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Thanks =]...

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 What are the effects of snorting oxycodone?

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It's not me doing it. I just want to know....

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lost and found
Please help me....I am in pain?
this morning I tried to reach my alarm to off it...and there..the muscle of my neck pulled...(right)..god it pains like HELL...i cant turn to right...this afternoon bymistake I turned sudenly to right and god it pained like hell..I cried...its really painful...can someone suggest me a remedy?? I am full of pain and cant turn to my right..the whole head aches badly :(
Additional Details
I think its a sprain....any doctors out here??

Put alot of rice in a sock and heat the sock up and apply to swore area also try bio-freeze it works very well

hey there! I have the same problems at times so I might be able to help........... when u feel tension in your neck try using a warm towel to
relax your muscles or try to slowly stretch it out.
Good luck:)

Sana M
Don't be late. Consult the doctor immediately.

cristelle R
take and soak in a warm bath
take an nsaid( non steroidal antiinflammatory) like motrin every 4-6 hours
put rice ina sock, tie one end and microwave for under one minute and lay it behind the base of your neck

Simple S
I had the same thing. A heating pad worked great. A hot shower directed on the pain worked. And I use one of those pillows that conform to your neck.

try and relax it and don't lie on it also try use an ice pack to numb the pain

Rick K
I suggest going to the chiropractor for a good adjustment!

Chris R
Take 600mg of Ibuprofen. have someone message your neck and try not to move your head for a few days.

One of the things I do is I go lay on my bed with a flat pillow and rest, on my back. I hold still and relax. It helps the muscles in my back and neck release and gives me some relief. I do this as needed and I lay there for at least 20-30 minutes.

A hot pad on the sore area really helps while laying down.

I think you have just pulled a muscle

It will be fine soon :)

Hope it helps

go to a doctor and take lots of pain pills

lee c
Take a shower and aim the hot water towards your neck area. If you have a heating pad put it in your neck area and that should help a whole lot. After heating your neck, try to move head from side to side and to work the soreness out. Ben Gay or any product that uses heat for relaxing a pulled muscle is good. Keep your neck warm because a cold muscle will spasm and that hurts like Hell.

The amount of swelling or local bleeding into the muscle (from torn blood vessels) can best be managed early by applying ice packs and maintaining the strained muscle in a stretched position. Heat can be applied when the swelling has lessened. However, the early application of heat can increase swelling and pain.

Note: Ice or heat should not be applied to bare skin. Always use a protective covering such as a towel between the ice or heat and the skin.

Juliet R
I have done that before. Its usually not a big deal. It will probably feel better tomorrow, but if not, I would go see the doc.

Miss Honesty
i know exactly what you should do...and i was in ur position at one point asking ppl here. no one gave me any good advice so i tried things on my own. first and foremost. you need to baby yourself...treat your neck like a wounded puppy. get icy hot patches and stick it to where it hurts. rub on it occasionally but not to often. try not moving your neck...you might look a little strange but whatever! when u go to sleep tonight...make sure to find the most comfortable position and stay like that. it will get better faster if u baby it..i promise.

see, about 5 years ago i hurt my shoulder really badly. i damaged my rotator cuff or ripped a muscle or something. and time to time the pain comes back and its almost paralyzing. the pain would normally last 2-3 weeks if left to "heal on its own". well this last time i couldnt take the pain anymore..it left me in tears. so i decided to baby it. i got icy hot patches and had em on all day. i would rub it here and there despite the pain. i wuoldnt move my arm and acted as if it was broken. i wouldnt sleep on it and would keep it elevated on a pillow. the pain was gone in 3 days...which was amazing!!!!!!! now i know the secret and can share it with you!! take care! :-)

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