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Pain in my side, what should i do?
I've been having really bad sharp pain in my side (left) what does this mean ? what should i do ?


Solaiman K
ahh that hurts

It may be appendicitis

could it be your apendix?

press the oters side(rt) and if your left side hurts worse, its prolly your appendix. go to the DR stat!!!

Hit the other side with a hammer, it'll feel the same!
Seriously, go to the docs, or a walk in center if its that bad, you can't be too carefull :P

iTz GoDz BoSs
punch the pain so u will feel more pain then normal. then when u stop puttin so much pain on it, it will feel better

christina t
Before you accept answers as gospel remember You have a ton of muscles,ligaments and organs inside you!! the best thing you can do for yourself is go see your doctor!!!

first-if its a cramp, keep hitting where it hurts.
if that doesnt work call an ambulance co if u pass out while driving u could cause an accident and a shitload more pplz could get hurt/die

Could possibly be kidney problems if it is pain toward your back under your ribs, you should probably see a doctor. Hope everything is okay!

чaнoo'ѕ ѕωєєтнєα?т?
Im 15, and just got from the hospital yesterday and had the exact thing. They told me i dont poop enough, and i have alot of gas. Your left side is basically your bowels. uhm eat alot of fiber, and eat better, and drink alot of water. And try taking like miralax or milk of magnesia to release the gas and make you go potty :]

It could be period cramps.You should get some Midol or other pain reliever.But if that's not it you should go to your doctor.

Laura D
if it is a side cramp, then lift both arms above your head

probably just a muscle pull, or gas...

if it is a muscle pull take some ibprofen to reduce inflamation and relieve pain.

If its gas just wait it out...

try to rest it if its a muscle pull.

If it is from running then when you walk, since its on your left, breathe out when you step on your right foot. Extra Information: If the pain is on your right side then breathe out when you walk on your left foot.

Jordan Y
sorry, but yous should go see a doctor.

Jaw D
hello doctor.

Cali Born July 24 2010(:
Well see a doctor first of all just in case.

Go see your doctor.

The Truth
see a doctor, no duh!!

i get that sometimes, maybe see your docs....


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