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Really Bad pain on neck!?
I woke up around 9 an hour or so later i got this sharp pain on the right side of my neck
it hurts soo bad i cant move my neck to the right, but i can move it to the left. And my head is tilted to the left side.

I dont know what i should do, im 15 btw
and ive never had this happen

take panadol or tyleneol and i had this problem from before
you could make some exercises too it will help

Pavel N
Did u do something that would cause this pain ? Ive had same pain in the neck b4 too, i didn't do anything to cause it either ...
Mine passed with time ( around a week ) but u might wanna see a doctor

If you move it to the side that you have trouble moving it to, and it hurts so much that you feel you are going dizzy (blacking out) AND you automatically move your head to the left because of the unbearable pain, then it sounds a lot like a trapped nerve.

I had one in my right shoulde,r and nearly passed out from the pain in the bathroom, the pain made me feel sick and i truely didnt want to move at all because it hurt so much.

I had to go to accident and emergency at the hospital, if your problem sounds like what i described its best you do to.

I had that for acouple days' also .

i just slept it out ,, day to day .

maybe try some medicine ,, and a hot pack or ice pack .

try and ease the pain and loosen the muscles with a hot bath (:


pictures included ,,

Put heat on it , you have a muscle cramp .

Danny L
first off, go to a doctor/school nurse. second, you might wanna look into a book called "healing back pain" by dr. john sarno. also, do you generally eat a lot of suger? cutting down would be good. generally these things are caused by stress, so you need to find whatever's bugging you out and try to limit it's hold on you, that's what that book is about.

Umm.... You need to see a doctor asap. I'm pretty sure Yahoo Answers is not the place to find a diagnosis.

Hickeys hurt so be careful!

Apricot M
i hve had the same thing! just have ur mom or someone rub it and take and advil! hope this helps (best answer please) peace and love

Belencita A
It could be you were resting in an uncomfortable position. Ask someone for an Icy Hot or something doctors recommend. If you think its something bigger, see a doctor.
Go to this website, it will help a lot!


You probably slept on your neck. Go to the doctor, and take Tylenol while you are waiting.

you proberbly slept wrong way

you probably slept on it weird. so it will go away most likely. but don't get impatient, because sometimes it takes a while, like a sore muscle. if the pain continues, a good idea is to see a doctor.

please help me:

Maybe you have a cramp in your neck, slept on it too long. Try putting a hot pad or something of that nature on it to try and loosen it up.

David E

I know exactly what your talking about. I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago. What happened was you just slept on it wrong and caused your muscles to tense up. Just give it time and leave it alone for a little while, give it a day or so. If it does not go away in 3 days you should go see a doctor IMMEDIATELY!!. I wouldn't worry about it to ease the pain take some IB prophen. If you slept on a couch this is what most likely cause your muscels to tense.

Hope this helps you =).

It is very possiable that you slept wrong.
Or you could have pulled a muscle.Try some Advil that allways helps for my aches and pains.
I hope u feel better soon!

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