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Soar Throat :[ (read more)?
i know this may sound gross, but does spitting alot out help your throat. cause i keep spitting in like a cup :[ cause i want the pain to go away! if this is just stupid, then how else can i make this soar throat get better faster?

take cough drops and gargle with warm salt water.. if it still hurts consult a doctor, you might have strep. feel better :(

Well, if you have pneumonia then yeah, you're supposed to cough all of that nasty out of your lungs. Just throw it all up girl.

Psych Lapse
the word is SORE

No, spitting in a cup will not help
Drink tea with honey and lemon. That will help.

i recently had a sore throat and it was so annoying. what my mom did was ofcourse gave me medicine. the best medicine to use is VIX 24 hours, it is fast relief and may work. if not sorry but it worked for me,we also tried fixing a cup of warm water and 2 teaspoons of salt which worked great for me to.

khatyeah :P
stop drinking cold beverages and drink a lot of water. avoid shouting and screaming. i suggest you should not talk much and gargle before you sleep. also avoid eating sweets like chocolate and candies. but it would be better if you would see your doctor and ask for help and medication

Giao H
eat some cough drops

Try putting a teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water and gargle with it. This will help your sore throat.

If your symptoms persist or get worse then you need to see a doctor.

I have never heard that theory, usually i go with cough drops, or see the doctor to make sure I don't have strep throat

motrin[medicine] helps :S
but spitting will not, you will just get a burning/dry throat.
try gargling warm salt water, with exactly one tablespoon of salt to about 2 1/2 cups of warm water.

Willy P
Its not stupid because i sometimes i do the same thing
you do it because you dont wanna swallow the saliva

A way you can get better is by drinking Warm fluids such as tea
or even hot water

Try not to eat hard food
each softer food such as yogurt, ice cream, pudding and things like that

hope i helped

get well!

take 2 table spoons of vinager. that should work, sense me and my family do it all the time if we have soar throat problems,...on average most feel 80% better after at least 2 days.

go get some sore throat spray from your local store, this will help make it numb at least and help with your pain

First try going to a doctor if its gone on for more than 3 days
but in the mean time
try takeing some over the counter meds.
Try some tea and put honey in it. (GOOD)
And try to eat alot of cold stuff such as smoothies,ice cream,sandwiches...etc

hope u get better :)

drink lots of water

and lots of hot tea with honey helps too

dont talk as much

itll go away soon =)

Well if you have phelm then its good to spit it out.

Get some menthol halls cough drops, those are the best. And take some cough medicine so it coats and sooths your throats.

Actually if you have a lot of phlegm that is causing your throat to be sore then spitting it out will help your throat feel better. I have post nasal drip/sinus problems and wake up with a minor sore throat almost daily but once I get the phlegm out it feels better. If you have an infection though only an antibiotic will clear it up.

I have a plan...
IT's not gross.. actually, It is what alot of people do. I do it to when I get a sore throught. Buy some sore throught spray from the supermarket.... those work REALLY well. Get cherry flavor! =]

The Library Of Codex
Spitting will simply make your throat dryer.

Firstly, consult your doctor.

Drink lots of liquids, especially warm water.

gargle with warm water. add a pinch of salt

i've never heard that, but if its helping keep going at it =)
what i do for a sore throat is gargle warm salt water and eat a table spoon of honey, i know it sounds crazy but it really helps!! what helps also is warm tea if you like it, it helps sooth my throat =)
good luck!!

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