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 Im in so much pain!?
I have a 24 hour stomach bug or the stomach flu.......I got it from my Boyfriend. I literally Can't hold a single thing down, not even pepto bismol and water!

It all comes out within ...

 should i go to hospital?
i have an unbearable ear ache that's so bad i cant lie down or even think about anything else, it started at about 5 and has been bad for a few hours. I called NHS direct and spoke to a nurse ...

 Knee pain, please help!!!!!!!?
I have torn legiments in my knees, been seeing doc, physical therpy and orotho docs. I felt something tear 2 days ago as I was walking up steps, now knee cap shifts and something underneath is *loose*...

 Please help me....I am in pain?
this morning I tried to reach my alarm to off it...and there..the muscle of my neck pulled...(right)..god it pains like HELL...i cant turn to right...this afternoon bymistake I turned sudenly to ...

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 Am I okay to do this?
Hello everyone,

Before I start with my question, I understand that it is likely to lead to a lot of off-topic answers; so please just be content with the small amount of background ...

 My mattress hurts my back, we don't have enough money for a new one right now, what can I do until then?
My mattress is extremely comfortable but it hurts my back. I'll wake up with a sore neck and back, barely able to move until I take some ibuprofen. Lately I've been sleeping on my floor and ...

 Could snorting Pain killers be bad?
I have no clue why we were doing it but
well like my friend dani and i got bored and crushed a Neproxem Sodium(spell?) like cocaine and snorted it we didnt snort alot cause it hurt but we both ...

 which pain killers are best??
i did a pain killer stronger then panadol (sorry about spelling)
its the time of the month, and I'm in soo much pain i cant sit till, its so painful.
does anyone know a good pain ...

 can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
blue vain and it kinda hurts.. its only on one side and i would like to know what it is. i was constipated and i have been straining to go sat on the loo for ages at a time. would this have anything ...

 HELP! i got burned by a hot glue gun!!! AAAKKKK!!!!?
LOL I have an aloe plant in my kitchenbut no burn medicen any advice???...

 when I travel by air, sometimes my ear pains like anything?
what do to in times like that???...

 Should i get a belly button ring if i play bball?
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 whats the most pain phisical pain you have ever felt?
the most painful physical pain i have ever felt was when i went to the orthodontics like 2 years ago and they had to do something to my teeth but first they had to make my mouth numb so they took 3-4 ...

 What could this be?! My doctor doesnt know!?
Ive had a painful ear, bottom jaw, head, neck and chin (all on the right hand side) for about 4 or 5 days now, and 2 days ago my top right gum just next to my teeth got a bit red and quite sore when ...

 doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
i have had weird numbness and tingling and pain in my left arm for 2 weeks,also my hand cramps up to complete uselessness about 10 times an hour ,it used to happen about 4 times a year up until two ...

 Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
my stomach/instentines hurt so bad I can't stand it. im extremely bloated to the point where the skin around my entire middle hurts from being stretched out. its so uncomfortable i cant sleep ...

 Cramps cures anyone?
Definitely the worst ones i had and i don't like taking meds. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =]...

 Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
So I plan on getting my tongue pierced in a couple of weeks. I was so excited and I watched tons of videos on it, it seems to not hurt that much so I'm not scared of the pain I may go through. B...

Beefy Hotty
Sore bum crack help please?
its permanently sore. I asked this question a while ago and most people told me to let the air get to it but walking around with my bum out, permanently pulling my cheeks apart isn't really a good idea.

any advice?

ahhhh... the sensation of fisting

nonya b
some antibacterial cream and dont sit..

I ♥ Purple
I had this once..I wore cotton underwear and put Savlon cream on the sore area.

It soon cleared up.

It does hurt too,....lol at the walking round with ar5e cheeks apart comment!

It's most likely due to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria. Try to talc it often, to dry it thoroughly, and to prevent more soreness from friction go out and get yourself some Sudocrem and smother it on the sore parts, it'll give you some relief if you apply regularly and before you go out walking etc.

Mrs G
Go to IKEA and get a red tube of hand cream.... apply on your bottom - and it should clear it up..

Go to your doc and get it sorted.

Put some cream mixed with fruits...crack eh?Should be due to dryness i think but anyway even if it is not,fruit mixture helps a lot because they are damp and have vitamins.U can put it without the cream.But err don blame me if ur pantis gets mixed fruits...Thats the disadvantage...U could perharps use bandage but ur bum looks bigger...haha...

Lanacane powder should sort it out, but you do need to let the air get to it and try to keep it dry.

can you be more specific on the subject I find it hard to answer for you or give an opinion when I dont really know whats going on. What lead up to this how long has it been going on do you have a rash have you injured it? If you could please email me back with more info and I will try to give you an opinion and hopefully some advice on what to do about it. Although I am not a doctor but I spend all day right now due to being out of work because of my back looking at different ailments on the computer. Lol what a life!

chris d
are you constipated or do you have hemorrhoids that could be the causes ,the latter can be helped with creams and eating roughage like whole grain cereals will help in either case. good luck you can walk past my house with your bum out i will not report you just smile

this has officially made my day :)

Wash and dry the area carefully at least once, preferably twice a day, morning and evening. Then apply Eurax cream, which is available from pharmacies and some supermarkets, it should clear up fairly rapidly.
After, keep up the clean and dry routine, if you wear a thong ensure it is changed every day for a clean one!

Call your doctor immediately.

John stop asking people. You keep putting our business out there, we are breaking up. Seriously. Your mom reads these, and still makes fun of the gay wolf pic.

munki :-)
sudu cream, or some nappy rash cream should do the trick. it would be a good idea to let the air get to it!

Im my experience try to find someone willing to lick the chafed area, their soliva will act as a soothing agent and help speed the process along to resolve your problem! I found dogs the easiest to persuade!
hope that helps and good luck!

wavy davy gravy
vaseline vaseline vaseline and see a doctor they can't mock or they will get struck off. Don't go round with your **** out its a bit illegal

u could have an ingrowing hair. fresh air wont cure it. see the doctor for antibiotics and go from there

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