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 Recurring Chest Pains?
When I lay down or stretch out I often get a pain in my chest. It feels like a muscle pain but it has been recurring now for a few months. It can occur more often when laid in bed and moved position ...

 i have a problem in my hand?
for some reason i have a handicapping pain in my left hand so bad that it feel like there something broke in there but i didnt do any thing to it i happens for like 2 weeks then it goes away but i ...

 RE: Ivy627's post on 05/22. How did your left foot bunion surgery go?
Hi, this post/question is in regards to a response from Ivy627 on the topic of bunion foot surgery. She said she'd had bunion surgery on her right foot a few years ago and was happy with the ...

 Back Pain--Please help.?
I have been experiencing pain along my spine, my left shoulder blade, my lower back, and I get leg cramps. While I do not experience these symptoms all the time, I do have them often. The pain ...

Let me tell you what has helped me. I come in here sometimes to see if anyone has asked about fibro. I have had fibro for over 12 yrs. I take Guaifenesin for my fibro. You have to learn how to take ...

 what should I do?
I think almost know my wrist is broken but my mom won't take me cuz she doesn't think its broken and it was a week now and i refuse to use that hand and she STILL won't take me.......

my knee has really been hurting me lately and i have gone to multiple doctors, specailists ect...
I have gotten x- rays, MRI's, Blood tests, And even bone scans and nothing turned up. It's been hurting me since the end of october. If anyone knows a way to take away some of the pain or what it could be please let me know because i dont feel like waiting any longer!

Sawyers girl
Try an incy hot patch there a like 10 bucks you can get them at pretty much any store then sells meds and you can wear them under your clothing also try putting ice on it if it is swollen and heat on it to ease the pain

I don't really know what could be wrong with your knee, but I really sympathize with you. I have had hereditary knee problems since I was very young and I have had 5 knee surgeries in my life and I'm only 18 years old! Knees are pretty complicated. Have you had any back injuries lately? Because a lot of nerves are located there, and messing up one of those could make you feel like your knee is hurting, so maybe you should get your back checked out if you haven't already. Hope you start to feel better!!!

* :+: Jasmine :+: *
icy hot!

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