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Should I go to the doctor now or in 5 days?
So something weird has been going on with my vision. It started about a year ago i think its progressivly getting worst. I got glasses like 6 months ago, but it didn't help. Anything with alot of lines in it, its hard for me to look at. I see small designs and shapes. Also it feels like i can only look at one object at a time. And all this all just got a lot worst recently. I set up an appointment on for thursday, but after doing some reasearch, i think i might have a brain tumor or this eye disease that can result in blindness. So now that i'm scared shitless, i kinda afraid that if i don't go in now, that permanent damage could be done. Along with my vision acting very funny, i've been getting these minor headaces. It bareable but it just make life hard to go by. I'm also getting these tingly sensation in my head before the headaces start, along with this sort of small burning sensation. What do you guys think?

Ilan Y

just me
Well I had trouble with my left eye and ignored it and my retina detached and now I am blind in my left eye. Don't be a fool, get to a Doctor ASAP. I sure miss my left eye.

Whichever is more convienient for you because honestly it doesn't sound like something that can't wait. Good luck! :)

When it comes to your health or vision. don't mess around. If you feel something isn't right, go right away. I'm telling you this because I learned the hard way.
I do have a eye disease that could lead to blindness. It's called iritis. It came on suddenly. If you feel like you have sandpaper scratching your eyeballs and you have pain behind your eyes, go to the emergency right away. When this came on, I had perfect vision, now I need glasses.
Anytime you feel scared about your health, you shouldn't have to worry of suffer. It's your health, so get it looked at ASAP.

You should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Well if you think there is something wrong with you, please go see your doctor. That is what doctor for! It does not matter if it is a tumor or other disease, if you feel pain you go to a doctor. They (most of them) are the expert and they should be able to tell you in no time what is going on. Good luck~ I am sure you will be fine.

go to the ER!!!!!!!!!!

Master of the Dark Covenant
It might be a tumor!

I think you should go right now because you never know your vision could worsen in 5 more days. Its better to go right now.

Honestly, If you believe that it could be anything worse, by all means see a doctor immediately. Even if it turns out to be nothing, you will have piece of mind! Best of luck!

u should go to the doctor.
before anything serious happens
plz take yourself to the hospiatl as soon as possiable.

Tako L
you should probably go now.

Not to freak you out but i would go now! I don't think you will die if you don't but something serious could be happening!! go now. end.of.story

Vivian Y
Definitely go in now. You don't know what it is. So I wouldn't take any chances. It sounds pretty bad to me. Just go now so you know for sure what it is.

Florence B
Go now. It is worrying you. If you do have a brain tumour, the sooner you go to the doctor, the better, because they are highly treatable if caught in the early stages, before they do more damage.

Something is wrong, yes.

Stop the research. You are taking it out of context. Each case is different, hence the need to go to the Doctor even with internet at our disposal.

Sometimes Migraines can do all this too you know.

Go ASAP my cousin had cancer twice and you MIGHT have a brain tuor but don't freak out those are symptoms for other things like

If it IS any of the disorders/diseases you've listed, it would be wiser to see a doctor asap before it becomes any worse.

it sounds like you have astigmatism. Its not that serious and can be corrected with glasses or contacts

it could be so many things...just go to the doctor. a random guess from your symptoms doesn't indicate brain tumor...but i am not an expert. I would get checked for diabetes while you are at the doctor. Blurred vision is a symptom and its much more likely than a brain tumor. Just my opinion...good luck. Dont worry..just take care of it

I think you may have a very serious medical condition and need to see your doctor asap...call the doctors office and let the receptionist know this is urgent and see if you can get your appointment sooner....if not, 5 days probably won't make a whole lot of difference now....if you are really concerned though, consider going to the ER or a drop in clinic if they are available where you live.

5 days is not going to make a big difference. Wait until your appointment.

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