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Started experiencing shin pains recently...need tips and advice to get past the pain.?
I am a beginner runner and started training for a 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago. My training schedule is 2-3 miles 3 times a week, and one day on the weekend running one more mile than the previous weekend. I am on track to tun 4 miles this Saturday, but have started to experience serious shin pains the last two days that I've ran. What can I do to work past this and still remain on track to run the 1/2 marathon in February? Thanks all!

Sarah Khori - Free Palestine

take an advil, ice, then heat, and put a brace around it

I dont run marathons or even half matrathons, but i still get shin pains when i run 2-3 miles as well. It just growth or strain. I recomend heat and ice on and off. It helps after a while. Or you may want to eat a little more. Another thing is you may be overworking yourself and need to slow it down a bit more.

dont push your self hard.instead of 3 mile 3 time a week,do 2 mile per day

Austin B
take pain killer or see a doctor

that is called SHIN SPLINTS
go to a doctor

Samantha R
have some one rub your legs really hard to break up the lactic acid. if that doesnt work then try switching your running shoes, if that doesnt work, take 10 min off your runing excersise until it goes away.

if none of this works then try using some low strengh pain killers.

other than that i would grit and bare it for the marathon.

GOOD LUCK and i hope you feel better

ice it then put a heating pad on it. do that every 30 min

probably shin splints. I am also a beginning runner and i get them really bad. the only thing that seems to work is doubling your socks while your running, stretching, and icing you shins after your workout. they are still there, but it helps. if i don't do those things i can hardly walk after my workout.

its called shin splints. your muscle is actually tearing away from the shin bone. it is one of the most common conditions a runner gets, actually more than 80% of runners get it the beginning. stretch the shin muscle often, ice it for 15 minutes then take it off for 20 minutes. do this often and then after about three days use heat. but its just something you will have to deal with if you want to stay on track. just run through the pain. (next to come is tendinitis, most things that come with running just require icing and pushing through the pain) good luck =)

Stretch. Extensively. You're probably getting shin splints. Also, make sure you're properly hydrated. I got these a couple of years ago and I got this advice from one of my professors.

Take some time off, first of all. A few days at least. Use ice and rest.

Try to find a softer surface to train on. Gravel track instead of pavement, etc. (Rubber tracks are great!)

Massage therapy to increase circulation and strech out the muscles and tendons would help too.

Good luck with your half marathon! I have ran 1 half and 2 full marathons. quite a rewarding experience!

For anterior(front of shin) compartment syndrome, pain will usually subside as the muscles gradually accustom themselves to the vigorous exercise. Complete rest is probably not necessary.

For posterior tibial and tibial periostitis shin splints, the healing process usually takes a week of rest with ice treatment for 20 minutes twice a day. Over-the-counter pain medications will also help. Do not resume running for another 2 to 4 weeks.

Wrap your legs with an elastic (ace) bandage especially when you run.
You need calcium and/or vitamin E.
As a matter of fact, you probably just need a good multi-vitamin.

I think it may be overuse of your legs, or you may be growing so much your legs hurt...that's what happens to me. But there's really nothing you should see a doctor about, just take it easy.

diane x
i have had shin splints a few times. Each time it's because i did to much to soon. When you do get them you need to really cut back on the running. if you don't rest shin splints they can turn into fractures!

Loves it.
You have shin splints. Ice before for 15 minutes and after for 15 minutes each and every time you run. Also, if you go shopping or walk around the mall, do the same thing. Anytime you experience excessive leg-use, you should do this. Before bed, rub some Icy Hot or Bengay on your shins and keep them warm. Good luck!

Fred S
Your symptoms sound like shin splints, a painful condition in the shin involving inflammation that occurs either in the front or inside section of the shin bone. In many cases shin splints can result from intense physical activity such as running or jumping, and is a condition that can often take a long time to heal.

The symptoms for shin splints include tightness and/or tenderness around the shin, especially after running or walking for long distances. Shin splints are generally caused by excessive stretching of muscles and tendons along the shin bones (tibia and fibula). Overuse of these muscles by athletes and runners is the most common factor.

Excessive pronation of the feet can also be a major contributing factor. Over-pronation leads to internal tibial rotation and increases the tractional forces upon the muscles and ligaments in the lower leg.

In the short term, rest is required to help alleviate shin pain; running and other strenuous activities should be avoided until the condition is minimized. Shin Splints can frequently be prevented by warming up before intense physical activity.

Using appropriate footwear is also a good way to prevent and reduce the effect of shin splints, especially for runners who strike heavily with the heel. Running shoes with proper rear foot stability are important. Orthotic insoles are useful in that they help prevent over-pronation and provide heel cushioning to reduce impact while providing heel stability.

Please refer to link below for more information.

mary s
i am a huge runner and if you have huge bad pain then go to your doctor it might shin splints

it's shin splints... what you can do is sit on the ground with your legs bent up... like if you would pull you knees to your stomache... then bring your feet (exept the heel) off the ground and back down with both feet... keep doing this fast untill it hurts to much

Shin splints, get new shoes that fit you better and have more arch support. And rest

Eoin D
Shin splints. Caused by repetetive stress to the lower limbs. Runners commonly suffer from it. Only cure is rest. Won't go away otherwise. If you rest up for even a week you should feel an improvement. But you will have to stop all training to allow recovery. Make sure your running shoes are comfortable and suitable for the surfaces you are running on.

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