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Should i go see a doctor? or not? HELP?
I had tonsilitis last week, went to see my doctor on 1st October, had tablets til 6th october, then on 8th october i woke up with swollen tonsils again. i still have them now, but my throat doesnt hurt and i can swallow, but they are touching!

should i ring up at 9:15am to see if i can get in to get them checked out, or should i see if they go down by themself? as ive already had antibiotics and they aint worked obviously - well they did but it came back again!!!

I just dont know what to do!!

answers please!!!

see the doctor that is what their paid for!

Roland B
anytime you ask that question... the answer is yes..... that is what he is there for.

Yes I think you should go back to the doctor.

by the sounds of it you need a prescription of anti biotics that you keep taking over a period of time maybe ask your doctor about that

criminal convictions
They usually wont remove them these days unless you've had it at least 3 times

Sandy B
it would be better if you remove it because it
will always cames with infection & also fever.

kim h
I would go to the doctor. They are touching? They might close all of the way if they are touching. Get checked out before they get worse.

ring the doctors and insist on an appointment today! what if they swell up more ,you might have trouble breathing!

go see a doctor that way it wont get any worse!

hi , i had exactly same problem as you , 3 times i had to go to doctors , after 3rd lot of antibiotics my throat got better

GP and get it on record at your docs- then in future if its a problem your closer to get a referral to an ENT specialist.
Sometimes you need to have antibiotics for 10 - 14 days to get rid of the infection. I had a strep B infection in my throat which caused repeat tonsillitis and a near hospital admission for intravenous antibiotics. I became ill in a matter of hours, so get it checked.

A doctor will prescribe you the antibiotics necessary to treat a strep infection. Now, it's important to remember that you complete the strep antibiotic treatment. If you don't, the illness might make a comeback or even become rheumatic fever, and that my friend is a very bad thing to have.

Good Luck

p.s. ask them to swab your throat!

alex s
There are several different types of anti-biotics and its quite possible you need another course or a different type to combat the particular infection you have. Go back and see your doctor as soon as possible please.

Go to your doc in the morning. You never want to take chances with your airway closing.

Superfly sister
Call your doctor right away. Something might be wrong.

Good idea to have a check up it will put ur mind at rest hun . tc

might be advisable to ring nhs direct

Mark A
Seems the anti biotics you were prescribed have not worked or you need a larger dose for a longer period yeah go see your GP there will be know problems changing this..

They can swell to the point of blocking your airway, so call the doctor right away. They may need to come out if the swelling cannot be brought under control.

EJ`s little polly pilbean xxx
Please get back to your GP i am sure you will be given a furthur prescription.

go back to the doctor..dont just take antibiotics without any prescription..

Tonsils are your guards. Generally contaminated oil creates problems. The endocrine system is a useful system for our body functions. So avoid removing these glands.

Non oily warm and fresh soups is the best treatment.
Roasted/boiled/steamed pulses (with turmeric applied) is good food.
Have some green salads with your meals. This will ensure clear bowels and minimise your problem.
Do some warm water + salt gargles.

Pl avoid stale and bakery foods/junk foods.

R.H. 19, Jhulelal Society, Sector 2/E, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

I truly think that you need to call your Dr and let him/her know that your tonsils are swollen again. Matters not that you have no pain, there is still swelling. That indicates to me that there is still something "going on in there". Sometimes taking antibiotics does not work for a persistant bacteria and the Dr. has to prescribe a different antibiotic for the problem which I think is what he will do. Do not be suprised if he does give you a shot in your hip to "boost" the "new" antibiotic along. I hope you feel better and that this has helped, Good Luck and Blessings !!!

Call up and ask to speak to the nurse.......... tell them what you told us.
Maybe you need another weeks worth of antibiotics.
I would ask.

OH YES.Call your Dr. immediately and let him take a look obviously you may need another cycle of antiobiots, or even a different kind. Does this happen frequently to you, I mean do you have swollen tonsils alot ? You might want to consider getting them out. Always let your Dr.know anything that is not right after all you know your body better than anyone else.Don't think they you're bothering him, he would want to know,especially something like this. So yes call him. Hope this helps,I used to work for a Physician Good Luck

Yes do go and see a doctor.

definitely you should go see a doctor before it got worse

Yes you should , sometimes the course of antibiotics is not quite long enough to kill off the infection , or it may be a secondary infection.
Get it looked at to make sure it hasn't flared up and although not painful it might get worse!!
Good Luck

See your doctor again.

Sometimes a short course of anti-b's is not enough. See your GP, he/she might advise another course to kill the infection completely.

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