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I know I've already posted this, but I'm desperate.

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Mithilesh Kumar
Please tell me how to relief form constipation?

You need to get fluid into the bowel, the best is prunes, taste bad but do the job.

A diet high in fibre. Plenty of fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

I can tell you what not to take. I had to take Milk of Magnesia before a surgery and OMG. It will do just the opposite with so much force, you will be airborne off that toilet.

use this stuff called Miralax, you can find it at a rite-aid or any drug store or your doctor can write you prescription for it. This stuff really works and don't give you stomach cramps it have a softener in it so it won't hurt when you do go plus the stuff don't get absorb into your system so you can take it for as long as you want and the best thing about Miralax is that it help your digestive system

* 7 stars *

take laxatives and eat fiber-rich foods.

Take more fibrous food. Take 2 spoons of isabgol at bed time in warm milk. Drinking Indian Mulberry is very good to correct digestive disorder.

drink loads of water

katkam v
Have more intake of water.

For immediate releif "Syp Cremaffin" 3 tsf at bedtime.
Dont make habbit of it.
Drink a lot of water, use green leafy vegetables in ur diet, drink warm water with dinner if possible.
Dont forget to do exercise atleast for 20 minutes daily.

if you want to relieve constipation then try to create an exercise plan, increase fluid intake, eat foods rich in fiber, eat prunes or figs, do not consume foods that are difficult to digest and have little or no fiber such as dairy products, soft drinks, meat , white flour, highly processed foods, salt, coffee, alcohol, or sugar- and go to the toilet at the same time each day, even if the urge does not exist and relax. But if your constipation is persistent, take a natural colon cleanser for surely it will help you get rid from it. For more tips on how to relieve constipation visit http://www.newcolonsweep.com

milk magnessa,prunes,shredded wheat, lots fiber

fool n final
If it started only a day before, just have a piece of ginger. It will help digesting.

bo&shi J
take lime juice with more citric taste

Orla C
Drink lots of warm herbal tea, and eat fruit. Prunes or plums work very well!

drink lot of water. & drink more enough water just before 5 min of ejection.


Susan Yarrawonga
Bingeing on prunes, mandarins or oranges for a few days should help.

Ali D
If only for very few days use "laxative" by mouth( syrup. tablets, some as chocolate even. If you had constipation for longer period then use suppository.
Most importantly and as long time solution EAT FOODS RICH IN FIBER, as vegetables (including green salad), fruits, brown bread,..........etc.

suresh k
Hi there,

-early dinner , not later than 8 pm.
-have more fruits and vegetables.
-the lesser the non-veg, the better !
-have fruit juice before going to bed..
-immediately on getting up in the morning, have around 500ml to 1litre of water (luke warm water) ...
-try to get up very early , so that the day starts beautifully, and the day also goes like that...
-remember : honey and cucumber, will help stomach in a very good way...have frequent bites of salads...

best wishes !

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