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 Constant headache and pain in the neck?
Can anyone help me please. My dad is 82 years old and he has a constant headache and a painful neck all the time but he won't go to the docs. What could it be?...

 How do you deal with migraines?

Additional Details
I get them about 10 to 15 days out of every month. Any one else have them this often?...

 my girlfriend has a serious lower right pain in her stomache and has had an increase in urination. any answers
if anyone can help me with this, I would be so appreciative. She is being stubborn and doesn't want to go to the doctor....

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well 3 years ago i got hit by a car and i broke my right leg. ever since then my knee has been hurting but now my left knee has been hurting since last year. i can't stand up for long. both of ...

 is cracking your knucles good?
is it?
and why not?
wat happeneds if you crack it to much?...

 i have been referred to a specialist for my headaches,what will happen at the hospital?

 sore thighs after practice?
I just started powder puff training yesterday and ever since i got home my thighs have hurt really bad. should i stretch them out or ice them or should i use heat. what should i do? We have practice ...

 why do i have this pain that hurts soo much? what should i do?
i woke up a couple of days ago with this pain in my jaw bone.it was like something i never experienced before. it was in my jaw bone and kinda moved to my ear, temple bone. the pain felt like a ...

 What pain killers do you take for a headache?
I take Nurofen PLUS....

 I am at my wits end .My daughter has chronic constipation any suggestions. been gong on for 2 years?
She is 11 years old and becoming more and more ...

 can anyone describe how it feels

 i have a terrible head aches last couple of weeks, does stress cause headaches?
my head is like pumping . feeling like my nose is going to bleed as well. really bad head ache coming from my neck to head . i fel like my head is so heavy. also i feel so anxious all the time. i am ...

 Why do my calve muscles cramp?
This morning, when walking to class, my calves got so tight I was almost in tears. I usually experience some tightness, but never this much. I used to attribute it to not being hydrated enough in the ...

 I woke up with a sore throat, and when I swallow water it hurts. Does anyone know what this mightg be?
When I went to bed, it was perfectly normal like when I normally do. I had the fan on high and thats it. When i woke up both sides of my throat were swollen. And it hurts when i swallow even just ...

 What can cause joint pain at 16?
I am only 16 years old and I am having joint pain. My knees hurt and I have back pain. Its minor pain, but I'm worried it will get worse.

I went to the doctor about it and he gave ...

 Appendix question? Please read?
Hi. Thanks for reading. Please help. Ever since I have gotten pains on my right and left hip bones and kidneys, I have been afraid I have appendicitis. I've had the pain by my ribs in May then ...

 What causes migraines?

 whats wrong with me? Is it heartburn?
Ok, so i sometimes get a sharp pain when I breathe in, but it goes away. and sometimes after i eat or something, i get a weird feeling to my right of my chest. I sometimes think i have a heart clot ...

 Rectal tenderness and minor pain, and BLOOD!?
Alright, I'm an adolescent guy. (13). I have been having an irritated rectum for a few days (like 5). It was and still is, itchy. Today, I went to the bathroom and wiped my butt to remove the ...

 what can help take the pain away from a migraine?
what can help take the pain away from a migraine


Please help? Chest pains? Hart cramps? Whatever you want to call it.?
I get horrible chest pains ,just about where my heart is. My upper left chest..
What is the cause of this? And how can I get rid of these cramp-like pains?

KissMe InTheRain.
like heart burn? does it feel like a sudden shoot of pain? i get that too.. after i eat something with butter on it. it kills! not literally.. well i hope not.

answer mine:

Elizabeth Gibson
Go see your doctor.

Blue Haired Old Lady
You should go to the doctor if you have chest pain.

rawr <3
it could be angina

well if u feel pain in your right arm and u get very gassy u have to call a doctor.u will have a heart attack.its not even a joke im 100% serious.

A lot of things can cause chest pain. The best and SAFEST thing is to see your doctor soon (yesterday).

Brendan L
you need to go to your doctor and request an ECG scan, just to be safe, as it will detect any underlying heart problems.

the eyes have it!
i have a feeling that it's gas. seriously. take some antacid stuff and see it that helps. also, if you drink soda ( pop whatever ) really fast that will help you burp and this may help. i bet i'm right

I could be wrong but it sounds like heartburn... You can get it when you eat certain foods or drinks. Look it up and see if it sounds like what you have. If you're still worried about it go see your doctor, even just for peace of mind.

if its not breathing related than you have a heart murmur... probably from one of the valves in your heart not closing completely and when it pumps some blood goes backwards...

or not... but thats my guess

Chest pain is one of the most common reasons people call for emergency medical help. Every year emergency room doctors evaluate and treat millions of people for chest pain.

Fortunately, chest pain doesn't always signal a heart attack. Often chest pain is unrelated to any heart problem. But even if the chest pain you experience has nothing to do with your cardiovascular system, the problem may still be important — and worth the time spent in an emergency room to have your chest pain evaluated.

If you don't have any heart problems, it is most likely indigestion, heart burn. Take some OTC pepcid or tums, see if that helps. If it continues after a few days, get in to see a gastroenterologist.

Go see a Doctor and ask them; it could be gas it could be a heart attack trying to take place you need to fine out from someone that can help!

It may be heartburn. When it got me the first time i went into the ER to get checked out and they said it was heartburn. It felt something worst than heartburn, i was afraid that it was a heart attack. It hurt alot and i am one of those that deal with pain and move on, but because it of being near the heart, it scared me and i went to the ER. Plus side, nothing wrong with my heart, it was heartburn. Downside the bill, but its better to get it checked out to be on the safe side. Call your doc.

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