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Lenora G
Should I ignore the pain in my leg? ?
My lower left leg feels like its burning with pain, especially in the evening after I come home from work. Should I go to the Doctor or just take an asprin and go to bed?

You should really head over to the doctor their are pains that start in the leg and spread up, and i really doubt you'd want something deadly.

Doctor .it could be serious.

well rounded hazel
You should go to the doctor to be on the safe side.

Go to the Doctor (specifically a Neurologist). It may be an impinged Sciatic Nerve.

only if it has been hurting for an extended period of time during the day, then call your doctor. but if its during a specific time (like yours) and it only happens once a week, take the aspirin and lay down!

Lauren F
I would see a doctor 2 b on the safe side!!!

Detroit Basketball 10-11
yes you should go to the doctor you will never no unless you goo to the doctor it could be serouis

doctor (unless u don't need that leg)

[email protected]
You should look into Restless Leg Syndrom. They have medications like Requip. There are also support groups. My
best friend had it really bad.

be nice if you could tell us how long this has been going on and a few other details,

go see a doctor, get some therapy, any lumps? bruises? color? blah blah blah

uh, no, go to the doctor.

If its burning, I would say no. You should ask the doctor. I had a burning pain in my foot and it was tendanitis, and I thought it was nothing, but I was wrong. And it just kept getting worse. I say to go to the doctor.

I may involuntarilly discharge
Go to a doctor.

Angel O
i never go 2 the doctor for anything but at the same time i do realize that going 2 the doctor is the smarter thing because well u just might never know whats really wrong

i would say for you to rest on it for maybe a day see if it still hurts even worse or just the same as it was before and if so go to the doctor

also try to walk it off a little bit

Your pain may indicate a nerve injury. Common symptoms of nerve issues are burning sensations, stabbing pains, pain that travels up or down a leg/arm. You need to be checked for diabetes, as one of the problems for diabetics is called neuropathy, which causes the sensation you mentioned. Hopefully, it won't be diabetes but something much easier to deal with. Good luck

Joseph T
go to a doctor, you need to know, and he or she are the pros

Shawn C
If it doesn't get any worse I personally wouldn't do anything. But if you still attend highschool perhaps ask the school nurse about it. One of those things that is either going to be really minor or really serious.

You must check with your physician because it could be blood clot or circulation problem.

yes, you should seek help immediately.

Yeah, you might have something bad in it

~dharren jhay~
dont ignore it go to the doctor early

Go see a doctor it could be a blood clog.

Dark )o( Divine
Try to take a relaxing hot bath. Afterward you should try to keep a hot or cold compress on the area to see if it would calm down the sensations. You could take some aspirin and then head to the doctor tomorrow or whenever you can. Best of luck.

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