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Lil P
Should I Go To The Doctor?
So, I have a sore throat, a slight fever, body aches, snotty nose and feel like my head is gonna pop, I have no cough, but I'm gagging up flem. When the flem comes up in big amounts there is blood in it, but when it is small amounts there is none. My dad tells me not to worry about it...I don't know what to do. :(

Ask Dr.pepper I heard he is very good and taste good too

Terran V
You got the Pig flu. you better go to the damn doctor!

sweet pork
no go to the bed

Um, yes. go to the doctor. now. If you see blood, you need help.

Yes you need to go to the doctor

Go to the doctor it might be worse then what it looks

Jim-Bob Kreek
usually if you're coughing blood.... GO TO THE DOCTOR.... unless your dad's a doc then don't listen...

Probably just swine flu

Note that if you are seeing traces of blood after violently coughing up phlegm, then it's probably just due to a small broken blood-vessel -- and not necessarily to worry about, but you ought to get a check up if the problem continues or becomes more copious. Monitor it over the next 24 to 48 hours and do make that doctor visit if it continues... if it was to become noticeably worse when surgery is not open then you could also ring NHS hotline and ask their advice.

If it is swine flu, or similar virus then anti-biotics will do no good and should NOT be prescribed.

Phlegm is the body's way of gathering up 'bacteria' in a form that can be expelled -- so it is the immune system doing its job and generally a good sign if you are able to expel it effectively.

Drink plenty of liquids (water, hot lemon) -- keep warm -- rest well -- and, assuming that you are not allergic to it, then probably OK to take paracetamol every 4 to 6 hours (not more often and not more than precribed dosage).

NOTE: I am not a doctor and I am not offering diagnosis or medical advice in place of proper medical advice from a qualified person... this is for information only.

If there is big amounts of blood like you say, you need to go to the doctor and fast. You might have the flu along with something else.

Sexxy J
Take a couple swigs of honey, lay in a hot bath, get some vicks and you should be ok.

That's when you need antibiotics. The phlem part. So, yes. They will probably give you a z-pack (3 day antibiotic) and you'll be healthy by Monday, hopefully. Hope you feel better!


Adam H
Hell ya you should go to the doctor. Anytime you are coughing up blood I would think that something is wrong. Unless ur a vampire of course.

mine does that to but the doctor said not to worry about it the blood is probably coming through your nose. you can go to get medicine for your throat to make it not hurt..but i think that cough drops and popsicles or like a slushy drinks works just fine

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