I thought maybe that's why I was sick. I was hurting all day at work, (I am a server so I had to stand the whole time). I went home, took a Midol and then relaxed and I got up to carry my cat to the other room because my cats were fighting and standing up was unbearable. But the pains were not in the usual cramping area so I really don't think its because of my period anymore. I think maybe I got a bug or ate bad food or something. Any ideas how to cure a tummy ache? I have not thrown up. I do not have diarrhea. And I do not feel fatigued or nauseous. I can't really figure out what it is.

Any home remedies to try? Tea? warm water? How long should I wait before going to the docs. I seem fine when i'm sitting. My pain is below the ribs above my belly button. My sides do not hurt.

pepto bismo seems to be the wonder drug for any kind of stomach upset. but the fact that you have pain when you are standing our bothers me. does the pain come and go? are you fat and eat greecy food alot. since your name is pizza girl and you are a server, there is a good possibility that you eat lots of pizza. it may be your gall bladder that is acting up. if not, it could be your appendix. but the pain from appendix is on your lower right side.

Emily ッ
do u have appendicitis

pepto bismo or tums or you should just go to the doctor because i could turn into an infection but don't worry you will be ok =]

Try ginger ale. But don't drink the bottle all at once.

you should go to church and take the man a bottle of water tell him to make it into holly water and drink it and your stomach won't hurt any more i have tried it and my belly did not hurt any more it stopped hurting really fast so e-mail me if it worked here is my e-mail ok [email protected] ok bye

Rose W
If I were u I would go to the doctor and get checked up so they might have something that will help u

47 Milk Cow Blues
If Pepto doesn't work, then I always go for flat gingerale...

a person u dont know
hot cocoa
sleep under alot of blankets it might go away

Maggie M
Could be an ulcer. Are u under a lot of stress. Might just be cramps from your period as well. Give it a few days and if it doesn't go away go to the doctor. Try a hot water bottle and take some motrin

Your stomache is probably producing more acid then its suppose to be. Id go to the hospital and they will give you pills for it.

maalox pepto bismo and pepcid complete. anything from drugstores and if it gets worse start taking daily stomach pills.

Lilly W
Imodiium it worked for me the first tablet lolz

Those are the meds that normally work, otherwise peptmo bismo.

I would go to a doctor if it does not get better in a day!
Hope you feel better :)

Angel with a broken wing
Eat a salad a bowl of soup and some 7up. Trust me you will feel better.

Mum Mum
Ask your doctor!

I <3 the Holidays
First off honey, severe pain always needs to be addressed immediately by a doctor of some sort, even if that means calling the doc on call at your drs office or going to the ER.

For me, whenever I have upper abdominal pain I take advil and some zantac but if it ever became severe, I'd be on the phone with my doctor...

If it's better when you're sitting up...try propping up your pillows if the pain has gone down to a lower level.

Please take care of yourself sweets!!

This is an awesome source of info too http://www.freemd.com/
(if you type in upper abdominal pain and click Virtual Doctor, he'll guide you)

take a nice warm bath, have some hot tea, lay in bed and relax...maybe have your bf give you a nice massage haha. Get a heating pad.. You'll be okay. I've felt like that before.. If it continues then go to the doctor.

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