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Please help me, terrible pain?
Hey, I think I have a tension headache. Nothing I do seems to make me feel any better. Its all behind my eyes, front of the head, up the back of my neck and in my jaw/ under my eyes (cheekbones). I have had some permanent plates/retainers put in on Thursday, which could I guess be making this headache, no matter what the cause I am in a lot of discomfort, to top it all off I have had sore shoulders. It is probably all contributing. What can I do? Pain killers aren't working, I tried having a nap but I cant get to sleep. I have also been drinking lots of bottles of water, at first I thought it was dehydration but its not.

Could it be sinusitis? I have had it before, with dental pain. but this time I am thinking I am jumping to that idea too quickly as I have the pain from the retainers/plates in my mouth (which feel like they are effecting my jaw).

Thanks in advance.
Additional Details
Except for the first question, thanks for your answers.

I had braces for 4 years and then take-out plates for 3, I got sick of remembering to wear them so they offered me these built in ones. I will try to have a sleep, if it is no better tomorrow I think I will see someone- either doctor, dentist or orthodontist.


Deanna L

hEaRt on mY sLeEvE;(
try some tylenol PM tonight, it works good and will help you sleep. a hot neck wrap always helps my headaches and I even put it on my forehead. just try to lay down, lights low and a mellow movie. with the tylenol PM you'll at least get some sleep. feel better ;)

Your retainers are going to be uncomfortable at first and you obviously have some stress.
You need to relax. I suppose you can't take a tranquilizer, so get somebody to rub your feet and shoulders or read to you or cuddle with you. The computer is very bad for stress and headaches.

trust me you will feel alot of pain when you first get braces on or any other orthodontil thing on ur teeth it will last for about a week but if its as bad as u described im not reallly sure try taking asprin or tylinal..... if that doesnt work cast a magick ritural useing candles to heal urself wile praying to the gods..... XD sorry im not really sure....... but try wat i said

Best advice I could give you would be, notify your orthadontis as soon as possible. Best of Luck!

most likely, you have a sinus infection. its when you sinus cavities become inflammed. i have had several sinus infections, and they are terribly painful, where sometimes i cant even eat. try some tylenol sinus relief meds for day and night. they always help me :) if the pain doesnt go away within 2 weeks, you should contact your doctor and let him/her know whats going on.

try excedrin for tension headaches

Well ofcouse once you get retainers and braces something always hurt, though i do not know why it hurt that much. I really hope you feel better. Try looking on the internet for websites that might have a soloution about what you are talking about. Hope you feel better!

that happened to my mom. u might hav high blood pressure? u shuld go to a doctor and c wat they say

First: have you had neck pain and a fever? If so, you could have meningitis, get to the doctor.
Or: Was it abrupt in onset and the worst headache of your life? If so, again get to the doctor.

If not, continue:
It could be sinusitis if you have tenderness when you palpate your cheekbones or the ridge of your skull under your eyebrows. If you're looking for extensive information on sinusitis, the U of Maryland medical center has a lot of good information (if you don't trust links, search in google for sinusitis and University of Maryland Medical Center) http://www.umm.edu/patiented/articles/what_symptoms_of_sinusitis_000062_4.htm
If it is sinusitis, you'll need to start on antibiotics, so get to a doctor.

I think you're right that it's associated with the retainers/plates. Are you taking the max dose of the painkillers recommended by the bottle? You can alternate tylenol and ibuprofen (taking tylenol every 4-6 hours and ibuprofen every 4-6 hours so you're taking one or the other every 2-3 hours).

If this doesn't work and you can't sleep, I guess I'd go to the ER or an urgent care place. If they can get the pain broken, you can usually control it yourself with pain meds at home. (just beware, the first treatment in the ED for headaches is often more of a drug similar to ibuprofen. So really give that a true chance before spending an expensive night in the ED)

tim g

Yinzer from Sixburgh
Call your doctor. If the pain meds aren't working, you need to discuss this with the doctor.

go the doctor if it gets any worse
or it won't go away

oh yeah
have someone else drive ya

go for a long nap.
go to the doctors.
drink lots of water!

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