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Tom M
Recurring Chest Pains?
When I lay down or stretch out I often get a pain in my chest. It feels like a muscle pain but it has been recurring now for a few months. It can occur more often when laid in bed and moved position etc. I am an ex smoker so maybe that may cause it I dont honestly know.

go see your doctor. I always despair when people ask health questions on here. You may get the odd doctor come upon your question, but most of the time it is people who have no place giving medical advice. Since you were a smoker, I'm guessing you are worrying that it could be your lung. Well, it could be so go to your doctor!!!! :D

Need more to go on, what is the pain like and where exactly is it? How old are you and how long were you a smoker?

clare w
could be a trapped nerve if your worried see your gp

Its Time To Boogie!

dels replies
Me Too Will keep an eye on your answers.

"pain in your chest is your bodys way of saying "call 999"..."

that was the british heart foundations message for its recent ad campiagn.

what ever the pain, get on to your GP, tell the receptionist you keep havin chest pains and i garrantee you will be seen that day, even within the hour.

chest pains are even more serious if you were a smoker.

seriously, make the call. its better to be safe and sure than sorry.

good luck and im sure you will be ok, just please, go see your gp.

bob t
Go see a GP if nothing is found it will put your mind at rest

Since the pain occurs most often when you move it sounds muscular to me. There are lots of muscles in the chest wall between the ribs and around the sternum. Does it hurt to press your chest? If so, the pain is in the chest wall and not internal like heart problems for example. I have occasionally had "costochondritis". Look it up on the web and see if it sounds familiar to you. Please don't take my word for it though, I'm not medically qualified. Just thought it may offer a clue to your problem. See a doctor to make sure.

This depends on your age, weight, and health. If you are over weight it could be caused by the pressure of weight put on your chest. If it only happens when you lie down that is. Any other reason I dont know. But any chest pain should be reported to your GP

John S
You need to see a Doctor ASAP. It's probably not serious, but chest pains always need to be looked into for the obvious reasons.

Dr Simon

First, any form of chest pain needs to be investigated so go to your doctor.

Smokers often take extra deep 'drags' thus breaths to get more smoke into their lungs.

This can lead to the intercostal muscles between your ribs being stretched and becoming over developed.

When the smoker quits, the muscles become less active and are prone to cramping up like any other muscle, and like cramp, it commonly occurs in bed.

Do some chest exercises - push ups etc every day and stretch your chest by leaning into a door frame and that should sort things out for you - but still get checked out - it doesn't sound ischeamic but better to be sure.

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